Help to save The Doodle Caboodle Cafe & Play in Tring.




Carolyn Arnold (Chesham, 2019-08-08)


This is a much needed place which brings the community together!

Christina Pavlou (chesham, 2019-08-08)


I’m signing to help keep this lovely small business open which provides a great service to a wide community.

Corinne Wallington (Leighton Buzzard, 2019-08-08)


This lovely cafe offers so much to the local area, maybe a negotiation with silk
Mill over more allocated parking? Closing this down would be a loss to the community.

Zara Corby (Cheddington, 2019-08-08)


Doodle Caboodle is a much needed community space. There is nothing like it nearby. All of the other local soft play places are too big to be able to watch both of my children at the same time while they play. There are many businesses in the silk mill way business park that have customers driving in and out all day, and it does not seem fair to single out doodle caboodle as the main cause of the issues along Brook Street.

Heidi Murray-Smith (Tring, 2019-08-08)


Doodle Caboodle is a lovely friendly local cafe and soft play. I’ve enjoyed many visits there with other Mums and would be sad to see it close.

Jennifer Gray (Chalfont St Giles, 2019-08-08)


A great cafe that is much needed in the local community

Suzette Squires (Hemel Hempstead, 2019-08-08)


I think this cafe is great and it would be such a shame to lose them! They would be greatly missed in Tring!

Sophie Hall (Tring, 2019-08-08)


My child uses this place in s regular basis. The other bigger soft plays cost a lot of money unlike this place that keep costs down. This is one of few places in tring for children and parents to meet have have fun. If this is shut down there will be nothing for family’s and young children to do in the area

Emma King (Tring , 2019-08-08)


To save a independent family business which is much needed in our town.

Jessica Nelson (Tring , 2019-08-08)


This is the best cafe and supports great charities.

Amber Johnson (Tring, 2019-08-08)


it's a much needed resource

Leila Mendes (Aylesbury , 2019-08-08)


This cafe is amazing and needs to stay!!!

Sarah Willis (Aylesbury, 2019-08-08)


I regularly use this cafe with my son. It’s a great facility much needed in Tring and i’ve never been unable to park safely when using the cafe.

Emma Crumpton (Aston Clinton, 2019-08-08)


Doodle caboodle is a lovely friendly positive environment that my children and I use and benefit from regularly. We would be very sad to see it go

Emma Brummell (Cheddington , 2019-08-08)


Me and my son love visiting Doodle Caboodle and usually park in one of the Tring town centre car parks and walk to the cafe.

Joanne Gough (Aylesbury, 2019-08-08)


Small businesses need to be supported by their local community

Caroline Wilkins (Berkhamsted , 2019-08-08)


A great cafe and fantastic asset to the local area. There is nothing else like this for smaller children around. Support small local businesses

Hayley Woodward (Aylesbury , 2019-08-08)


We LOVE Doodle Caboodle! It’s an amazing resource to get together with local friends, and parking at the market car park with a short 5 min walk to the cafe is absolutely fine by us. Don’t close our cafe!

Nikki Norman (Aylesbury, 2019-08-08)


Doodle caboodle is a great little cafe play area for kids, lovely staff nice food

Terri-Anne Dickinson (Hertfordshire , 2019-08-08)


It’s a great business that families can walk too and a family run business that should stay!

Sophie Clayton (Berkhamsted , 2019-08-08)


This is a brilliant little cafe that is easily accessible by foot, and if the owners request visitors travel on foot the vast majority would respect this plea

Ross Bugden (Tring, 2019-08-08)


My daughter loves it there

Debbie Chapman (Tring, 2019-08-08)


I agree

Hermie Willetts (Hemel Hempstead, 2019-08-08)


My children love this venue

Emily Carter-Milne (Tring, 2019-08-08)


Where to start? The morning coffees with friends? The amazing cakes that make my kids ask to go weekly? The fact that it is smaller than some of the further away soft-play venues and therefore more tolerable for kids with additional sensory needs? The fact that this place gave me some much needed minutes of sanity when being home alone with a toddler was feeling a bit exhausting? If you have no reason to use a soft play cafe like this, you really cannot understand what it offers to those who do. Please support this local business. It is so very needed.

Emily O (Aylesbury, 2019-08-08)


It's a wonderful, much needed children's cafe.

Emily Corke (Aylesbury , 2019-08-08)


We need kind friendly places!

