Financial Support for Temporary Visa Holders in Australia - COVID 19



I am jobless and have to pay for insurance, rent, and all other bills

Anjali Singh (Nsw, 2020-03-26)


I believe it is crucial for people who have built or are building a life in Australia to not be struck down by this.

Niamh Power (Carlow, 2020-03-26)


I’m a student, unemployed and have no money!

adam Davies (Sydney, 2020-03-26)


Lots of temporary visa holders could end up on the streets if something isn’t done

Nathan Hamilton (Sydney , 2020-03-26)


I have no support when my job runs out
I have been in Australia for 7 years
Surely it counts

Jessica Haddad-Smith (Gold Coast, 2020-03-26)


My husband is on a bridging visa awaiting a partner visa. He works and pays taxes like everyone else here. The partner visa costs a ridiculous amount of money. He has contributed his fair share and should be eligible for financial support of he loses his job due to COVID-19. Better yet, approve visas in a reasonable time and he wouldn’t be on a bridging visa anymore!

Hannah Strong (Torquay, 2020-03-26)


Been in the country for 5 years - temp resident. Why wouldn’t I need financial support?

Tom M (Toowoomba, 2020-03-26)


I’m signing because I just applied for working visa a couple weeks before lockdown was announced, I do not even have superannuation yet, because I wasn’t working when I was a student. Now work will be closed on the 30th March, I won’t have income, can’t pay rent, can’t buy food, what am I suppose to do?????

Matthew Chan (Gold Coast , 2020-03-26)


We are losing work due to COVID and cannot return to our own country since it is in lockdown. Sydney is a very expensive city to live in and without work, it’s impossible. (I am here on a student visa)

Gabrielle Veloso (Sydney , 2020-03-26)


Because I will be apply for one and I know how stressful it must be for those who have it now.

Janna Jamso (Sydney , 2020-03-26)


I'm on a work holiday visa and finding a secure income is now very difficult

Henryk Taylor (Melbourne, 2020-03-26)


I and many friends are in a situation where we are no long financially stable

Jessica Lewarne (Gold Coast , 2020-03-26)


To help Immigrants

Rushab Gowda (DUBLIN, 2020-03-26)


Holding a student visa. I lost my job and we need support

Sam Jeffs (Perth, 2020-03-26)


I want support for the unemployed and the needy.

Navinesh Joseph (Blacktown , 2020-03-26)


I am a student

Sara Catalano (Melbourne, 2020-03-26)


Im signing because it is inhumane to abandon people who are stranded in a country when the whole world has gone into lockdown. Totally ignorant and ruthless decision from the government.

Roy Cummings (Sydney, 2020-03-26)


Rather than bring them home potentially spreading the virus, it would be better to finance them where they are and this could be achieved by the UK and Australian governments working together

Chris Smart (Dudley, 2020-03-26)


Loss the jib

Valentino Valentino (Sydney, 2020-03-26)


I am on 489 visa

Manjit Singh (Melbourne , 2020-03-26)


I'm signing this petition because I am on a visa 417, I have completed my farm work and am now on my second year experiencing financial hardships during these uncertain times. I have also just been evicted and therefore need some financial support.

Rachel Ross (Sydney, 2020-03-26)


I'm signing because I am a temporary visa holder who feel vulnerable due to the current situation.

Shalin Ranpatithewage (Melbourne, 2020-03-26)


I'm stranded in Aus and lost my job and have no savings to maintain a life.

Martin Nicpon (Sydney, 2020-03-26)


Temporary visa holders are the most vulnerable at this moment. We are stuck in an overseas country no jobs and too many rules and restrictions to follow. Not to forget the huge amount of semester we get to pay as international students. We need help!!!

Rozan Ferry (Melbourne, 2020-03-26)


we are tax payers too and should be entitled to support, especially since we currently cannot leave

jennie douglas (sydney, 2020-03-26)


I have no income now. My college still wants payments despite what’s happening. My accommodation still want paying for me to live.
And I soon won’t be paying any of it in order to keep the money for myself in these trying times. Help

Ashley Cox (Manly, 2020-03-26)


I’m signing this petition because I’m a student and I still have to pay student fee’s whilst unemployed as I’ve lost my job because of COVID-19 and I have no support.

Johnny Pennells (Melbourne , 2020-03-26)


Because I am on temporary visa and struggling to survive in lockdown situation.

