STORMONT! END the violation of our Human rights NOW! Face masks should NEVER BE MANDATORY!!!



We shouldn't be forced to wear masks

Jeremiah Cullen (Bangor, 2020-07-18)


,wearing a face covering should not be mandatory.

Elizabeth Moffatt (Portadown, 2020-07-18)


I believe through my own research that there is no scientific evidence for wearing masks and actually it can be detrimental to my health

Ian Moffatt (Portadown , 2020-07-18)


I agree that wearing of face masks should be a personal choice.

Stephen Wilson (Banbridge , 2020-07-18)


I believe it is my human right to choose whether or not to wear a mask. To weigh up the facts and decide for myself, and not have it imposed on me according to someone else's beliefs. Where will it stop?

Toni Crawford (Belfast, 2020-07-18)


No way should anyone be made to wear a mask against their will , or choice period .

Pastor Colin Houston ( Belfast , 2020-07-18)


This should be personal choice

Tanya English (Newtownards, 2020-07-18)


The whole thing is a joke

Kerrie Smith (Derry, 2020-07-18)


I'm Asthmatic & also claustrophobic, for me to wear a mask, or even a face shield, would be too much. I would have to stay in my house 24/7 if it became mandatory to wear a mask. It's not right, it should be a personal choice to wear a mask or not.

Joy Teer (Bangor, 2020-07-18)


We have not been wearing masks this hole time so why now

Linda Ashe (Belfast , 2020-07-18)


Healthy people should wear masks!!!

Moira ONeill (Ball6, 2020-07-18)


I believe this is against my human right to make me wear a mask!

Tash Hamilton (Newtownards , 2020-07-18)


It's my choice not to wear a mask.

Elizabeth Mcardle Connolly (Enniskillen , 2020-07-18)


Because I whole heartedly agree with all of the above mentioned in this petition!

Kim Davidson (Ballywalter, 2020-07-18)


Im not a puppet

Adrian O'Reilly (Omagh, 2020-07-18)


I believe in the right of choice and this government seems totally bent on taking away my human rights of choice when the current scientific evidence is constantly at variance and the latest WHO reports came out stating how wearing of masks can cause extra infections and also place those with conditions at further risk.
It should be left upto individuals to decide not governments imprisoning our freedom of choice by dictation.
We are now in a North Korea dictitorial position or Communist China.
Where has our freedoms gone?????

Rev paul Burns (Belfast, 2020-07-18)


Wearing a mask in public In order to prevent covid19 has no scientific basis and therefore should not be forced upon the public

Geraldine Sweeney (Omagh, 2020-07-18)


I believe in the right of choice and this government seems totally bent on taking away my human rights of choice when the current scientific evidence is constantly at variance and the latest WHO reports came out stating how wearing of masks can cause extra infections and also place those with conditions at further risk.
It should be left upto individuals to decide not governments imprisoning our freedom of choice by dictation.
We are now in a North Korea dictitorial position or Communist China.
Where has our freedoms gone?????

Rev Caroline Burns (Belfast, 2020-07-18)


Masks are not healthy they actually cause serious respiratory problems

Yvonne Morgan (Newry , 2020-07-18)


I will never wear a mask or put one on my child as we deserve to breathe air and oxygen! It’s a violation of my human right

Adele Best (Donaghadee, 2020-07-18)


I do not want to be forced to wear a face mask as it violates my human rights.

Elizabeth RALSTON (BELFAST, 2020-07-18)


It's a freedom of choice

Corinne Wilson (Belfast, 2020-07-18)


There is no substantial scientific evidence to back the wearing of face masks. If anything it is injurious to individual health by depleting and suppressing the immune system thereby making individuals more likely to suffer respiratory illnesses.

Neal Hiller (Belfast , 2020-07-18)


i feel we have the freedom to choose what is best for our health, this is an act of force against our better judgement to muzzle is an act of submission to an invisible attack

liam mc daid (carndonagh, 2020-07-18)


I believe in having a choice as to wear a mask or not.It is violating freedom of choice.

Pat McCaughey (Donaghmore, 2020-07-18)


I see it as an infringement of my freedom.

Alan Price (Newtownards , 2020-07-19)


This is inhuman treatment with no evidence. Due to tge troubles people have associate face coverings woth terrorism. The people of Northern Ireland have suffered enough.

Brigidette McAnea (Omagh, 2020-07-19)


I nearly drowned as a child and I cant have my face covered as I panic and it reminds me of that day.
Thank you.

Gary Clarke (Belfast , 2020-07-19)


I believe face masks are dangerous and if the virus was around they would help it to spread rapidly.

John Clarke (Larne, 2020-07-19)


Im signing because i value my freedom to choose

john mcardle (Dungannon, 2020-07-19)


The Belfast Agreement affirmed a commitment to "the mutual respect, the civil rights and the religious liberties of everyone in the community".

The British government committed to incorporate the European Convention on Human Rights (ECHR) into the law of Northern Ireland and to the establishment of a Northern Ireland Human Rights Commission. Establishing statutory obligations for public authorities in Northern Ireland to carry out their work "with due regard to the need to promote equality of opportunity was set as a particular priority.