Charlie Morton-Boyce (Berkhamsted , 2019-08-08)


It would be a travesty if the cafe closes.

Fiona Anderson (Tring, 2019-08-08)


This cafe provides a service to parents and children in Tring. Parking in Brook Street is always bad mainly due to the residents who have nowhere else to park. What proof do DBC have that it’s users of the cafe that are causing problems and not workers/other users of Silk Mill Business Park?

Tricia Osborne (Tring , 2019-08-08)


There is no proof that the on road parking is due to this cafe. It is a much needed facility in the local area which should be allowed bro continue operating. Thank you.

Claire Guest (Quainton, 2019-08-08)


To keep our lovely cafe

Andrea Wynn (Tring, 2019-08-08)


Because we need this facility. It is a lovely family business who deserve to be supported.

Karen Edwards (TRING, 2019-08-08)


The cafe is a community asset, hugely loved by families with babies and children up to the age of around 6. It should be encouraged.

Gemma Goodhead (Chesham , 2019-08-08)


I am signing this as this is a wonderful facility, serving the community of Tring and local area, that is supportive of local charities and provides local employment.

Richard Pugh (Pitstone, 2019-08-08)


This is a lovely little cafe that we have travelled to and it is an asset to the local community. There isn’t enough of these little family run cafes around especially ones that are a perfect environment for children to play in safely while their parents have a well deserved break.

Rachel Williams (Aylesbury , 2019-08-08)


This is a brilliant facility offering a service to people with young children that is not readily available in the local area.

Heather Prior (Aylesbury, 2019-08-08)


I visit with my granddaughter regularly and we both love Doodle Caboodle. Yes parking is busy but never had an issue. Supporting small independent businesses should be a priority for any council.

Angela Whitehead (Hemel Hempstead, 2019-08-08)


There is such a shortage of vital places like this to be able to comfortably go and enjoy time safely with small children. I wish there were more places like this near me.

Lizzie O’Donohoe (Redbourn, 2019-08-08)


I love this little cafe

Paula Bowey (Leighton Buzzard, 2019-08-08)


I support Doodle Caboodle Cafe and have never experienced parking problems when visiting.

Helen Veeroo (Tring, 2019-08-08)


This is a well needed community space and should stay in its current capacity.

Suzi Alexander (St Albans, 2019-08-08)


This is a great place for families and the community

Claire Laing (Tring, 2019-08-08)


It’s a great facility for children in Tring. Doodle Caboodle should definitely stay open!

Hazel Morris (Tring, 2019-08-08)


This a great little family run business, that Tring needs more of!

Louise Whiddett (Tring, 2019-08-08)


This is a wonderful addition to Tring. We need more places like this, not less.

Samantha Hallam (Cheddington, 2019-08-08)


This is an important facility for local families. It is crucial that mums and dads have somewhere local and affordable to take their children. There is no other facility like it in tring or the surrounding villages. Having somewhere small is far less intimidating for new mums who may be feeling anxious or overwhelmed. Doodle was a godsend for me after my second child. I have never had a problem parking there and it simply doesn’t weigh up to the many other benefits it provides the community.

Laura Wheeler (Ivinghoe, 2019-08-08)


Its a great local place to go with kids and can sit and have a drink and chat

Nicola Wilson (Pitstone, 2019-08-08)


The cafe is a valuable addition to the community and is a much needed place for people with young children to go. The council should be encouraging enterprises like this

Rebecca Lorne (Berkhamsted , 2019-08-08)


I love that cafe and it’s friendly atmosphere.

Julia Fensom (Aylesbury, 2019-08-08)


This is a lovely spot and we had my sons first birthday party. We filled the place out and there was plenary of parking for that many people. You couldn’t fit many more in the building. Tring is losing it’s family feel and most people are having to look outside of Tring for local, safe and fun time with their children. Without doodle caboodle there will just be another office or estate agent or some other miserable business.

Sapphire Richardson (Tring, 2019-08-08)


It’s a lovely cafe and play area for young children. Myself and mu kids love it there! Will be sad for it to go.

Hannah Reid (Tring , 2019-08-08)


This is a great place to take young children of which there aren't many small play cafes around which cater from crawling to 5 year olds.