Kamal Thapa (Sydney , 2020-03-26)


My work mate and her partner are from NZ and work real hard, paying taxes etc...not their fault with the current environment

Mike Townsend (Werribee, 2020-03-26)


Every single human being, regardless of permanent or temporary status; deserves help through this difficult time. Especially when as an individual, I have injected $30,000 into education, $5000 into the health system, several thousands of dollars on visas, countless thousands on rent and boosting the economy, and not to forget thousands and thousands of dollars of tax. Australia needs us as much as we need Australia. Do the right thing and keep foreigners with strong faith towards Australia.

Chris King (Sydney, 2020-03-26)


Support temporary visa holders

AC Santos (Sydney, 2020-03-26)


My best friend lives in Coogee Sydney and has been in Australia for over 4years she has been stood down from here job and she can’t get home the flights are too expensive also her partner is in Australia but is a New Zealander so has the same problem

Rebecca West (London, 2020-03-26)


After 3 years I lost my job from one day to the other
And I can't come back at home in Italy.

Medjeda Bekkara (Broadbeach, 2020-03-26)


Because i have just been made redundant here in australia as an international student.

Alex Haines (Gold Coast, 2020-03-26)


I am a student that's recently returned home from Australia . I know how stressful it can be in a different country away from home with no income to support yourself. These people need so much support right now, we pay through the roof on visas and college fees every term and in turn can only work 20 hours a week which is a massive struggle in itself. Its only fair that they get support from the government #inthistogether

Siobhan Carew (WATERLOO, 2020-03-26)


My son is a student in Sydney

Sarah Barnes (Grouville, 2020-03-26)


I will struggle financially due to COVID 19

Christopher Scott (Melbourne , 2020-03-26)


I'm o a 482 visa and pay a lot in taxes. I'm about to lose my job because if covid 19 and would like the government to support me.

Tom kirk (gold coast, 2020-03-26)


I need financial support, im also a student. Thanks

Pablo Lombardi (Maroochydore, 2020-03-26)


Me and my partner have lost 3 jobs between us. Just paid for my graduate visa so have no money and no money coming in

Sam Caton (Brisbane , 2020-03-26)


Iam worried i dont have work and how will i pay rent and pay bills during this hard times

Salote Natokalau Qio (Campbelltown, 2020-03-26)


I'm signing because I think it is really unfair that no financial assistance is been given to help us temporary visa holders. We put in so much towards the economy.

Jasmine Tam (Brisbane, 2020-03-26)


I am bridging visa waiting for 491 visa. left unemployed during covid-19. restaurant were shut down i am put out of work

Bor Ooi (Surfers Paradise, 2020-03-26)


I'm on a graduate visa, working full time. I'm worried about my future if I lose my job.

Christie Schoeman (Maroubra, 2020-03-26)


I'm signing because I really need government help me in this period about financial

Xuan hung Nguyen (Huskisson, Jervis bay 2540, 2020-03-26)


My daughter and her boyfriend are both in this position. They both work hard in their respective jobs.

Sue Green (Basingstoke, 2020-03-26)


i am signing in because i am a temporary work visa holder and i left my job because i have been working part time in a cafe. I need financial assistance or i need a job

Likaa zeaiter (kingsbury, 2020-03-26)


My partner holds a student visa and worked casually. He lost his job over a week ago because of Covid-19. It looks like he will still have to keep paying for school, on top of rent, bills, food and essentials. We spent our savings on applying for the partner visa earlier this year. Temporary visa holders deserve support from our government.

Bri Stanyer (Melbourne, 2020-03-26)


I am a temporary visa holder.

Oana Balmau (Potts Point, 2020-03-26)


We pay our taxes here like everybody else. We make a big contribution to the economy, We should have protection.

Owen Greene (Sydney , 2020-03-26)


Becouse it is right

leonardo rumonato (Brisbane , 2020-03-26)


Need financial grant

Harish Reddy (Melbourne , 2020-03-26)


I am signing this petition in request to Australian Government to help temporary visa holders

Humas Ali (Point Cook, 2020-03-26)


My friends

Julia Simmons (Texas City, 2020-03-26)


I'm student and lost my job as a chef 3 weeks ago. I have 2 kids and no income or even chance of getting income since there is no work for me. I have rent to pay, food, services and school tuition fees.
Super anuation won't solve anything ... You must support on rent and freeze bills... As soon as possible.

