We demand that St Martin-in-the-Fields reverse outrageous decision to cast out loyal musicians



This is an awful. At such a precarious time for music and freelance musicians, Dr Earis has taken a concert series, created by someone else, and disgracefully removed freelance music making opportunities from hundreds of hard working musicians who have been so loyal to St martins in the fields over the years.

Alice Kent (London, 2020-07-09)


Many, many freelance musicians and amateur choral singers have enjoyed the privilege of performing to full audiences in this prestigious venue. Shadowing a similar step by St Sepulchre's, this would be an absolute heartbreaker.

Maria Ramos (Barking , 2020-07-09)


I have performed several times at St martin in the fields over a decade. As part of competitions or non profit charity concerts as well as paid performances. Why would this have to stop? St Martins has an international reputation as a central concert venue open to all. During these times this is important than ever.

Hannah Parkin (London, 2020-07-09)


I am outraged by the way this has been handled in such difficult times for musicians! The desision to stop concerts and monies being raised to help the economy in such unprecedented times Is Unbelievable. The decisions of a few seem to ruin things for law abiding, tax paying Musicians who have funded St Martins over the years and turned it into the great place it is today. Let’s hope things can be sorted and we can here the glories music of The Belmont Ensemble and others once again.

Chris Dyson (Colchester, 2020-07-09)


St Martin-in-the-fields is a hugely important music venue in London, and a crucial source of income for musicians. To ban external musicians would be an enormous loss financially and culturally

Alexander Aldren (London, 2020-07-09)


I have performed more than fifty times in StMartin in the Fields and each time to a packed auditorium. I don’t know how the management that I they are going to better the amazing And dedicated group of professionals that put on such wonderful shows

Debbie O'Connor (Staines , 2020-07-09)


This is a bad idea. I enjoyed seeing the Belmont Ensemble at St. Martins in the Fields and was looking forward to doing so again. Please reconsider.

William Ticknor (Falls Church, 2020-07-09)


I have performed as a bass soloist with various ensembles since 2002 in St Martin-in-the-Fields. For the last decade I have performed several concerts each year with the Belmont Ensemble. The number of these concerts has already been eroded and now looks likely to disappear altogether. I have been appalled to hear of the plans that are being undertaken behind the smoke screen of the COVID-19 pandemic. This will negatively effect the livelihoods of so many freelance musicians in London.

Philip Tebb (Hitchin, 2020-07-09)


This will affect so many people adversely.

Kate Brooke (Leighton Buzzard , 2020-07-09)


I am a member of Belmont Ensemble of London which performs regularly at St Martin’s, I think the recent actions of the director of St Martins in despicable and needs to be challenged.

Celine Barry (Stony Stratford , 2020-07-09)


The wide range of performers at SMITF has been a source of income for players and church alike as well as enabling audiences from a range of backgrounds to experience live music - this should continue for the benefit of all.

Richard Knights (London, 2020-07-09)


I am signing this petition as I always believed the church was supposed to actively support those in the wider community, especially so when there is fear, so little hope and times are so desperately hard for all.

St Martins in-the-fields has received decades of support from all who are effected here. Yet their response, bizarrely, has been to slash every last hope for some, at the time of crisis for all, during the middle of a worldwide pandemic.

The very people impacted so severely here, are the same people, who, through decades of their hard work, have been instrumental in developing the reputation for St Martins in-the-fields as a fantastic concert venue in the first instance. Yet now it would seem they are just cast aside for self satisfying purposes.

It is an inconceivable decision at the worst possible point in time, taken without opportunity for discussion, without consideration of impact or consequence. What a cowardly act.

When people are desperately praying there is some light at the end of a very long tunnel so they can begin to form their recovery plans, all hope is simply taken away. That’s not how the church I believe in, should act, or be.

Who is responsible for this decision? One person? The PCC? WHERE ARE YOU? What have you got to say that could even justify such a blow at this time? Have you even considered the consequences or the impact? Is that in your action plan? Clearly not!!! should it be??? Do you know how many people you are affecting with this decision, how many families and the impact on their lives and mental health? Is this a vital decision for you to make right now? Does the benefit outweigh the harm? Really?

