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We need independent skilled professionals such as warsash cycles who provide an excellent service. Having taken my bike previously to the large well known cycle retailer and recieved poor service, we do not need them to have an monopoly on cycle maintenance we should have a choice as to where we take our bikes.

Linda Tarplett (Titchfield Common, 2020-06-25)


I believe the community benefits from having Warsash Cycles operating in our area.

Stephen O'Leary (Southampton , 2020-06-25)


we should be supporting local businesses and entrepreneurs.

Ian Coady (Warsash , 2020-06-25)


Supporting local businesses

Sam Leeds (Locks Heath, 2020-06-25)


I cycle regularly and its great to have
close by. I wholeheartedly support this business.

Liz Morgan (Locks heath, Southampton , 2020-06-25)


Support for local business

Paul Rann (Warsash, 2020-06-25)


Freedom of enterprise!

Lin Gell (warsash, 2020-06-25)


I feel there is a need for a community based cycle service in Warsash and believe it will be a great asset as the government are encouraging people to use cycles as a means of transport in these strange uncertain times

Paul Miles (Southampton, 2020-06-25)


We should be encouraging personal enterprise in these dark times. A brilliant service

Liz Jackson (Warsash, 2020-06-25)


I would like to support local businesses

Judy Rann (Southampton , 2020-06-25)


Warsash Cycles provides a service for the local community that would be worse off if it wasn’t there, I really don’t want to use someone else out of the area.

Robert Catlin (Southampton , 2020-06-25)


Because i support local business

Fraser Hill (Titchfield common, 2020-06-25)


This is a fabulous cycle repair that is essential to the local community. It is a local small business that should be supported 100% in these uncertain times. The business is very competitive in price and the knowledge that the owner has in cycling terms is second to none.

Miles Bolton (Locks Heath , 2020-06-25)


I can't see how anyone could object to this?

Dave Fuller (Fareham, 2020-06-25)


Simon is an honest and kind individual, he runs a safe business and is valued by all of our community here.

Sharon Brown (Warsash, 2020-06-25)


Excellent business

Chloe Bloomfield (Fareham, 2020-06-25)


Dont see why he can run a business on his private property

Hana North (SOUTHAMPTON, 2020-06-25)


Previous customer

Adrian Georgeson (Warsash, 2020-06-25)


I can't see what harm Simon is doing to anyone. And he's boosting the local economy.

Chris Lee (Fareham , 2020-06-25)


This gentleman is providing a valuable well priced service to the local community and sensibly staying at home!

Nancy Alexander (Warsash, Southampton , 2020-06-25)


We should be supporting small independent businesses

Alison Good (Southampton, 2020-06-25)


During these difficult times it is important that people are able to get out and about. Cycling is great for the whole family and its important that bicycles are road worthy and its good to know there is someone local for cyclists to turn to when needed

Jennifer Howard (SOUTHAMPTON , 2020-06-25)


cycle repair is crucial with the amount of new cyclists on the road now

Mike Munns (Fareham, 2020-06-25)


I fully support local enterprise and good spirit.

Paula SMITH (Fareham, 2020-06-25)


We have used Warsash cycles to fix our bikes and were very happy with the service. It is a needed service in the village and promotes good health and exercise. Keep it running!!

Katie Willsher (Southampton , 2020-06-25)


Fully behind Simon and his new venture. Great to have some more choice for cycle repairs. Doing a great job!

Darren Gray (Warsash, 2020-06-25)


I am someone who, as a non-driver, relies on my cycle to not only keep fit but also to get around on a daily basis. I haven't, as yet, required the services of Warsash Cycles but know how highly regarded they and other local service providers are to those who may not be so capable in maintaining their chosen mode of transport for leisure / day to day use.

Simon Bean (Stubbington, 2020-06-25)


Supporting local small business

Kaz Ayres (Southampton , 2020-06-25)


We need bike repairs locally especially now with many more cyclists taking up cycling.

Christine MARRIOTT (Warsash , 2020-06-25)


This is a very small new business trying to assist people to get on their bikes. It's a great little service and if you can't get a safety bike inspection from the other local cycle shops for six months. So they are providing a very important service especially the way things are. This nation has been built on small business supplying local service.

Steve Wallace (Southampton , 2020-06-25)


Some people have just too much time on their hands.
Hope this ridiculous decision is overturned

Daniel Rutland (Southampton, 2020-06-25)


This is a great local business that contributes positively to the community

Robyn Da silva (Southampton, 2020-06-25)


At a time when we are being encouraged to be active, Simon provides a much needed service to the local community.

