Bring back Rowntree's Cabana chocolate bar!



They’re so delicious

Aldo Valente (Lancaster , 2020-01-04)


Loved it. My all time favourite chocolate bar!!!

Paula Baker (Lancaster , 2020-01-04)


We really do need to educate the youth of today that us 40+ year old people had an amazing chocolate bar when we were younger

Alison Carter (King's Lynn , 2020-01-04)


I want this chocolate in my life 😭

Courtney Robson (Newcastle, 2020-01-04)


I loved them

Debi Bull (Walsall, 2020-01-04)


I loved the chewy coconut and thick chocolate yummy.

Jacqueline Parker (Liverpool, 2020-01-05)


Loved these bars, because of the cherry combination (quite unusual).

Pamel Graham (Oldham, 2020-01-08)


Cabana was my all time favourite chocolate bar . Coconut and cherries .amazing combination

Gwen Forbes (Elgin , 2020-01-09)


I loved Cabana bars and remember them fondly from my childhood.

Amanda Brown (Cambridge, 2020-01-16)


This was my favourite chocolate bar

Claire Pryde (Lingdale , 2020-01-20)


This was one of my favourite chocolate bars,there's nothing like this now,so a golden opportunity to bring this yummy chocolate bar back.

Jay Jay (Cardiff, 2020-02-13)


Rowntree need to bring back this popular bar, as today confection companies are looking to replace chocolate

Bridget Lamb (Southampton, 2020-02-16)


This was the best chocolate bar ever, I wish they would bring it back, maybe as a special edition for Christmas.

Louanne Ugarte (leeds, 2020-02-18)


I want these to make a come back

Cath O'neill (WASHINGTON , 2020-02-21)


I would love to see the chocolate bar cabana brought back out

Mary Ferguson (Glasgow, 2020-02-21)


Loved these bars!

Nicci Petty (Romsey, 2020-02-21)


I used to love the flavour of the coconut and cherry's covered in chocolate

Linda Shelley (Birmingham, 2020-02-21)


Cabana was my all time favourite chocolate bar.. Bring it back

Gail Cunningham (Antrim, 2020-02-21)


Favourite all time chocolate bar and there is nothing like it on the market - win win!!

Charlotte Morton (Nottingham, 2020-02-21)


Cabanas deserve to come back even as a retro limited time only

Bernadette Rodger (Bo'ness , 2020-02-22)


Please bring back Cabana!!!

Jackie Rentle (Sudbury , 2020-02-22)


I would like the cabana brought back

Donna Quigg (Lanarkshire , 2020-02-22)


I want the Cabana chocolate bar brought back. I'm not sure why it was ever discontinued. Much nicer than bounty bars.

Mandy Whittingham Campbell (Totnes, 2020-02-23)


I lurved the cabana bar and I miss it. It's a piece of my childhood and life is tough right now so a bit of history would make me smile

Tina Heathcote (Sheffield, 2020-02-23)


I need this bar back I remember it from being 5

Lorraine Britton (Barrow-In-Furness , 2020-03-24)


Cabana was my childhood, they were amazing!!
Also, I don't know if you made texan bars but if you did please please bring them back too x

Lynsey Torrance (Glasgow , 2020-05-01)


They where greatttt

Oliver McCann (Belfast, 2020-05-01)


It is my favourite chocolate bar of all times

Diane Colgrave (Winchester , 2020-05-04)


I loved them !

Mande Barlow (Wales , 2020-05-04)


I absolutely loved these when I was a kid.

Debbie Keighley (St Neots , 2020-05-04)


It was my favourite chocolate bar of all time it was my favourite growing up in the 80s and then u couldn’t get it anymore the taste was unique and u need to bring it back as it’s a sure winner love cabana chocolate LOVE IT

Howard Latham (Preston , 2020-05-04)


I loved cabana

Sarah Swaine (Manchester , 2020-05-05)


I miss Cabanas!

Jan Croall (Edinburgh, 2020-05-07)


I used to love cabanas.