Leanne Oleary (Leighton buzzard, 2019-08-08)


Doodle Caboodle is a great addition to our community and such a lovely place to visit with my children. It is one of my daughter’s favourite places to go and it’s only down road from us. There are a lot of businesses in the business park and there is not enough parking for all of them, not just Doodle Caboodle, so it is unfair to persecute them saying they should be able to provide more parking when there are plenty of cafes across the country with no parking facilities whatsoever. The main town car parks are only a few minutes walk away and plenty of people walk to the cafe as I do. There should be more restrictions on the parking outside the houses at brook street to make it safer anyway and encourage everyone to park elsewhere. The cafe should not have to take the hit because of parking issues that affect the business park and residents as a whole, not just them! Keep Doodle Caboodle open!!!

Lisa Rogers (Tring, 2019-08-08)


This is a much needed facility for Tring. It is located in the town centre allowing parents to walk with the children to the cafe. We cannot loose this cafe - please!

Davina Renouf (Tring, 2019-08-08)


Our family love to come to this Cafe. Whether it's to catch up with friends or just come on our own, it's the perfect place for our toddler to play and meet new friends.

Zoe Garnell (Leighton Buzzard, 2019-08-08)


There is plenty of parking at nearby car parks. The cafe can’t be held responsible if some people park irresponsibly. It’s a lovely facility to have.

Kimberley Millbourn (Aylesbury, 2019-08-08)


This is an amazing local place for parents with really young ones to have time for themselves whilst their young ones get to play safely. Do not force a closure of this great business!

Jacqui B7nce (Leighton Buzzard, 2019-08-08)


I want the cafe to stay open. It is a great space for kids and families alike. Well needed by the local community. Please keep it open.

Hannah Sullivan (Wingrave , 2019-08-08)


I want too

Darren Hewitt (Herts , 2019-08-08)


I’ve enjoyed taking my son too this cafe and feel that Tring is lacking in facilities for small children.

Sarah Stevens (Hertfordshire , 2019-08-08)


The cafe provides a vital function for residents of Tring. The business park as a whole is a thriving business but it all contributes to the parking issue. It is wholly unfair to place the blame on one business.

Laura Sloan (Tring, 2019-08-08)


This is a great family space for young children. A place for parents to take a few moments respite while their children indulge in play the helps their physical development. Any parking issues in the local area are just as likely caused by the gym, martial arts gym, new build flats etc.
Keep Doodle Caboodle open. It’s a small, but hugely appreciated part of the local community.

Peter Compton (Cheddington , 2019-08-08)


We love going to doodle caboodle, we’ve always found parking in the free car parks and have been directed to those car parks when enquiring. I think it’s unfair to blame the parking issues on Brook Street solely on the Cafe, there are various other businesses on site too!

Jodie Gates (Pitstone, 2019-08-08)


The cafe is a great place for young families

Grace Wilkinson (Dunstable, 2019-08-08)


Every town needs a play café

Lana Hordle (Watford, 2019-08-08)


My friend Nicki is passion about this place

Lynsey Lowe (Hemel Hempstead , 2019-08-08)


It's a great cafe with great facilities and friendly staff that gives us mum's a place to meet up and make new friends

Dawn West (Hemel Hempstead, 2019-08-08)


This cafe is really important to the community and we live going there

Emma Farrier (Aston Clinton , 2019-08-08)


I like to support small local businesses. It seems unreasonable to assume cars parked on the road are customers from the cafe without proof. Keep it open.

Sona Pritchard (Hemel Hempstead , 2019-08-08)


The cafe is great for the local community for those with young children. I have visited on numerous occasions and have never had a problem parking in the designated spaces.

Ana Smith (Pitstone, 2019-08-08)


We love doodle caboodle! We park in the centre of tring and walk there! It would be a real shame to lose this cafe and all the hard work Sonya and her team do.

Claire Kite (Pitstone, 2019-08-08)


This is a great place for young local families

Debbie Brown (Tringford tring, 2019-08-08)


I'm signing because I regularly use Doodle Caboodle Cafe, which I walk to from Brook street where I live and am particular familiar with this road/parking and units!

I also can not believe the justification given that the cafe has increased parking on Brook Street!
A) there are so many other units on the site that contribute to public parking, how can you single out one particular business.
B) the most difficult time to pass Brook street by the units, is in the evening when all the residents have parked their cars along the road and not during the opening hours of the cafe!

Helena Pangalos (Tring, 2019-08-08)


These good people have built up a fantastic little business and it takes time ! This budiness benefits many , give them a break and show some support.

Donna Jelley (Hertfordshire, 2019-08-08)


I'm signing because... this is a lovely little cafe and I've always parked in the closest carpark and walked there!!

