Huntingdonshire District Council Parking Fees



Taking away the 1hour option is obsurd and will only result in less customer for small business and closures as well as poor parking in random areas and more tickets being issued. Purely money making from the council no care for the actual community!

Amy Gadsby (St Neots, 2019-08-07)


It’s a huge disincentive to using the High Street.

Lorraine Skinner (Houghton , 2019-08-07)


St.neots high street is struggling enough, increased parking costs will only make it worse

Kerry Stock (St.neots, 2019-08-07)


This is going to kill the high street and trade in St Neots. Can we see the consultation results please - interested to know who you actually spoke to, freedom of information request?

Louise Moorhouse (Bedford, 2019-08-07)


I think it will be very damaging to our already struggling town. It is unfair to take away minimum stay choice some visits only require a few mins ie to the bank, doctors and dentist

Claire Course (Cambs, 2019-08-07)


My family own a business in town and removing a 1 hour parking fee would affect that business

Eileen Gilbert (Cambs, 2019-08-07)


Its unfair to remove one hour stay. Some people don't want to pay for 2 hrs while have only 10 minutes matter. It's ridiculous.

Edyta Krzewska (Huntingdon , 2019-08-07)


All this will do is stop people parking in town altogether. They’ll go elsewhere to retail parks where the parking is free and there’s more choice!

Alison Sutton (St neots, 2019-08-07)


Hdc are killing this town another nail in the coffin for small businesses

He3 Burridge (St neots, 2019-08-07)


The town centres are already struggling against the odds of internet,rates etc. So HDC deals another blow. To fund their pay rises ???

Patricia Jones (St Neots , 2019-08-07)


Increased parking charges will have a negative impact on the shop, service & business owners within our town.

Michaela Hewlett (St Neots, 2019-08-07)


I want to park for an hour or less and not be charged double!

Mark Hawkes (St neots, 2019-08-07)


We are forced to pay for 2 hours minimum and the price has risen also. With several businesses closing in St Neots over the last couple of years this is not a good thing to do.

Paul Gorman (St. Neots, 2019-08-07)


removing the 1 hour option is unfair. I often go into town for less than an hour and i don't see why I should have to pay for a minimum of 2 hours.

phoebe saunders (St Neots, 2019-08-07)


The MAJORITY of my trips to town are 1hr or less because I only have time for that as a working parent. Longer trips are weekends only and occasional. Higher charges will not give me more spare time to pop to the shops in the week. But it will encourage me to use out of town and online alternatives.
I love our high street and the range of independent shops and I support them with regular short trips. Your policy of removing 1hr stays and increasing charges will damage our high street.

Debbie White (St Neots, 2019-08-07)


I use St Neots for local shopping and rarely stay over an hour, I feel this decision will take away trade from local business

Lucy Scotney (St Neots, 2019-08-07)


This decision will drive people away from shopping in the town centre

Jane Shepherd (Little paxton , 2019-08-07)


I am completely opposed to the removal of the option of one hours parking at Tebbuts Road Car Park run by HDC. To encourage people into St Neots the first hour should actually be free.

Amanda McEvoy (Cambs, 2019-08-07)


There is not enough in St Neots to warrant a 2 hour minimum stay, and I feel that by doing this you will push people to bigger towns or retail parks, ultimately killing our already suffering high street.

If you want to pop in to collect something that you've ordered a £1.60 charge is ridiculous

Tracey Wood (St Neots, 2019-08-07)


The parking charges are far too high

Cindy Weight (Cambridge , 2019-08-07)


I'm signing because st neots is already suffering and this will make it worse

Tracey Arlow (Cambridgeshire , 2019-08-07)


Its bloody ridiculous that you have to pay for 2 hours when you might only want 10mins. This is exactly how to put people off coming to St Neots. Incredible!

Jo Cavilla (Cambs, 2019-08-07)


Not everyone needs/wants to be in town for 2 hours

Katey Allison (St neots, 2019-08-07)


The double price is totally unwarranted and will cause significant harm to local businesses and residents.

Judy Moore (St Neots, 2019-08-07)


This is ridiculous. The Council should be encouraging us locals to shop in our town, not discouraging by doubling the fee! This is of no benefit of the local people whom you want to locally shop.

Richard Collman (St Neots , 2019-08-07)


I disagree strongly with parking minimum to be increased to 2 hours. This will kill our local shops.

Fay Butterworth (Houghton, 2019-08-07)


I would like the 1hr parking charge reinstated in our town car parks

Sharon Carrady (St Neots, 2019-08-07)


A 2hr slot is so wrong

Christopher Moulds (Eynesbury , 2019-08-07)


I only ever pop into one shop and in town for 30 mins

Michelle Edwards (St Neots, 2019-08-07)


I use the car parks regularly with the app and this is now excessive.