The Agreement was approved by voters across the island of Ireland in two referendums held on 22 May 1998. In Northern Ireland, voters were asked in the 1998 Northern Ireland Good Friday Agreement referendum whether they supported the multi-party agreement. In the Republic of Ireland, voters were asked whether they would allow the state to sign the agreement and allow necessary constitutional changes (Nineteenth Amendment of the Constitution of Ireland) to facilitate it. The people of both jurisdictions needed to approve the agreement in order to give effect to it.

The British–Irish Agreement came into force on 2 December 1999. An I therefore believe that wearing any compulsory wearing of mask's. Or implementation of these draconian lockdown rules are a breach of my individual human rights. To which I do not consent their withdrawal. We must protect the Belfast Agreement affirmed internationally into law.

Adrian Mulvey (Moira, 2020-07-19)


This is an extreme measure taken as much for psychological reasons ( to “ reassure “ the public ) as it is for proven scientific ones.

Robin Williamson (Belfast , 2020-07-19)


I am sick to death that Stormant are not putting their citizens first. One rule for them and another for us. I want all deaths listed under the correct category immediately, and for Stormant to stop lying to the people

Kathy Gray (Newtownards, 2020-07-19)


Masks don't protect against Covid 19. They are a mental crutch.

Anthony Carlin (Ballymena, 2020-07-19)


Masks are dangerous, the same people who said they were of no benefit are saying the opposite in a very short space of time, they are undignified and it's frightening our kids.

Nichola McClean (Magherafelt, 2020-07-19)


I am sick of this farce...

Grainne O Ceallachain (Newry, 2020-07-19)


I'm a scientist. This makes no sense.

Anne Mc Closkey (Aw, 2020-07-19)


Keith kidd

Keith Kidd (Lurgan, 2020-07-19)


Absolutely disgraceful getting forced to wear mask!

Trisha McDonald (Glasgow , 2020-07-19)


I believe face masks are a violation of our human rights. It’s a choice if you want to wear one but there is no way it should be made mandatory.

Darran Coles (Mid Glamorgan , 2020-07-19)


Im able to make my own mind up

Karl Ellis (Runcorn, 2020-07-19)


I feel strongly about denial of liberty on this

Raymond Stewart (Newtownabbey, 2020-07-20)


Each individual should have the freedom of choice to make their own decisions on face masks, science stands behind the fact they're pretty much useless so why should we be forced to wear them

Leann Corrigan (Dungannon , 2020-07-20)


For 3 months we've been told masks are of no use, or they do not protect the wearer. Only this morning on GMB an Expert said that the masks issued to carers and medics are effective, therefore those sold in shops are Not !
I'm on michael Gove side of Cabinet.
My work requires me to wear mask, gloves while checking employee, visitors temperatures and all including the thermometer are all made in China that dropped this chemical bomb on the world. While our economy crumbles they make £Billions out of our slavery and demise.
If this were Real first action to be taken would have been 1 Close all borders, stop entry to UK. 2 that would've been the time for masks as precautionary measure ? "Cart b4 Horse". You may take our Freedom BUT WE ARE NOT GIVING IT TO you !

Williamf Douglas (Richhill, 2020-07-20)


It’s a violation of my human rights face masks are useless and cause more harm than good. This is controlling not for safety as they say. Massive NO to face masks

Christina Lynn (Belfast , 2020-07-20)


There is no mandate for compulsion. The evidence is conflicting at best, and there is no risk analysis done.

Graham jennings (Waringstown, 2020-07-20)


I want the right to choose whether to wear a mask or not btw it didn't do china much good and they've been wearing them for decades because of pollution

Marion Ginley (Belfast, 2020-07-20)


I'm signing also because I was forced ro wear a face mask while visiting my elderly aunt in care. Inspite of other rediculous arrangements like having to sit outside the door with a table inbetween us, being at least 4 meters apart, gloves, temperature checked.
The rest I could bare, but she has dementia, so with a mask at that distance there was no hope of her recognizing who I was.

John Coyle (Newry, 2020-07-20)


Face masks leave me finding it hard to breath and I don't have health issues

Florence Patterson (Coleraine, 2020-07-20)


A mask IS NOT essential. It IS a personal choice. ABSOLUTELY NO EVIDENCE can prove these are required.

Michelle Mcauley (Belfast, 2020-07-20)


I'm a hearing aid user and have to lip read when I can't hear!!

Debbie Blackadder (Ballymena , 2020-07-20)


The right to choose has been taken away from the public, along with seeing loved ones, saying goodbye to loved ones and above all deprivation of Liberty act 2016 has not been followed.

Sandra Large (Belfast, 2020-07-20)


Hiding peoples faces is evil and the devil's work

Jason Johnston (Derry, 2020-07-20)


I have rights and I and entitled as an individual to decide for myself whether to wear one or not, after all this is a democracy not a dictatorship

Anne Johnston (Derry , 2020-07-20)


Masks should never be made compulsory, only ever optional.

