NO! To Masks in Schools



I am defending my children's health and freedom

Oriana Orr (Russell, 2020-07-31)


I have a teenage daughter and don't believe this is based on data or science for kids affected by Corona which is ZERO across Canada. This will inflict more anxiety, depression and ultimately more suicides. The psychological damage will be for a lifetime

Jay Klassen (Ottawa, 2020-07-31)


I am concerned about the negative health impact that wearing masks will have on my children.

Gabriela Dimiskovska-Dimitrijevik (Oakvilie, 2020-07-31)


My children and all others deserve fresh air and not to be muzzled.
This is emotional and psychological abuse.
Masks are NOT needed.

Alicia Egan (Woodstock, 2020-07-31)


Children should not be wearing masks period!! That's child abuse!!

Brendan Kavanaugh (Waterloo , 2020-07-31)


I don’t agree with masks and social distancing in schools.

Sheila Gonbadi (Vaughan , 2020-07-31)


I think masks are not acceptable from ages k-12. My kids will not be attending if they have to wear a mask. Its evil and wrong in so many ways.

Christina Deans (Windsor, 2020-07-31)



Erin Plasse (St. EUGENE , 2020-07-31)


It might be a 'fun' thing at first for them but that will quickly change when they realize how uncomfortable it is. It also puts the children at risk for medical problems after prolonged use.

Mary Sonmor (Calgary, 2020-07-31)


I am against my children being forced to wear masks in school!!!!

Élène Fournier (Ottawa, 2020-07-31)


I don’t believe masks work like they should and masks make people sick. That’s exactly what they want.

Anna Quenneville (COATSWORTH STATION, 2020-07-31)


It is unhealthy to wear a mask all day, common sense and research

Rebecca Brown (Napanee, 2020-07-31)


This reckless and could be potentially dangerous or even fatal. There are no studies which show the potential physical or psychological impact of these measures on children as young as 9 years old. Children should not be used to accumulate such data. Children should not be used as a social or medical experiment. The government - which is supposed to represent the people, neither consulted the people or addressed their concerns and should be held liable for any physical or psychological harm caused.

Adriano Gallucci (Trenton, 2020-07-31)


There is no proof that masks work

Kristin Parish (Newcastle , 2020-07-31)



Justina Dyck (Port Burwell, 2020-07-31)


This should be a parents choice to choose whether or not to send their child to school with a mask Not the government. The children being kept together with the same group is like a concentration camp. The nurse oversees? This whole thing is ridiculous.

Nancy Field (Oshawa, 2020-07-31)


I dont agree children or anyone for that matter should be forced to wear a mask, this is both a health risk and a security risk

Rob Sparling (Newmarket, 2020-07-31)


Masks are unnecessary. Children can handle coronoviruses and don't communicate it to adults. This policy is obscenely unnecessary.

Alex Houston (Oshawa, 2020-07-31)


I am signing because I don't think that the masks is going to protect my children, it's going to make them even more sick.

Vesna Petrovik (Mississauga , 2020-07-31)


The science on mask effectiveness and risks are undecided. The social and emotional negatives of masks are large.

Elizabeth Dahl (Penhold, 2020-07-31)


Sending our children to school all day wearing a mask is wrong.

Daniella Bell (Waterloo, 2020-07-31)


Im comcerned for the well being of my grandkids and all the other children having to endure the fear amd pabic from teachers and government policy that lacks scientific logic or cares more for case numbers than illness.

Chris Snider (Kitchener, 2020-07-31)


I don't agree with the way the government is controlling the people. I believe a mask and the vaccine when and if it comes out is a hoax.

Matthew Nieuwenhuis (La Salette, 2020-07-31)


My kids have the right to breathe. They can't breathe in a mask. I will not force my children to wear one.

Christina Maria (Toronto , 2020-07-31)


This is wrong

Sarah Gould (Huntsville , 2020-07-31)


Wearing a mask poses health risks especially for children - lowers oxygen level, increases intake of carbon dioxide and is the perfect environment for growing pathogens.

Petkana Stefanova (Toronto, 2020-07-31)


These children need to live a healthy life not communistic!!

Kay Bean (Brampton, 2020-07-31)


No masks for kids!

Veronika Mitchell (Thunder Bay , 2020-07-31)


I feel kids not be able to concentrate what they’re supposed to do. it will restrict her oxygen and kids won’t function as well

Kathy Friesen (Wheatley , 2020-07-31)


I am against mandatory masks. It should always be an option/choice.

TRYG SMITH (Milton, 2020-07-31)


I'm not sending my kids to school if they have to wear a mask. NO MASK!

Tina Unger (Leamington , 2020-07-31)


Because my son cannot learn with lack of oxygen, and is extremely claustrophobic and has anxeity.

Patrick Bastead (Beamsville , 2020-07-31)


Enough is enough!!!

Mila Curcic (Toronto, 2020-07-31)


i dont think its right to make kids wear a mask all day rather home school then have them physiologically messed up

lisa staats (hamilton, 2020-07-31)


i agree

Dustin peters (sudbury, 2020-07-31)


There is not enough evidence And research masks is a workable solution when it comes to children. Just two months ago Sick Kids was reporting that masks may be even more dangerous if improperly handled. It will subject children to unnecessary stress that has not been sufficiently backed up by scientific research. A lot of countries have reopened school without mandatory masks and covid cases have not increased.

Laura Tudor (Toronto, 2020-07-31)


Making children wear masks instead of allowing their own natural immune systems handle disease is all out child abuse.