Emma Wilshaw (St neots, 2019-08-07)


Its a disgrace . There are a lot of pensioners around who just have to go to the doctors or bank etc . who cant walk too far , Tebbutts rd is ideal parking . Why should we be be made to pay double for a quarter hour appointment . You are killing the town , not helping it or the older and disabled people of the town .

jennifer newman (St. Neots, 2019-08-07)


This is daylight robbery. This is driving the public and visitors out of the town center. What St Neots needs is to reduce charges to encourage people into the town or the town centre will become even less attractive to the locals and visitors alike, more hops will close and I for one will go elsewhere to shop. Shame on you HDC

William Scott (St. Neots, 2019-08-07)


It’s robbery

Ann Griffiths (St neots, 2019-08-07)


This is another nail in the coffin of the High Street shops

Paul Cooper (St. Neots, 2019-08-07)


It will stop me and a lot of others from using the town centre shops

Karen Rawlins (St. Neots , 2019-08-07)


It will stop even more people visiting or shopping in St Neots or the rest of the area, for people who are supposed to be intelligently running a council you are being short sighted and greedy.

Ronald Jones (At Neots, 2019-08-07)


I believe the car park price increases are unreasonable. It will be detrimental to local business and reduce the quality of life of residents who can no longer afford to just pop into town.

Sharon Wagstaff ( Cambridgeshire , 2019-08-07)


I always pop into town to pick things up. But if i can't park for an hour i wont be. Such a shame the town will miss out yet st ives & huntingdon get all the perks!

Emma Wright (St Neots , 2019-08-07)


I am signing because we never spend more than an hour in town either for the bank or picking prescriptions up 😠

Miriam Rogers (St ives cambs, 2019-08-07)


Fed up with being ripped off.

Russ Guymer (St Ives, 2019-08-07)


It's an outrage to have to spend £1.60 to park for 10 minutes

Sue Page (Little Paxton , 2019-08-07)


I use both Huntingdon and St Neots high street shops regularly but hardly ever need more than half an hours worth of parking when I do. This move by HDC will double my parking fee so I will not be using the high street shops so much in the future. I can easily go to Tesco’s or one of the other out of town outlets for what I need. This will not only effect the high street businesses I might have used but it will also cut HDC’s income from me for parking.

Liz Wetzel (St Neots, 2019-08-07)


It’s important to encourage people into our town centres, even for short periods of time, if they are going to thrive.

Anne Field (Roxton, 2019-08-07)


We need to have one hour parking for short trips into town it is most unfair to take this away and totally unnecessary. What possible benefit is it to users of the car park to take away one hour parking

Linda Friend (St neots, 2019-08-07)


Bring back the minimum 1 hour or you will loose even more trade in the town

Jim Yates (St neots, 2019-08-07)


I don't feel the council is allowing you any options, but dictating what they want, and only for profit. What if you only want to stay for 10 minutes for the business you need to transact. You don't have a choice.

William Eason (St. Ives , 2019-08-07)


I'm signing because HDC are acting despicably.

Tim Ellis (St Neots , 2019-08-07)


I think it's wrong to take away the 1hr parking.

Stephen Hansen (St Neots, 2019-08-07)


I don't agree with the increased parking charges and the removal of the 1 hour option

Sue Barnes (St Neots , 2019-08-07)


One hour parking should be reinstated and two hour fee should remain the same as it is now

Sarah Parren (St Neots , 2019-08-07)


I use the town centre car parks most days in St Neots. Sometimes only for less than an hour. So £1.60 is not right for the first hour. Also my Doctors emergency surgery is in town so it will cost £1.60 for a appointment. Daylight robbery. This was not mentioned in the consulting period.

Richard Butler (St Neots, 2019-08-07)


I want to see more people coming into our towns, they are already dying and now will have even more reasons not to use our high streets. Wake up HDC

Janet Durham (Cambridgeshire , 2019-08-07)


No one hour fee means double costs everytime I pop to town. A new tax for us! Merged doctors now means having to travel to town and park now too. This is the closest car park.

Rebecca Hale (Cambridgeshire, 2019-08-07)


Fundamentally disagree with the approach taken by HDC and impact this will have on town centre businesses. Furthermore I'm a resident in town centre, this plan will make what is already challenging parking for those on surrounding streets even worse and unsafe as visitors to the town try to avoid parking costs. Local businesses and town residents should have been consulted on this prior to the revised scheme being launched.

Clare Priddle (St neots , 2019-08-07)


95% of the time I only stay for a max of 1 hr in town centre car parks, ridiculous that this option is being taken away! Doubling the cost for local people who need to pop to the doctors, dentist, pharmacy, post office, bank etc. is not fair and will discourage local people from supporting the local high street.

Emma Stevens (St Neots, 2019-08-07)


It's stupid having to pay for two hours if you only need to nip in town for docs or pick up medication etc. Even jut have a quick look round the shops an hour is better

Vicky Page (St neots, 2019-08-07)


I am disgusted that the hourly rate is going. I very rarely use more than that.