Maryanne Slade (Ivinghoe , 2019-08-08)


Doodle Caboodle is a lovely little play cafe where me and my children enjoy going, parking has never been an issue for us and I have never parked on Brook Street!

Stephanie Colclough (Tring, 2019-08-08)


I’m signing because I love this cafe, I walk there! And it provides a great place for new mums to meet and get support. The parking situation on the street is nothing to do with the cafe!

Sally Kay (Leighton Buzzard, 2019-08-08)


Having visited this lovely café when we were on holiday with our granddaughter, I think it would be a shame to lose it.

Shell Behan (plymouth devon, 2019-08-08)


Signing as this is a great place to meet with friends as I have a young baby

Gemma Scott (Tring , 2019-08-08)


This is a great cafe and would be missed by so many families

Anna Campkin (Hemel Hempstead , 2019-08-08)


This is a fab little cafe which is perfect for little ones. It's great to find a cafe that caters so well to dietry requirements.

Rachel James (Cheddington , 2019-08-08)


I have taken my kids here a lot and it is a great place for them to play safely and for me to meet other mums. It would be very sad to see it go.

Stephanie Worrall (Hemel Hempstead, 2019-08-08)


I’m signing because there is a lack of child friendly cafes

Anna Jumnoodoo (Hemel Hempstead , 2019-08-08)


The cafe is a valuable resource for our community and should not be closed down.

Annabel Douthwaite (Tring, 2019-08-08)


As a mummy of two young children with a small support group I cannot explain how much Doodle Caboodle has saved my sanity in days where I needed to get out of the house but couldn't face anything too 'major' . If the council has concerns re parking ( I, myself don't have trouble parking in the visitors spaces) then it is the council's responsibility to regulate and enforce a safe and effective parking facility/road management measures. Not punish a business.

Ella Jobbins (Leighton Buzzard, 2019-08-08)


This cafe is an asset to Tring and the local people.

Victoria Chidgey (Tring , 2019-08-08)


Because it’s a great place to meet up and the kids can play

Sam Crockett (Hemel Hempstead , 2019-08-08)


My daughter and I love to meet friends here. It’s a lovely, friendly little place and something Tring really needs. I also think the reason behind the application (parking) is ridiculous. How do they know it’s due to the cafe when there are so many other businesses there! Myself and all my friends always walk down!

Lydia Holmes (Tring, 2019-08-08)


I have used this cafe a lot since having my son. It's the only local play cafe and is a supportive, breast feeding friendly place. Most people I know walk there! I even park on my friend's drive and walk!

Sara Bartlett (Pitstone , 2019-08-08)


It is unreasonable that the cafe is being blamed for parking issues. Maybe parking enforcement should be put in if the parking is such a danger? There is also no guarantee that by closing the cafe that the parking will improve. it is a lovely place that is for the local community. I know a lot of people who travel to tring to visit the cafe and whilst there spend money in other local shops. Maybe councillors should work closer with small businesses to enhance the community rather than take away provisions for young families.

Caroline Drew (Aylesbury , 2019-08-08)


Local people run this cafe.

Chris Mann (Ivinghoe , 2019-08-08)


I really like this little cafe - I have four children under 5yr old, it’s a place I can go on my own, without another adults support, where I can feed my baby and also see the others playing. Other soft plays are too big and I lose them. This is perfect - as I also get to drink a hot drink and eat cake :-)

Aisling Temperley (Hemel Hempstead , 2019-08-08)


It would be a real shame to close a fantastic place for children to play safely in all weathers.

Sara Correia (Milton Keynes, 2019-08-08)


This is a great venue and much needed for the local and surrounding community.

Hannah Newman (Aylesbury, 2019-08-08)


Wonderful little cafe. It offers a huge network for families in the local area.

Anna Tutty (Cheddington , 2019-08-08)


Child-friendly cafes are a necessity to parents. Finding a place to entertain your children and socialise with other parents, whilst not panicking you will upset others if your child has a meltdown, is such a comfort!

Jess OSullivan (Pitstone, 2019-08-08)


My son loves visiting here. It’s local, friendly and for a lot of people within walking distance.

Razi McQueen (Tring, 2019-08-08)


We have regularly used this facility and would be very sad to see it go

Amy Alford (Wilstone , 2019-08-08)


Doodle Caboodle is a great place for children and families. It’s such a good addition to Tring - a town that prides itself on supporting small businesses like this.