Nicola Burnett (LOCKS HEATH SOUTHAMPTON, 2020-06-25)


I’m signing because local businesses like this do great things for the community and as the UK government is encouraging people to cycle more it makes absolute sense for Simon to continue to fix bikes from his home.
He clearly means to cause no problems and welcomes feedback from locals. He should be allowed to provide a valuable service to people in the area.

Lisa Egan (Southsea, 2020-06-25)


Simon provides a professional and knowledgeable service that would be greatly missed if it wasn’t there.

Jason Seaton-Smith (Southampton , 2020-06-25)


This is a good local business and I wouldn’t think running it from home would have any impact on anyone. Walk past regularly, no neighbourhood impact other than providing a great service to a community that has a lot of cyclists

Jo Przybycin (Southampton , 2020-06-25)


I feel we need to permit small businesses such as this to work from home premises to avoid prohibitively huge business rates and rents associated with commercial units.

Jean Aylard (Southampton , 2020-06-25)


I support local businesses and those people that provide an essential service to our local community. They also provide a service that helps the health, mental wellbeing and environment of this community.

Samantha Sheldrake (Warsash, 2020-06-25)


This is an honest small business set up to provide a community service.

Sarah-Jane Williams (Warsash , 2020-06-25)


I'm signing because Simon runs a genuinely decent small business within his own premises and in my opinion does not impose on any other property or public land.
An invaluable service to our community especially when we need to encourage more people to travel using non motorized transport.

Richard Marrington (Southampton , 2020-06-25)


I fully support Warsash Cycles
Simon offers a valuable service to the community and it does not impinge on anyone
Richard Robinson

Richard Robinson (Warsash, 2020-06-25)


Simon is offering a good service from his own garden, not making any noise or bothering anyone. And we all should be supporting small local businesses.

Tracey White (Wasash, 2020-06-25)



Derek Fogg (Whiteley, 2020-06-25)


I support local business - how can this man helping keep the local community’s bikes safe and road worthy be a bad thing?!

Laura Green (Southampton , 2020-06-25)


This is a fantastic community service

Shane Jacobs (Fareham, 2020-06-25)


I support local businesses

Ian Grinyer (Southampton , 2020-06-25)


The Community needs sound business's like Warsash Cycles, as does the UK economy.

alan wilkinson (southampton, 2020-06-25)


I welcome and support local business. Simon Williams new cycle repair enterprise, is brilliant and very welcome in our community.

Susie Lewis (Southampton , 2020-06-25)


Decision to continue should hapoen

Kevin Smith (Whiteley, 2020-06-25)


I’m signing because we need to support local businesses.. they are working from a workshop based at home which means they have low overheads and therefore the prices reflect that.. they should be left alone to keep people on there bikes keeping fit

Phil Longland (Locks heath , 2020-06-25)


We need local businesses to trive

John Cox (Fareham, 2020-06-25)


Warsash cycles is a much needed and local friendly service.

Peter Wood (Fareham, 2020-06-25)


I have only heard brilliant reviews for this business. My cycling buddy was desperate to get her bike serviced over a couple of days. Warsash cycles had her up and peddling in no time and at a realistic and reasonable rate.

Kim Shakespeare (Southampton, 2020-06-25)


Excellent service and not causing any harm to anyone.

Sue Westcott (Southampton , 2020-06-25)


I think it is a great thing for a local business to be able to give an honest service to local people.

Holly Huelin (Warsash, 2020-06-25)


Support small businesses and a company that assists the local community.

Jenny MacVicar (London, 2020-06-25)


I support local independent businesses.

Duncan Saunders (Warsash, 2020-06-25)


I support local businesses and this is a great service.

Nigel Russell (Warsash, 2020-06-25)


Because someone running a business like this doesn’t need to be hassled at a time like this. In these times exceptions need to be made to the usual rules to allow small businesses to continue trading.

Daniel Clarke (Southampton, 2020-06-25)


Tucked away in Warsash is a gem. A unobtrusive workshop that supplies great service to bicycle owners.

Penelope Taylor (Warsash Southampton, 2020-06-25)


This is a fantastic cause, shocking someone has made a complaint

Lisa Waterhouse (Southampton, 2020-06-25)


There is no good time to discourage entrepreneurs and now, when we will need enterprising individuals like Simon to help pull us out of the economic double hit of brexit and the pandemic, is definitely not the right time.

Garry Illingworth (Fareham , 2020-06-25)


Supporting local businesses

Danielle Easen (Fareham , 2020-06-25)


It's a good honest well needed local service. Support your local businesses I say!

