I want to keep democracy alive

Antony Hall (Lybster, 2019-03-25)


Democracy needs to happen, 17.4 million people voted leave.

Scott Powell (Cwmbran , 2019-03-25)


I voted in a simple 2 question referendum to leave the EU HARD brexit no deal

John Joyce (Molesey, 2019-03-25)


The goverment is not representing my views which they were voted in on by their manifesto.

Belinda Taylor (Hinckley, 2019-03-25)


I believe that the government has acted unlawfully when they stood on a manifesto to deliver Brexit.

Wendy Wilson (Plymouth, 2019-03-25)


Because parliament is not honouring their manifestos to leave the European Union on the 29th of march

Stuart Eiford (St.Leonards on sea, 2019-03-25)


We need to replace the existing government due to treason

Kim Smith Bennett (Newcastle upon Tyne , 2019-03-25)


My vote was given on a manifesto to leave the EU in its entirety. I’ve been lied to and my vote was given under false pretences.

Soraya Vidakovic (London, 2019-03-25)


I’m sick of the total corruption within our government and their total disregard for the people of THIS country

Kay Jones (Merseyside , 2019-03-25)


We voted to leave the e u but all these corrupt politicians are not doing there job

Bernadette Ryan (Northampton , 2019-03-25)


I believe the government are breaking the law over the referendum.

Leslie Haskell (Blackpool , 2019-03-25)


I insist that the government respect the leave vote from 2016 and leave europe on the 29/3/19, preferably with a no deal.

David Kaye (Glasgow, 2019-03-25)


The present government can't be trusted to follow up on the people of this country has voted for.

Simon Clarkson (Leeds, 2019-03-25)


r townson

raymond Townson (Canterbury, 2019-03-25)


We were promised to leave.The government refused to comply with their manifesto and have misrepresented us.As they are not representing our votes they should be removed.

Celtic John (Gloucester, 2019-03-25)


Because they are all going against democracy an not doing the jobs they are meant to do

Patrick Paul (Norwich, 2019-03-25)


The MP's in this parliament no longer speak for the people of this Nation, and only want what's best for them! This has to stop!

Steve Gilchrist (Saltash, 2019-03-25)


I want what I voted for and that is to leave the European Union on the 29th March on WTO

Victor Craig (Londonderry, 2019-03-25)


I have lost confidence in the government

Steven Crabb (Selby, 2019-03-25)


I no longer have any trust in the government. They are all pathological liars.

Jessica Tay (Devon, 2019-03-25)


to help us get the Brexit we voted for

brenda ~Williamson (Haswell, 2019-03-25)


I want a WTO deal

Patricia Cull (Poole, 2019-03-25)



Adrian James (CAERPHILLY, 2019-03-25)


The powers to be have lied and deliberately misled the people of Great Britatn and need to be brought to book .

Sam Mitchell (Ipswich, 2019-03-25)


They need to stop telling lies and making story's up that we will fall apart

Michael Hyams (Southend on sea , 2019-03-25)


I voted conservative at the last election on promises that was made to leave the European Union your party has not kept that promise and demeed to be unfit to govern this country

Tracey Berrington (Derby, 2019-03-25)


Because this government are not doing what we voted out of the eu no deal out means out

Joyce Barr (Hull England , 2019-03-25)


Democracy nust be paramount, leave won and needs to be implemented.

Jean Hair (Bolton , 2019-03-25)


The elite is rotten to the core .Corruption at its finest and im sick of it.

David rogers (Hartlepool, 2019-03-25)


Theresa May and her Remainer mps are trying to keep the UK in the EU in spite of promising to take the UK out of the EU.

Anne Thorlin Batty (St Albans, 2019-03-25)


Because this is not right or fair to Americans that have worked all these years to have to take care of them.

Glenda McGee (Florence , 2019-03-25)


We have been betrayed by a remainer government. Corruption is rife... We have no option.... They do not represent the people in this country....