Michaela Doherty (Lisburn, 2020-07-20)


People should have the choice
Half the Governments of the world can't make up their minds if they've to wear masks or not
People have the free will

Hugh Quinn (Newry, 2020-07-21)


I have asthma and want to go about my day while still able breath freely without restriction.

Stuart Houston (Belfast, 2020-07-21)


I believe it should be personal choice! After all, it is a non existent virus made up to control the masses #nomask#novaccinations

Mandy Miller (belfast, 2020-07-21)


I do not believe a mask can be healthy for me

Polished Technician (Fulton, 2020-07-21)


It should be down to the individuals own choice if they want to wear them.

Fiona Smyth (Down, 2020-07-21)


I do not believe we should be forced to wear face masks.

Julie Corbett (Portstewart , 2020-07-21)


I don't think we should be dictated to by the very person who broke all her own rules, it should be personal choice and we all know wat we need to do. Keep our distance and wash our hands.

Violet Gilroy (Belfast , 2020-07-21)


I’m against Masks being forced on us in Northern Ireland when we have a right not to wear them so they can get lost and do one thanks

Ross Manley (Dromore, 2020-07-21)


It goes against human rights.

Kim Montgomery (Belfast, 2020-07-21)


It should be everyone's right to choose whether they wear a face mask or not. There is absolutely no evidence that masks stop the spread of corona virus. In fact there is plenty of scientific evidence the mask does more harm than good.

Heather Wylie (Aughnacloy, 2020-07-21)


I feel it should be a personal choice to wear a mask or that there should at least be other visors etc

Caroline Connolly (ENNISKILLEN, 2020-07-21)


It’s my choice not to wear a face mask

Derbhille MacRory (Ballymena, 2020-07-22)


Masks should be optional, why should you be muzzled over a fake virus

Simon Webling (Wimborne, 2020-07-22)


I haven't seen the evidence base for the decision to make this mandatory

Kathy Johnston (Belast, 2020-07-22)


I think this is an infringement of our human rights. As a deaf person I struggle to understand others normally but the wearing of masks means I am unable to take part in any conversation.
It should be up to the individual to wear them or not.

Margaret Field (Belfast, 2020-07-22)


I believe that it’s a violation of my human rights to be forced to wear a mask. I believe the mask can be worn If the individual wishes Feel comforted by it. I respect this.
It is proven not to protect against the virus and it’s even written on the very box . I simply will not enter one shop and will not be ordered or forced to do so.

claire Brennan (Ballymena , 2020-07-22)


This should not be a law it should be a choice

Meta Connolly (Londonderry, 2020-07-23)


There is no evidence I have seen that proves masks stop this virus. What is does do is divide the people. Is that the point as I cannot see a scientific reason for it.
I wish to keep my freedom of choice.
I chose not to wear one.

Joy Craig (Belfast, 2020-07-23)


angry for this stupidity

ROSSANO POZZO (Sleaford, 2020-07-23)


It’s my choice how I breath

Nuala Devlin (Dungannon Co Tyrone NI, 2020-07-23)


I believe in free choice.

Jaime Mcdonald (Armagh, 2020-07-23)


I have done my research which shows that masks of no benefit and more so are harmful

Ann Scullion (Dungannon , 2020-07-23)


I'm signing this because I know that wearing a face is bad for your health it causes hypoxia and many doctors have proved this and if you don't believe me wear a face mask and put an oxygen monitor besides your mouth and see how quickly it goes off

Stephen Dragonetti (Belfast, 2020-07-23)


I cant wear a mask coz I've PTSD from serving my country. Now I'm going to be shamed trying to shop for my family. And harassed by stupid ignorant people. The mask is as effrctive as stopping a mouse getting thru a wire fence.

Maurice Clegg (Belfast, 2020-07-23)


Because them twats don’t have are best interests at heart.
Enough is enough.
We the people want our country back

Stuart Glover (Carrickfergus , 2020-07-23)


It's should be our own choice weather we feel we need a mask or not

Kay Mccconkey (Belfast, 2020-07-23)


I believe the right to self governance in relation to my body. Further to that, the science that legislators Are following seems to Have been inconsistent On a number of occasions and contradictory to many leading voiced in the arena of virology, medicine and epidemiology. I understand making policies and running a country is hard, but please do not make this decision for the country. Have faith that the people of this island can think for themselves and act in a responsible manner.

Kevin Totton (Lurgan, 2020-07-23)


I remember a time when wearing a mask would have gotten you shot!!!.. it’s horrendous and creepy to see people like this!!.. there is no reliable evidence to support wearing a mask.. and plenty of evidence against it!!.. Do your job right and have an open public debate!!..

Jacqueline McAnallen (Castlewellan, 2020-07-24)


I agree

Paul Steele (Antrim, 2020-07-24)


A face mask doesnt help with a virus& i dont believe in the pandemie & the fake numbers

Kerstin McConnell (Ballystrudder , 2020-07-24)

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