So that’s why I’m signing this petition, because I don’t think it is necessary or vital. Any implausible benefit for YOU simply doesn’t outweigh the harm for others.

Zoe Fairley (Essex, 2020-07-09)


I have performed in St Martin in The Fields many times, and to lose this central venue will sorely affect both the music life of London, but also the lives of hundreds of performers.

Sharron Davies (Windsor, 2020-07-09)


When I worked in London it was my great pleasure to attend concerts here after work. I loved the variety of music and ensembles that performed here.

Fiona Campbell (Glasgow, 2020-07-09)


I'm outraged by the cavalier manner in which many people who have devoted their musical lives over several decades have been summarily dismissed.

John Landor (London, 2020-07-09)


I believe that St Martin in the Fields , London are making a major mistake by effectively throwing out three of our Top Orchestras who have performed in the Church for around 30 Years, and given so much pleasure to Thousands of visitors both from at Home and Abroad. This has been the Orchestras and the Highly trained Classical Musicians for most of there Life.

Nigel Dyson (Colchester, 2020-07-09)


I'm signing because I've had the benefit of attending beautiful concerts by the London Musical Arts orchestra at St Martin in the Fields, and I've taken international guests along too. This is such an important part of the fabric of London and it would be tragic to lose that.

Susan Kempster (London, 2020-07-09)


This is a huge mistake - no consultancy process. In a time when we need people to come together it seems crazy not to let the musicial community pay to rent the church putting money back into St Martin's at a time when it surely needs it?!

Suzanne Doyle (London, 2020-07-09)


The action is totally unchristian and disregards past work and support for St Martin in the Fielda

Brenda Eyers (Colchester, 2020-07-09)


I have taken part in numerous concerts with the Belmont Ensemble (as part of English Chamber Choir) and enjoyed the professionalism, dedication and sheer fun of performing with them while bringing joy to thousands of people over the years. This decision is cowardly, short-sighted and plain wrong. It must be reversed!

Emma Scott-Smith (Bouillé-Loretz , 2020-07-09)


I’m signing this because it seems absurd (and unchristian) to now reject the very group that has been heavily responsible for the success of the venue. Belmont invented the ‘By Candlelight’ format that drew in the crowds and enthralled them for three decades.

Oliver Davis (Farnham, 2020-07-09)


This a particularly uncharitable & callous decision for many freelance musicians and is being made for profit before quality. Disgraceful. St Martin's should be ashamed of themselves!!

Rupert Ring (London , 2020-07-09)


This is outrageous!

Pippa Harris (Bromley , 2020-07-09)


Why put self employed freelance musicians out of work ?

Briony Wild (South Molton, 2020-07-09)


I have friends who are musicians.and st martins is an iconic venue for music.

Kate Gledhill (Isle of man, 2020-07-09)


this music should continue, somhow.

Juliet Solomon (frome, bath, 2020-07-09)


I'm a violinist and have played in this special venue with various ensembles. I would be very sad not to be able to do so in future.

Judy Taylor (Hayling Island, 2020-07-09)


It is morally appalling to do this at a time of great hardship and distress for musicians. Disgraceful.

Sarah Moffatt (Croydon, 2020-07-09)


We must keep music in our countries and our lives

Kath Cullingham (Slough, 2020-07-09)


This decision appears to have been made without considering the effect on fellow-musicians already hard-hit by Covid-19. It is also unclear that the change in policy will deliver the benefits St M seeks.

Nick Landauer (REDHILL, 2020-07-09)


Music at St-Martin-in-the-Fields has brought a huge amount of joy to audiences for many years, and is the source of livelihood for many musicians who play there. The church will be the poorer for not having them there.

Jenny Coombes (London , 2020-07-09)


This has been an important place of work for me, wonderful colleagues and superb audiences. It is a travesty that these ensembles have been pushed out so unceremoniously!