Steven Adams (Brighton, 2020-05-11)


They were the best damn bar ever, and I want my wife to try one

Carl Brown (Newton abbot, 2020-05-20)


If there's one chocolate bar I could bring back in a time machine it would be Rowntree's Cabana.

Janice Williams (Menai Bridge Anglesey N Wales, 2020-05-20)


I absolutely loved this chocolate as a kid and still think about it 30+ yrs later. It really should make a come back

Rachel Lee (Manchester, 2020-05-24)


I find it odd that this bar is not around like some of the chocolate bars we still see today.
Cabana was a really nice textured bar of chocolate and in my opinion much nicer than a bounty bar. Bounty bars are nice but not even close to a cabana bar.
I would love to see this cabana bar make a return as its its without a doubt one bar that i really liked and can't understand why it vanished.

Paul Girling (Bordon, 2020-06-01)


Use to buy one every day please bring them back

Karen Sloots (Sudbury, 2020-06-02)


Cabana bars were my all time favourite. I miss them 🙁

Karen Flynn (Glasgow , 2020-06-03)


I love them! And there is NO comparison to what is available today. They were absolutely delicious! Please bring them back.

Nicolette Christou (London , 2020-06-08)


I loved them, please bring them back.

Laura Hennessy (Penarth, 2020-06-10)


I miss the cabana bars and really would like to eat one again

Monique Pritchard (PLYMOUTH, 2020-06-21)


I miss these bars so much and I'm sure they would sell well

Andrew Insley (Camborne, 2020-06-25)


this was my favourite chocolate bar as a child

Ali Cooke (newcastle upon tyne, 2020-06-26)


I loved cabanas, please bring back



the cabana bar needs to make a come back ,its the best bar ever made

Kenneth Woodley (Camborne , 2020-07-01)


As it is the best chocolate bar the UK has ever had

Gary Snowball (Sunderland , 2020-07-03)


I'm signing be cause we need Cabana back in our lives. Forget the Wispa bar and the Bounty bar just please bring back the Cabana Bar NOW!!!!

Christine Simmonds (Colchester, 2020-07-03)


It would be rude not to.

Joe Street (Old Coulsdon, 2020-07-05)


Cabana bars were my favourite chocolate bar growing up - to this day nothing has been able to replace

Leigh Stinton (Lisburn, 2020-07-07)


I love love love love Cabana bars 😍 and miss them so much!

Annetta MacDonald (Hilborough, 2020-07-08)


I miss them, they were so delicious

Helena Rossini-Limacher (Leeds, 2020-07-16)


This was the VERY best chocolate bar by a mile when I was at school, so so much better than a bounty, please bring it back.

DARREN ALLSOP (Doncaster, 2020-07-18)


Cabana bars were the best chocolate bars - EVER!!!!!

Valerie Neal (Edmonton, LONDON, 2020-07-21)


I've been dreaming about these and talking about them for over 20 years!!

Joanne Wright (Englewood, 2020-07-24)


This was my favourite bar of all time. Even now after all these years I still reminisce about the cabana bar ..... forget bounty bring this bar back!

Lisa Weaver (Newport, 2020-07-29)


This was the best chocolate bar around and needs bringing back for a new generation

Simon Copson (Pinner, 2020-08-04)


My partner absolutely loved these and really wants them back

Sharon Black (Durham , 2020-08-04)


I loved these bars it would be nice to see them back in stores/shops

Paula Woodland (Nottinghamshire , 2020-08-05)


As a kid these were so many people’s favourite chocolate bars. I still hear people talk about them now.

Alan Allsop (Nottinghamshire , 2020-08-05)


Cabanas were lush bring them back 😋

David Ward (WHITLEY BAY, 2020-08-07)


They were brilliant

Phillip Roberts (Liverpool , 2020-08-12)


Would love to have these back they were lovely chocolate bars

Denise Brown (Newcastle upon Tyne, 2020-08-12)


this is my all time favourite confectionery bar.