Jennifer Price (Belleville, 2020-07-31)


1. For the purpose of the by-law 544-2020 in Toronto, schools are not listed as "establishment"
2. Parliament is masks free - kids have to suffocate?
3. Masks are infringement of peoples autonomy and freedom guaranteed by Charter of Rights and Freedoms
4. Kids have constitutionally guaranteed free access to education, not conditioning.
5. Masks are not scientifically proven, more research suggests that longer use of it increases chances of lung diseases

Sylwia Winiarska (Toronto, 2020-07-31)


My children already have learning and focus impairments and I strongly believe a proper lack of oxygen and too much carbon dioxide will only exacerbate those impairment. Masks will be detrimental to their learning as well as their health.

Jessica Rosebush (Toronto, 2020-07-31)


Masks should not be used! Children are not safe wearing masks all day!

Stephanie Juman (Cambridge , 2020-07-31)


There should be no masks in school
To warm
Takes away oxygen to breathe

Tanya Groeneveld (Ridgeville, 2020-07-31)


I have two grandchildren who will be affected by this ruling. I do not want them to have to wear a mask all day.

Jean MacDonald (Progreso, 2020-07-31)


Masks don’t protect our kids from the corona virus . Not enough oxygen can damage kids brain.

Yuliya Nazarovich (Bradford , 2020-07-31)


Because if we didn’t need masks in March, we don’t need them now. It’s like being told to wear a condom at the baby shower.

Katia Bailey (Cambridge , 2020-07-31)


I’m signing because I believe that breathing in your own co2 over time is bad for you! Despite with what doctors say it just doesn’t feel right in my heart.

Hunter Watkins (Delhi, 2020-07-31)


I won’t allow my daughter to be abused or to watch the abuse of other children.

Tamara Bellamy (Kitchener , 2020-07-31)


Children should NOT be masked!!!!

Carla Perrotta (Toronto, 2020-07-31)


I am signing because I want to support parents whose children are older than 9 years. If my children were that old I wouldn't send them to school with masks!!!

Slavena Galic (London, 2020-07-31)


I will not mask my child. My child has a right to breathe. This is a violation of human rights! I DO NOT agree with the decision to mask children at school.

Lilly Gluscic (London, 2020-07-31)


I don't have children In school, However, I Have Grandchildren Going, However, I don't believe In The Mask For Children May High School Not Grade School, It Would Be Very Hard For Them To Breath, JUst Maybe Grade 7 & 8 Could Wear The Mask Along With High Wear School, This My Thought.

June Hayes (Windsor Ont., 2020-07-31)


Children, of any age, cannnot be expected to wear a mask for 6+ hours a day. It is not healthy to be breathing in carbon dioxide all day, and once the mask gets damp it is useless and a potential health risk (due to micro moulds forming). There is no good quality evidence that mask use in the PUBLIC realm (outside of labs or healthcare settings) prevents any spread of infectious diseases.

Whitney Ohlund (Georgetown, 2020-07-31)


masks are political at the expense of out children's health and sanity! Shame!!!!!

Wes Beharrell (London, 2020-07-31)


Science not feelings.

Thomas Armstrong (Chatham, 2020-07-31)


There is no scientific evidence that proves that masks will do anything more than to harm my child’s health. I won’t be sending my child to school with a mask.

Kim Love (Windsor, 2020-07-31)


I'm signing because I don't want my child wearing a mask for 6 hours I don't think it's necessary and not healthy. I took out asbestosis in schools might as well left it in if they are going to make kids wear masks

Alan Hassall (Cornwall, 2020-07-31)


I'm signing because I don't think it's necessary for anyone to wear a mask all the government wants is to control us.

Cheryl Hassall (Cornwall , 2020-07-31)


No child of mine will be masked!

Gayle McGuire (SCARBOROUGH, 2020-07-31)


Children should not wear mask!!!

Jill McLaughlin (Wasaga Beach , 2020-07-31)


No children should be subjected to masking due to the plethora of scientific evidence showing the dangers involved, especially for a measure that is scientifically shown to be ineffective at preventing spread of disease. In addition, the government has no right under the constitution to mandate this or deny access to services paid for by tax payers over a mandate that they have no legal grounds to demand adherence to.

Sheri Vincent (Edmonton , 2020-07-31)


I do not supper the wearing of masks by children in school, or by anyone for that matter.

Màiri Corneman (Owen Sound , 2020-07-31)


Wearing masks for any length of time is harmful to a child's health and well-being. I think the health dept and governments should allow parents to make these important decisions for themselves and our families!

Elizabeth Wallace (Hamilton, Ontario , 2020-07-31)


Because no!!!

Magda Truszkowski (Mississauga , 2020-07-31)


Kids should not be wearing masks

Elaine Vernier (Lorignal, 2020-07-31)


Kids need exposure so immune system can do what supposed to...masks not proven to stop spread

Beth Brown (Chatham, 2020-07-31)


The whole pandemic is a fiasco and an abuse of government power

Dan Hinschberger (London, 2020-07-31)


Kids shouldn’t have to wear mask all day!!!

Kristina Guenther (Leamington , 2020-07-31)


I'm not spending unnecessary money for masks for my children. I have 3 and all 3 would have to wear masks all day... pointless kids need a good immune system. The schools cant even control head lice good luck with all the germs

Tanya Greenhalgh (Parry sound , 2020-07-31)


I will not slowly suffocate my child for hours on end with a mask on their face. Shame on the people standing by watching this be forced upon our young!

Alexandra Suciu (Kitchener, 2020-07-31)


Masks are not for healthy people and there are currently NO RCT studies that prove that they DO work

Charlene Monk (London, 2020-07-31)


i believe that my children have the right to breathe freely in order to learn effectively.

Lorna Fotiadou (Toronto, 2020-07-31)

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