Jo Turner (London, 2020-07-09)


I have been to some fantastic concerts featuring these ensembles. It is extremely disappointing to see that these ensembles have been informed without warning that they will no longer be employed. This represents the end of something incredibly valuable that the musicians have spent years putting all of their energy into. To dismiss them by email shows a complete lack of respect to the musicians, and places no value on the loyalty they have shown over many years. I hope you will reverse your decision.

Chris Sansum (Reading, 2020-07-09)


I have played in and attended concerts at St Martins for many years now and it's an outrageous and underhand move to sever tie with so many musicians who've added to the excellence over the years. It would be bad at any time but now? Please reconsider.

William Lyons (Ely, 2020-07-09)


The Arts are vital to our wellbeing and our economic prosperity and
Ivor has contributed to both for over 30 years and needs to be supported in order to continue his valuable contribution.

Pana McGee (London, 2020-07-09)


I'm signing because I had the greatest honor and pleasure to play in St.Martin- In- TheFields many time during many yeard as soloist and member ot chamber music ensembles. My best impressions from the musical friendship with the musicians are unforgettable. The pleasure shared with adorable public made all of us really happy. I find everybody who is able to help to their difficult situation must do it...

Michel Gershwin (Béthune, 2020-07-09)


I’ve performed here myself and know the value that musicians of all kinds being to the venue.

Pippa Macmillan (Cambridge , 2020-07-09)


I’m signing because loyal freelance musicians are the bedrock of music in the city

Angela Bruce (Maidstone , 2020-07-09)


I am a great fan of LAM and also a great supporter, having followed their concerts and projects throughout the years. They have a special way of engaging with the audiences, educating while performing at the highest level. I brought lots of friends to fill in the hall, many times and I can’t imagine going forward without them. Please find a way to keep them going.

Doina Moss (London , 2020-07-09)


This is outrageous!

Chrissie Ranson-Thompson (London, 2020-07-09)


Local musicians and music should not be fired .

Monika Dunkel (London , 2020-07-09)


Live music us essential to our lives. We must protect it!

Rowena Knight (Birmingham, 2020-07-09)


I'm signing because I have friends and colleagues personally affected by this decision at a time when musicians are most in need of support.

Carolyn Hope (London, 2020-07-09)


Disgraceful. Another slam against musicians especially those emerging college students who have Now lost the facility to give concerts in Beautiful surroundings without being lumped with a venue fee.

Norah Catherine O’Leary (London, 2020-07-09)


As one of the earliest conductors to present concerts at SMITF, as well as Having contributed to music as part of worship in the church I am astonished that such a retrograde move should be made. I am particularly concerned by the lack of consultation.

Keith Williams (London, 2020-07-09)


I’m a freelance musician and I regularly play in St Martin’s and I will be devastated to not have these concerts. It’s a fantastic venue and we rely on places like this to make a living and keep music alive in central London

Wendi Kelly (London , 2020-07-09)


I am signing because my two children benefited from being introduced to classical music by John Landor's London Music Art Orchestra. We were regular audience for his Mini-Maestro series and other concerts.

Saule Mukhametrakhimova (Wien, 2020-07-09)


This seems an ill considered decision at a time when all musicians are struggling. I fail to understand how reducing variety and diversity in the groups allowed to play concerts will benefit either the church or the audience.

Catherine Martin (London, 2020-07-09)


These wonderful concerts have inspired Londoners and tourists alike for decades as well as providing much valued income for hard-pressed musicians.

Philip Yeeles (London, 2020-07-09)


I’ve been performing concerts at this church for 20 years.

Elizabeth Maccarthy (Buckingham , 2020-07-09)


St Martins in the field is famous for the accessibility of the orchestras performing, the audiences and loyal orchestras deserve better. Don’t lose this

Catherine Spain (London , 2020-07-09)


I'm signing this petition because I realise and appreciate the joy and entertainment that these concerts have brought to so many people - to men and women, to the old and young and everything in between and to tourists and Londoners alike. Additionally, the funds they have been able to contribute to St Martin-in-the-Fields and work in the community have been invaluable. Please reconsider your decision and do not let this tradition come to an end. We all need something uplifting now more than ever.

Eileen Mahoney (London, 2020-07-09)

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