Maureen Mingard (St. Neots , 2019-08-07)


We need to encourage footfall in the Town Centre not discourage it. Parking fees are an issue to shoppers who can park for free in other towns.

Paul Daines (Cambs, 2019-08-07)


Want option for either 30 mins or 1 hour. 2hrs only or above won't bring shoppers back to high Street. Pure greed by council and guarantee a negative opposite effect than intended. Where is people's common sense. If council reduced high Street shop rates and landlords reduced rent I would be able to trade on high Street as a small business but its way beyond my affordability as well as dying high Street footfall.

Lisa Perkins (St Neots, 2019-08-07)


I'm a high St small business owner and we need to keep people shopping locally not forcing them away and killing our town.

Gareth Norman (St Neots , 2019-08-07)


I am a resident of St Neots and only use the car parks for short visits to town

Susanna Rendall (St Neots, 2019-08-07)


If I’m just coming into town (from nearby village) to go to the bank (more convenient branches have all closed) or for another brief reason, I strongly object to the increased minimum charge for the ‘privilege ‘ of parking.

Kay Coope (Huntingdon, 2019-08-07)


This surely will discourage people from using the town which is ludicrous! You are greedy organisation!

Michelle Oakley (Cambs , 2019-08-07)


The change to the current structure is disgraceful and will seriously damage the town.

Josh Barker (St Neots , 2019-08-07)


Will be a big deterrent to popping into town, it'll be easier to visit a retail park out of the centre.

Loraine Painter (St Neots, 2019-08-07)


Sick of paying over the odds parking got done £40 for being late but didn’t get the £3.50 back tha5 I had already payed for

Debi Daniel (Cambridgeshire , 2019-08-07)


This is the final nail in the coffin for the town centre. Build a decent car park and charge accodingly - don't just milk what already exists

Stephen Spencer (St. Neots, 2019-08-07)


Ridiculous price hikes killing high street

Joao Soares (St Neots, 2019-08-07)


I'm signing because this is going drive me to shop in retail parks out of town where parking is free. Scandalous to double price. What about people who need medication and only oark for s few minutes.

Karen McLelland (St Neots, 2019-08-07)


I think hdc are a joke they are killing the town

Mark Lawrence (St.neots , 2019-08-07)


I think that if you have to pay for 2hours parking people will find an alternative shopping area to High Street

Geraldine Thornton (Cambridge , 2019-08-07)


Money grabbing Council charging high prices, not giving any change as well where nearby authorities are free. Emg March and Ely

James Harding (St ives, 2019-08-07)


This is one more nail in the coffin for local independent businesses. Surely the first two hours should be free/ reduced to increase footfall? I for one, will not be 'popping' to my local shopping centre. Tesco footfall will probably increase as parking is free there. Is this what the district/ town councillors want?!!?

Sally Barker (St. Neots, 2019-08-07)


Only three towns support the parking scheme in the all of Huntingdonshire. Instead of raising the prices in those towns why other HDC carparks in small towns and villages not charge too to share the cost of looking after those carparks? If the cost are not to be changed, at least the first hour should be free so that our High Streets can survive. What about the impact on residents wanting to use other services such as the library, gps, dentist, or just wanting to go to the post office?

Delphine Johnson (St Neots, 2019-08-07)


I use the town centre for short periods of time and I live in houghton between both st ives and Huntingdon which means I often use my car because I don’t have a bike.

Hannah Puzzar (Houghton, 2019-08-07)


driving customers away. how would anyone need more than 1hr in st neots.

Katie Nicholls (st neots , 2019-08-07)


Totally disagree with abolishing one hour parking

Barbara Scott (St Nepys, 2019-08-07)


I strongly object to the removal of the 1 hour parking in St Ives.

Howard Cotgreave (St Ives, 2019-08-07)


We need to incentivise people to use their local shops.

Vikki Hughes (Huntingdon, 2019-08-07)


My husband does most of our shopping in St Ives. He very rarely takes more than 1 hour. I am a blue badge holder so the charges do not count for me but I think it is very unfair for those who only wish to stay for up to 1hour!!

Kaye Simpkins (Huntingdon, 2019-08-07)


I want our town centre to prosper

Jenine Cooper (St neots, 2019-08-07)


This is going to be devastating for the town centre. I would go a step further and make the first hour's parking free - this would give the the town centre a much needed boost.

David Lee (St Neots, 2019-08-07)


I object to the ridiculous increase in parking charges

Robert Thomas (St Neots , 2019-08-07)


The proposed parking charges are extreme and will put off visits to the town. We are being forced to attend doctors appts in the town centre now and it is disgusting to have to pay these high charges .

Debbie Gray (Cambridgeshire , 2019-08-07)

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