Michelle Cooper (Glasgow , 2020-08-12)


it was the best chocolate bar ever from my childhood

Scott Bryson (Livingston, 2020-08-13)


They are lovely

Kevin Nelson (Birkenhead, 2020-08-14)


I would love to eat these bars of perfect again

Graham Clements (Maidstone , 2020-08-16)


This was my favourite chocolate bar, please give us a quality bar, charge more for it if needed, but make it a luxury "Adult" treat. Don't cheapen it to fit in with the crowd.

Robert Hutchinson (Tonypandy , 2020-08-16)


I’m signing because these bars were lush and bring back so many memories from childhood

Adrienne Evans (Tonypandy, 2020-08-16)


Because the only thing to look forward too these days is the past -
Loved this bar of chocolate when at school
I even made an ice cream version of it
Don’t forget it had a thin layer of caramel between chocolate and coconut
Chocolate-Caramel-Coconut-Cherries = Cabana - what’s not like (all the c’s)

Joe Kenneally (London, 2020-08-20)


Because this is like the taste of paradise with even more and there are very few coconut based bars

Dave Roberts (Glossop, 2020-08-22)


Ehat do u think

Meadow Strathdee (Elgin, 2020-08-23)


I loved it

Anthony Crick (Normand, 2020-08-23)


Best bar ever.

John Fillary (Brighton , 2020-08-24)


It was my favourite chocolate bar growing up

Susan Beveridge (Oxfordshire , 2020-08-24)


I loved them as a child & want them back!!!

Karen Millington (Rotherham , 2020-08-25)


I crave them

Chris Manning (Bedford , 2020-08-27)


It was my most favourite candy bar ever

A Harris (N'pton, 2020-08-27)


I loved these in th 1980s I am a cadbury chocolate lover but THESE were the only chocolate bar on a par with cadbury I loved the coconut caramel and the cherry nothing else has matched CABANA since please bring this bar back you would make a very lot of people happy

Lorraine Maunder (Southwood farnborough, 2020-08-28)


This was the best chocolate bar ever

Martin Yule (Watford , 2020-08-31)


These bars were awesome and shouldn’t be discontinued!
Bring back the Cabana bar!

Swiss Davies (Windsor, 2020-09-01)


They were soooooo good

Claire Wakefield (Stockport, 2020-09-06)


I used to love these

Gillian Shields (Leeds, 2020-09-06)


Kim Weir (Loughborough, 2020-09-06)


i absolutely loved this chocolate i am 47 and really miss this chocolate bar of my childhood. i swear i would buy a box for the pantry.

joanne Wanklyn (wales, 2020-09-11)


Love this and this was a memorable time and a childhood memories

Mark Evans (Carmarthenshire, 2020-09-12)


I totally loved this when they were out, there’s nothing else like them out there! The combination of chocolate, caramel, coconut and cherry is totally amazing! I are one of two every day!

Jakki Thompson (Ballyclare, 2020-09-14)


we need this bar back absolutely love it

Paul bayley (bracknell , 2020-09-14)


I loved them

Stewart Kennedy (Oban , 2020-09-15)


Cabana bars were amazing

Sonja Kennedy (Stoke on Trent, 2020-09-15)


This was my favourite chocolate bar ever!!

Sarah Wilson (Darnham, 2020-09-15)


I loved these as a kid and would love to see them back on the shelves BRING THEM BACK PLZZZZZZZZ

Carrie Plant (Stoke on trent, 2020-09-16)


I loved cabana my favourite chocolate

V Solanki (Birmingham, 2020-09-19)


I loved cabana

Ian Pedley (Wolverhampton, 2020-09-20)


This is my ultimate favourite chocolate bar...Ever and my daughter wants to try this ... soo pleassssse. Bring them back

Allison Wilden (Nottinghan, 2020-09-20)


Cabana bars were the best!!

Julie Turner (Southend on sea, 2020-09-20)

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