Antonio Goncalves (Cairns, 2020-03-26)


I’m signing because I’m on my husbands 482 visa and today I will be stood down from my employment at flight centre with no pay

Shasta Jay (Gold coast, 2020-03-26)


I pay taxes and contribute to the country’s economy just like every other Australian. If I lose my job due to covid-19 I will be stuck here without any way home or any money and how are we supposed to survive like that.
Foreigners pump millions of dollars into Australia’s economy so I think it’s only right for Australia to help us in this horrible time.

Tahlia Nunes Da Fonseca (Gold Coast , 2020-03-26)


We pay tax into this country so why treat us any different?

Chloe Bassett (Maroochydore, 2020-03-26)


My visa will expire and I am stranded here unable to fly home for two weeks and I need somewhere to stay and money for food.

Claire Gregory (Sydney, 2020-03-26)


I’ve been on a working holiday visa for the last 2 years, my partner is Australian I’m hoping to go onto a partner visa soon however due to the circumstances I may not even be able to afford this visa anymore and will be left unlawfully in the country. For 2 years I have worked in jobs such as marketing and social media management, for 6 months at a time (the only time I can) which is unfair in itself but further to that I have paid tax. How is it fair that I don’t benefit from this tax paying.

Ella Walker (Sydney, 2020-03-26)


Because I've lost my job an I'm a student living in Australia an dont no how I can pay for my rent bill an student fees

Conor Ormsby (Bribane, 2020-03-26)


As I'm am international student at Tafe campus Bundaberg, I got nowhere too turn to for financial support. Australian residents have Centrelink, we have nothing. No jobs and no income, just like everybody else. But nothing has been done for us. Or school fees, rent and other costs continue as well. Or situation is no different from Australians, except the fact we're also on work hour restrictions, just 20 hours a week. Help us please! We invest in Australia tremendously, Australian Government, please recognise our efforts and support us too!

Vanja van den Anker (Bundaberg, 2020-03-26)


I'm a student with 2 kids living in Australia and I lost my job because of this situation we are living.

Eliana Goncalves (Csirns, 2020-03-26)


I am an International Student living and studying here in Melbourne. I used to work and pay my tax in Australia. Then i moved to Melbourne from Sydney. In Melbourne, I couldn't find a job for more than 2 months and now there is no chance i can find in situation like this. It was already hard for me but now its getting harder. I need to pay my rent, bills and everything. There is also a hard time going on back in my country. With all this anxiety and depression, there is nothing a international student could do. They cant even go back to there country in current situation. Hope the government of Australia has also thought about something for jobless international students. Thank you.

Anish Rijal (Melbourne, 2020-03-26)


I’m signing because I am a temporary resident(subclass 485) and today is the last day in my casual job because of the lockdown, and next week i have to pay my rent. I am looking for a new job but as everyone knows it’s too hard to find one now.
We have to look after each other in good days and bad days.

Thank you

Mohamad Ismail (Melbourne, 2020-03-26)


Everyone is affected and will need support.

John Brennan (Hobart, 2020-03-26)


Because how obvious it is these guys need help

Lana Martin (Melbourne , 2020-03-26)


I came here 2017as working Holiday and now I am married here and also 3 Young kids in family and i need some support from gov that I can feed my family. We have no savings. And my wife was not working because she had bad car accident 2,5y ago. Releasing my supper and some Centrelink payment would help us to survive this bad times.

Siim Lutsius (Lismore, 2020-03-26)


Mere Divatulili

Mere Divatulili (Parrammata , 2020-03-26)


I'm signing because I want Australia Government to let us survive by helping us financially.

Dipesh Karmacharya (NSW PARRAMATTA, 2020-03-26)


I'm currently unemployed and finding hard to meet basic needs

Tito Tuiniwasa (Blacktown , 2020-03-26)


I’m signing because i’m a overseas student and i work and pay taxes in australia so i think people who are in my situation who also work and pay taxes here, should be able to get some help as our taxdollars also help australians. It’s a situation that no one could have seen happening and due to the rarity of the situation, there must be some give and take.

Kevin Germanus (Melbourne, 2020-03-26)


I’m signing this petition for a financial support from the australian government.

Athira palamuttathu suresh (hobart, 2020-03-26)