Sarah Cavalier (Tring, 2019-08-08)


This cafe provides a much needed service to the community, parents and children. A safe space with delicious food and entertainment for little ones.

Sian Watts (Dunstable , 2019-08-08)


I’m signing because this facility is unique and important for the community. I know that mums park in the car park there OR by the church and walk down as it is dangerous to park on Brook St!

Jo Shelley (Leighton Buzzard, 2019-08-08)


It was a great soft play

Svetlana Flaherty (Aylesbury , 2019-08-08)


I always walked to the café and it gave a great escape for me as a parent and childminder. It would be a shame to see it go!

Sally Anne Wignall (Cheddington, 2019-08-08)


I want Doodle Caboodle to stay open for myself and all the other parents/carers/kids in Tring!

Sophie Davies (Tring, 2019-08-08)


I like this place and I think it's needed

Sylwia Przybylko (Aylesbury, 2019-08-08)


The kids love it

Zoë-Alexandra Leone (Aylesbury , 2019-08-08)


A very dear friend of mine works there and she’s a wonderful person and employee!

Amy Behan (Tring, 2019-08-08)


It’s a wonderful cafe and lovely for the local community

Kirsty Hartley (Berkhamsted , 2019-08-08)


This is a wonderful place to take children, the parking has never been an issue as far as I can see. There are more cars on the road generally, and removing a family run, local business will not remedy this.

Helen Hughes (Aylesbury, 2019-08-08)


This is a lovely little cafe and it brings an easy way for parents to meet each other without costing a fortune.

Abigail Hearne (Milton keynes, 2019-08-08)


This a lovely cafe & in a lovely setting.
Parking issues could be caused by all manor of things & there is no way to monitor if it's this cafe customers or not

Lyndsey Cunningham (Leighton buzzard , 2019-08-08)


This is an excellent local business. It provides much needed support for families with young children. We should be encouraging this type of business, not persecuting them

Emma Rundle (Aylesbury, 2019-08-08)


My friends little girl loves this place!!

Jessica Rushton (Coventry , 2019-08-08)


Having visited the cafe, it is clear to see there is adequate parking on site

Chloe Baker (Milton Keynes, 2019-08-08)


It is an important part of the community, and they and providing a safe and happy environment for children.

Natalie Sisley (Leighton Buzzard, 2019-08-08)


This cafe is fantastic and invaluable to the local area

Vicki Dockerill (Dunstable , 2019-08-08)


I'm signing because this is a fantastic facility for the people of Tring and further afield.

Rebecca Salvatore (DUNSTABLE, 2019-08-08)


I’m a new mum and places like this are a precious commodity for families

Mandy Cronin (Dunstable, 2019-08-08)


I value this resource in tring!

Jodie Langley (Tring, 2019-08-08)


Doodle Caboodle is a lovely cafe that is loved by everyone in and around tring. I do not think it has an impact on the parking on Brook street - the only people making it dangerous are the people driving through to fast!

dania alzapiedi (tring, 2019-08-08)


For friends

Grace Lucy (Hertfordshire, 2019-08-08)


The cafe provides a lovely meeting place for mums where children can play. It benefits not only the mental wellbeing of mums but also promotes active play for the children nurturing both their physical and mental wellbeing.

Charlotte Killick (Aylesbury, 2019-08-08)


Ridiculous to say that it's the cafe causing more on street parking in Brook Street. There are lots of units in the Silk Mill. Are they all being penalised too?

Rose Bate (HP23 5EY, 2019-08-08)


I believe that the benefits of having a family-oriented venue in the area outweigh any parking issues, and that the local area would benefit from the council working with local businesses to resolve such issues.

Sara Lane (Billericay, 2019-08-08)


I enjoy visiting with my child and I have never encountered an issue with parking, the car garage and other shop/businesses seem to have more problems.

Jemma Hawkins (Hemel Hempstead, 2019-08-08)


To support a well loved ,local, community, business!

Lizzie Keating (Leighton buzzard, 2019-08-08)


The parking on Brook Street has always been awful. It is down to the council to come up with a solution that doesn’t involve closing small, well loved businesses and taking a family’s livelihood away from them.

Craig Norman (Aylesbury , 2019-08-08)


I'm signing because Doodle Caboodle is a great resource for parents and children and something I can walk to rather than needing to drive.