Paula Adams (Manchester, 2019-03-25)


Our democratic Vote was to Leave on 29th March 2019

Susan Bennett (Abergele , 2019-03-25)


I need to do what's right for my children and grandchildren

Traci Nagle (Watford, 2019-03-25)


We the people cannot stand idly by while our government behave so treacherously

Alexandra Samways (Sherborne, 2019-03-25)


I am signing this has I am fed up with them and they not doing what we ask

Marion Gold (Hertford shire, 2019-03-25)


I agree with ALL of that.

Pauline Quiney (Worcester, 2019-03-25)


This Conservative Government has lied, lied and lied again to deny me of my vote to leave the EU.

Mrs P Bean (Harrogate, 2019-03-25)


I have clearly been betrayed by this Government. I Voted to unambiguously "Leave" the EU. I never included nor did I agree to ANY kind of deal, this Government along with its MPs has clearly betrayed the very substance of the of my vote.

John Manwaring (Durham, 2019-03-25)


The government are not working for us the sovereigns of this land

Paul Wade (Essex , 2019-03-25)


I voted "leave the European union" which means a clean NO DEAL BREAK ! NOT A REMAIN WITH A DEAL SCENARIO

Christopher Doyle (Wakefield , 2019-03-25)


The MP's have lied to the electorates.

Mick Pickersgill (Runcorn, 2019-03-25)


We have been betrayed

John Bacon (Pontefract , 2019-03-25)


the government are traitors

Jenni Ambler (Elgin, 2019-03-25)


MP's have failed in their duty

Gary Stanaway-ivey (Plymouth, 2019-03-25)


I’m signing because I voted to leave the EU and it does matter that we have a deal. I was fully a ware of what I was putting my Cross to when I put it on the ballot paper.

Ian Richards (Peterborough , 2019-03-25)


We Brits made a clear decision to leave the EU, and our government and pro EU politicians are betraying our democracy, and our winning vote.

Paul Shelton (Derbyshire, 2019-03-25)


I am signing because the government are not adhering to the referendum result and wishes of the people. I am angry that they are trying every means to stop brexit by delay tactics ! I want to know what they are so afraid of by uk leaving E.U and going to WTO terms ? They haven't even put it on the table WHY ? why will they not consider wto ? Are they so scared of actually governing uk ? And being grown ups ?

Rachel Morse (Milton Keynes , 2019-03-25)


They break the law, they pay for that deception and subterfuge.

Barry Day (Frodsham, 2019-03-25)


I’m signing because my vote to leave the EU in full is not being upheld. My vision of leaving was to be in the same position as we were before we joined. No customs union our own laws to be made in the UK. Fishing rights solely for UK fisherman. Control of our borders and no influence whatsoever over our country by the EU.

Christopher Annand (Blackpool , 2019-03-25)


The government and other politicians have failed in their dutie
S to free us from the EU. as promised

Raymond Hughes (Wigan, 2019-03-25)


I am sick of lying MPs

Kim Fisher (Rainham, 2019-03-25)


I’m tired of being lied to by people we put into power to carry out what they proposed in their manifesto.

Derek Richardson (Blackpool, 2019-03-25)


They have absolutely let the British people down .

Allen Slater (March, 2019-03-25)


I am signing this because i think it is disgraceful what is happening in the government. all going back on what we voted for. they should not be able to behave like this. they should not be able to change things as they go along. and May has rolled over to all the Remain voters. totally unaceptable

Sandra Stacey (Newton Abbot, 2019-03-25)


I’m horrified that Eu is likely to make Britain a vassal state

Esther Bowden (Eyemouth, 2019-03-25)


Ive lost faith in Our current MP’s. It’s time to have a fairer, more diverse parliament with people from all walks of life who actually care about this country.