Ashley Facey (Southampton, 2020-06-25)


Supporting local businesses. I live really close to this business and not once has there been any inconvenience or disruption. In fact it’s great to have such a useful resource locally

Kevin Reeve (Warsash, Southampton, 2020-06-25)


As an avid cyclist who doesn’t own a vehicle, yet commutes via bike to and from southampton 5 days week, a local bike shop such a Warsash Cycles supports my bike journey and helps me stay on the road and help reduce the congestion in the surrounding area. We need to support local companies like this that support health as wellbeing, whilst also promoting an alternative means to vehicles.

Pete Mitchell (Warsash , 2020-06-25)


Simon causes no bother to the community and gives a great service. Remember that we are being encouraged to use green forms of transport

Simeon Penn (Fareham, 2020-06-25)


I'm signing because I believe that their is a real need for this service in the area, can't understand why someone wouldn't be able to run a business like this from home.

Andy Relf (Portsmouth , 2020-06-25)


Business essential in keeping bikes roadworthy and therefore the rider safe. The government is encouraging us to ‘get on our bikes’ In my mind an essential local service.

Heather Roberts (Southampton , 2020-06-25)


I feel very strongly about supporting local businesses and even more so during this time

Michelle Newton (Fareham , 2020-06-25)


We need to support local businesses

Michelle Wilkinson (Fareham, 2020-06-25)


I have met and dear with Simon he is providing a much needed local service. Considering the council an Govt want more people using other means of transport this is what he is providing. FBC and councillors should be supporting this level of individuality and local business. Rules are not set in stone and there is always leeway as you well know FBC!

Jeremy Bryon (Warsash, 2020-06-25)


I think it is good to have a cycle shop in warsash

Rosalyn Chewter (Southampton , 2020-06-25)


We should support small businesses even if it’s from a residential address. We’ve all had to start somewhere. They provide a local service.

Suzanne Coombs (Portsmouth , 2020-06-25)


I'm signing because not only is the business being operated much more safely than various high companies I have seen - but bike repair is essential to some of us key workers. Please let us continue to support this local business who is helping us!

Jennifer Ames (Fareham, 2020-06-25)


We need to support entrepreneurship and a local service. I appreciate there needs to be a distinction between residential and commercial property but the global trend, particularly in line with government guidelines in a prevailing pandemic and future safeguards against similar occurrence of pandemics is to allow people to work from home ! Does that make every home a commercial property ? Common sense needs to prevail...

Edwin van der Merwe (Warsash, 2020-06-25)


not a noisy business to be running from home and everyone deserves an opportunity to build something from nothing. Maybe if it grows he could afford a business premises but you have to start somewhere

Stewart Gent (Southampton , 2020-06-25)


Simon is a top bloke who’s offers a very honest reliable service. I trust him 1000% with the feedback he gives and never feel forced into any unnecessary work. Warsash cycles do great work in the community and working the cycling community with free giveaways and access to cycle pumps etc. I think forcing an honest small community business would be unjust. I whole heartily support Simon and hopes he allowed to continue trading!

Tom Healey (Gosport, 2020-06-25)


I am signing because we need this service in warsash and it causes no issues at all to residents

Paul anthony (warsash, 2020-06-25)


More than ever cycling needs to be promoted and to do this the local area needs to have knowledgeable local businesses. We need more people like this in order to encourage the take up of cycling.

Stephen Beckett (Whiteley, Fareham, 2020-06-25)


I have no affiliation with the company other than walking past it every day: The owner is friendly, courteous and operating an environmentally friendly, honest business. I cannot understand why anybody would be penalised for this.

James Goddard (Warsash, 2020-06-25)


I’m signing because we need to support hard working local businesses

Jo Turner (Fareham, 2020-06-25)


Cycling is a form of transport that removes the COVID risk of travelling on public transport. Cycling is also a cost effective method of transport as well as a form of exercise for many families since the pandemic. Many bicycles are being brought out of the garage for use for the first time in years. They need to be maintained and made road worthy so that cyclists are confidently using our roadways. Let cycle repair experts do what they can to fix bicycles and help us to make our roads stay safe for all users.

Lisa Pearce (Fareham , 2020-06-25)


I'm signing because he's working from his own home that does not impinge on anyone else in a location that's not built up. It doesn't affect anyone else and it keeps a much needed business going. Can't see the harm in this at all. I regularly run pass this spot as i live very near and there is never any congestion or noise.

Lyn Graham (Warsash, 2020-06-25)


I live locally and want to support all local shops and not loose them to big chains / online.

Beth Hall (Southampton, 2020-06-25)


My family have use your workshop quite regularly and find the service amazing and much needed in the area

Marilyn Sharpe (Southampton , 2020-06-25)

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