Jennifer O'Brien (Tring, 2019-08-08)


I'm signing to support the mums who rely on this place just to get out the house to see other adults, the mums who met here and became friends, the grandparents who can bring there grandchildren here and know they are safe. This is a community hub and should be supported by the council for benefiting and supplying the community with a service xxx

Lynsey McAuley (Aylesbury, 2019-08-08)


I'm signing because Doodle Kaboodle has given my grandchildren hours of fun, without me having to take them far. To have the cafe there is an added bonus, good selection of food, reasonably priced and means they can play for longer in a safe, caring environment.

Lynne Eld (Tring, 2019-08-08)


I love the cafe and as a Grandparent , it’s a lovely,
safe fun environment to
take and share time with my grandchildren.
The family have worked hard to build up the the business , it would be a travesty to see it close.
Brenda Lawrence

Brenda Lawrence (Tring, 2019-08-08)


It’s an amazing gem which is an asset to the community

Kirsty Morley (Wingrave, 2019-08-08)


It’s a great place which is needed within tring. The same argument for parking could be applied to all the businesses. The road will have significant issues for traffic without the cafe. It has not got worse since it opened but remained the same

Sam Jameson (Cheddington , 2019-08-08)


I don’t believe that the cafe is the only busyon the estate that brings extra traffic. There is a gym and retail shops so it’s unfair that Doodle Caboodle should be singled out. The cafe provides a great service to families in Tring. Instead of this, maybe the council should look to create more parking.

Jess Selfe (Tring, 2019-08-08)


I think it’s a great place to go with family and friends

Rachel Delderfield (Aylesbury , 2019-08-08)


We love this cafe, absolutely brilliant !

Jessica Mcconnon (Aston Clinton, 2019-08-08)


This is a wonderful cafe and the fact that it's being questioned on parking is ridiculous!

Holly Hodges (Berkhamsted, 2019-08-08)


This is a lovely little family friendly business and they work very hard.

Katie Russell (Hertfordshire , 2019-08-08)


this is a lovely cafe that i have visited regularly with my children and on my own to indulge in their amazing coffee and food it would be a massive shame if the cafe where no longer there!

Vicki Robinson (tring, 2019-08-08)


I don’t want Doodle Caboodle to close!

Aleksandra Fyfe (Aylesbury , 2019-08-08)


I used the cafe regularly when I lived in Tring and it was a great facility to have in town.

Victoria Jeffery (Cheddington, 2019-08-08)


I loved taking my eldest Son here and cant wait till I can take my baby!

Ashleigh Young (Tring, 2019-08-08)


We need this place!

Ruth Brouder (Tring, 2019-08-08)


We adore doodle caboodle cafe, it's a great place to go with the children.

Bethany Adams (Aylesbury, 2019-08-08)


The traffic and extra cars can not all be down to the play cafe when there are several businesses in that area, all with limited parking

Nicola Poulton (Tring , 2019-08-08)


Be a shame to see it go

Sarah Moore (Aylesbury , 2019-08-08)


I use this facility with my daughter and feel there is a local need and would be a real loss to the community if it closed

Nicola Gibson (Hertfordshire, 2019-08-08)


Tring mums, dads and other child carers need Doodle Caboodle!

A Johnson (Pitstone, 2019-08-08)


I am signing because I have spent many happy hours catching up with friends in a safe place for my children.

Sarah Hamilton (Aylesbury, 2019-08-08)


We have used the cafe since it opened, it is a great place for parents, carers and young children to go. I have never had to park on the road or in an obstructive or dangerous place. The recommended refusal seems to be based on speculation as opposed to fact. The parking has actually become worse since the latest block of flats was built, not since the cafe opened.

Rebecca Smith (Tring, 2019-08-08)


A lovely place to meet family and friends while my young child is able to play in a wonderful, safe environment. A great asset to our community.

Abby Harvey (Aylesbury, 2019-08-08)


I love the caffe

Harriet Gisbourne (Tring, 2019-08-08)


This is a valued local business providing an excellent resource to our community

Laura Gornicki (Tring, 2019-08-08)


I used to live in Tring and I think this is a wonderful idea for parents with young children and I wish it had been there when my children were young.

Elizabeth Joyce (Dunstable, 2019-08-08)


This is a much loved and needed facility providing a place for mums to meet and relax while their children have fun. It’s a central point for the community of mums.

Francesca Clayman (Wendover , 2019-08-08)