Andrea Griffiths (Merthyr Tydfil, 2019-03-25)


disgusted at behaviour of main parties and mp's

Peter Brady (Lisburn, 2019-03-25)


The British people have been lied to and deceived by our government

Mark Eversfield (Newport , 2019-03-25)


I voted out, no deal, just out now

Anita Coleman (Camborne, 2019-03-25)


I voted to leave the EU as I wish to abide by the laws of the United Kingdom this being to maintain sovereignty in this country , handing over sovereignty can only be done after being defeated in war , this is not the case , sovereignty will be handed over by our leaders if we remain in the EU , that is illegal, and tanker mount to treason, We have been lied to all through this process and that is inexcusable

John Beare (Sudbury, 2019-03-25)



Ash Davenport (Brighton , 2019-03-25)


Parliament are not carrying out the result of the referendum and also the 2017 election in which both parties campaigned and promised to respect the vote

Barbara Goggin (London, 2019-03-25)


Because I don't trust this government, they are betraying our country

Mary Dillon (Bedford , 2019-03-25)


The government promised to respect our vote but are now trying to do the opposite

Samantha James (Yeovil , 2019-03-25)


Parliament is ignoring my vote to leave the EU

Victoria Shelley (Newport , 2019-03-25)


Broken Promises

Ron Penhaligon (Plymouth, 2019-03-25)


We have been let down by Westminster

Philip Brown (Cardigan , 2019-03-25)


The betrayal of democracy by MPs in both main parties is a disgrace. Neither party are fit to represent or govern us.

Colin Osborne (Norwich, 2019-03-25)


I voted leave, not a deal just leave who are they to vote against what we voted for

Kim Johnson Was Church (1440420807, 2019-03-25)


The main party's lied to us to get our votes..

Stephen Humphries (BURTON-ON-TRENT, 2019-03-25)


Because I voted for leave and now I'm seeing a remoner who works for the EU trying to take that away

Leroy Barnard (Norwich , 2019-03-25)


Government has failed to carry out the result of the referendum

Keith Durrant (Newcastle upon Tyne , 2019-03-25)


because i'm fed up with having to put up with lying, treachorous mp's lining their pockets

helen stacey (Bristol, 2019-03-25)


I voted to leave

Sandra Ansley (Crawley, 2019-03-25)


I don't not have faith in mrs may she has shaterd DEMOCRACY of 17.4 million VOTERS that want a no deal

Mark Wilson (Newcastle upon Tyne , 2019-03-25)


I am absolutely disgusted with these traitors sack them all

Andrew Reece (Wales , 2019-03-25)


The MPs are not carrying out the will of the people they have broken their promises to us and forgotten what they were actually voted in for and by

Margaret Jinkerson (Lowestoft , 2019-03-25)


I’m signing this because I feel the Democratic Vote in regards to the Referendum Majority has not been carried out as voted for by the BRITISH PEOPLE

Bob Maughan (Deal, 2019-03-25)


We should have left th EU by now that’s what we voted for, not deals, WTO is the way to go, it’s the only true leave deal available

Frank Ward (Manchester, 2019-03-25)


Mps no longer represent the people.

Keith Rogers (Bedford, 2019-03-25)


I feel betrayed and violated by lies and deceit. I voted to leave clean break no deals we are strong and will survive.

Paula Robinson (Newcastle upon Tyne , 2019-03-25)


I what to get out with no deal

Sadie Hoyle (Rochester Kent , 2019-03-25)


i voted to leave the EU in its entirety and not with a deal or treaty

Tony Blows (Norwich, 2019-03-25)


Both the Conservative and Labour parties have lied, and failed to carry out the promised action as stated prior to the election, completely disregarding the wishes of the people they purport to represent.

Dot Laird (Stockton on Tees, 2019-03-25)


We don't Need idiots in parliament we are not their servants they are ours

Barbara Sullivan (Wellingborough, 2019-03-25)


Am sick of the government lying to us and are just in the job for their OWN. Gain/profit... ie expenses springs to mind and pay rises...

Frances Towns (Montrose, 2019-03-25)


Disgusted with all the liars trying to look after their own interests. Get the lot in court.

STEVE EVANS (Nerja, 2019-03-25)


I feel betrayed !!!!

NORMAN THOMAS (cardiff, 2019-03-25)


I would like the Government to honour the result of the referendum in full. NO DEAL!

David Smith (Bourne, 2019-03-25)


It’s what I believe

Susan Bennett (Derbyshire, 2019-03-25)


Brexit means exit

Elaine Owens (Oldham, 2019-03-25)


Government is as a majority not fit for purpose.

Rory Edwards (Exeter, 2019-03-25)

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