We want a new pharmacy for South Queensferry



I believe there is an urgent need for a new pharmacy to give patients choice and better access. The NHS Committee's decision was flawed.

(Edinburgh, 2019-01-31)


I am the local councillor for Queensferry which is a rapidly growing town and in urgent need of new and improved services, including pharmacy services. I strongly support this proposal.

(Edinburgh, 2019-02-05)


I think there should be another pharmacy in South Queensferry

(South Queensferry, 2019-02-06)


Current facilities aren't open evenings or weekends and without competition there is no need for them to.

(South Queensferry , 2019-02-07)


Would be well used due to location. And take the pressure of the chemist next to doctors who seem to have a lot of stock issues recently

(Edinb3, 2019-02-07)


Having a pharmacy with longer hours (later in the evening and weekends) would help the community.

(South Queensferry, 2019-02-07)


I’m signing because my 84 year old mother lives in Moubray Grove and has very limited mobility. This would make a world of difference to her.

(Edinburgh , 2019-02-07)


I support this application because there is a need for another Pharmacy in SQF. Best of luck. B

(South Queensferry, 2019-02-07)


As the Ferry population grows in size, we need more infrastructure. Access to a pharmacy is vital. Although I have always found the Lloyd's in Rosebury Avenue to be excellent, it is not close to the newer housing.

(Edinburgh, 2019-02-07)


We need this in South Queensferry

(Edinburgh, 2019-02-07)


The current pharmacy is inefficient and gets away with it because there's no alternative. Alternative provision would result in a better service for local residents.

(South Queensferry, 2019-02-07)


This pharmacy is a requirement in tbis area.

(SouthQueensferry, 2019-02-07)


South Queensferry's population is expanding rapidly; with future housing developments already given the go ahead in this area the population will continue to increase very quickly for at least another 10yrs. We need another pharmacy especially with the services offered by Will and Lynn Samson.

(South Queensferry, 2019-02-07)


I live in South Scotstoun and we need a pharmacy people can walk to easily.

(South Queensferry , 2019-02-07)


The current pharmacy services are unsatisfactory rom long waiting times, unavailable prescriptions and shop not always open as advertised.

(Edinburgh , 2019-02-07)


the need for more outlets

(South Queensferry, 2019-02-07)


The population has grown so much and the present chemists are unable to cope

(South Queensferry, 2019-02-07)


We need another pharmacy.

(South Queensferry , 2019-02-07)


There was a pharmacy at Scotstoun for years I used to buy my mum little presents there. It's time Scotstoun shops have another quality business on site.

(Cumbernauld, 2019-02-07)


I’m signing this because I believe that there is enough demand for another pharmacy in South Queensferry with the impact that all the new houses will have on the public services in the area.

(Edinburgh , 2019-02-07)


Much needed to serve the growing population Existing ones are overwhelmed long waits to have prescriptions filled often not the whole amount as they run short

(South Queensferry, 2019-02-07)


WE need another decent pharmacy the two we have cannot cope and you can never get your full prescription I have to take mine and my 77 year old housebound partner to Boots at the gyle this is a disgrace it has been rejected by NHS ;



It is vital that South Queensferry have another chemist as the 2 we have at the moment can not keep up with the demand of the amount of people living here. It has been known that complaints have been made due to mistakes being made and this is because of the sheer volume of work load they are deali g with. People's lives are at risk!

(Edinburgh , 2019-02-08)


I am signing because my experience of the current provision of pharmacy cover is ineffective

(Cupar, 2019-02-08)


We need another pharmacy because the town can not cope with the one we only have at the moment

(South Queensferry Edinburgh , 2019-02-09)


We need another pharmacy in this area as the population is growing and will continue to grow with 100's of more houses to be built in the coming years. With more houses means more people/families which puts our health centre and established chemists under more pressure. I find it difficult to get served in our chemist just by the Health Centre so choose the smaller one to get my prescription, but it usually doesn't have enough of some medications, so I have to make a returning trip. So if this chemist in Scotstoun opened it is much nearer and has a car park too.

(South Queensferry, 2019-02-09)


I think it would be great to have a pharmacy at the top end of Queensferry

(South Queensferry , 2019-02-12)


Another pharmacy is needed and no company should have a monopoly. The hours proposed would also be beneficial to customers

(Edinburgh, 2019-02-18)


I represent Queensferry on Edinburgh City Council and it urgently needs new and improved facilities including an additional pharmacy.

(Edinburgh, 2019-02-18)


The waiting times at the 2 pharmacy’s in S Queensferry is ridiculous . We need a new pharmacy for the ever growing population of the town. There’s new plots of housing in the process of getting built! We need a new pharmacy

(South Queensferry , 2019-02-18)


I’m from Southqueenferry

(St helens, 2019-02-18)


The growing population of the town requires a pharmacy to meet the needs of the resident. However the dispensing of methodone has to be discouraged.

(South Queensferry , 2019-02-18)


Current chemist Lloyds are forever running out of stock and handing out balance prescriptions no pressure to fulfill as they have the monopoly in the area.

(Edinburgh , 2019-02-18)


im signing because although living kirkliston im registered at Queensferry Health Centre. I feel it is a disgrace that Lloyds pharmacy have a monopoly in South Queensferry and cannot cope with number perscriptions handed over counter causing great waiting time

(kirkliston, 2019-02-18)


I see the need for another pharmacy .The existing service is not enough to cope with the growing population.

(South Queensferr, 2019-02-18)


We desperately need a bigger pharmacy as the two Lloyd shop cannot cope with all the new residents it will help people like myself OAP and disabled and have many medical conditions that I need lots of different medication

(Edinburgh, 2019-02-18)


The 2 pharmacies are too busy - with increased demand- especially for blister packs for our vulnerable people- having to go outside queensferry for this service- and it will only get worse with population increase.

(South Queensferry , 2019-02-18)


I think a pharmacy will be a great addition to the area

(Edinburgh , 2019-02-18)


There is a desperate need for a pharmacy in this area to enable services to be easier to access and patients to be treated and receive their medication in reasonable time and with a higher level of care and compassion than currently exists. The are needs more family run businesses that the local community can get behind in order for the community to thrive.

(Edinburgh, 2019-02-23)


There are times I'm in SQ and I would want to use a local independent pharmacy

(Rosyth , 2019-02-23)


It is the right thing to do

(Birmingham , 2019-02-26)


Unfair competition!

(Exeter, 2019-02-26)


I have had a few problems with Lloyd’s lately and I have to travel to get my prescription. So having a new pharmacy closer to home to be a really benefit.

(Edinburgh, 2019-03-01)


I think an extra chemist in Queensferry would be great for the town.

(Edinburgh , 2019-03-06)


The growing town of South Queensferry must have an alternative to the current monopoly of Lloyds Pharmacies. The current service is poor and requires a degree of competition to ensure a high quality pharmacy service is available for residents and remove the need to travel to other towns and villages for those who don't want to use Lloyds.



I would appreciate having some healthy competition in the pharmacy business in South Queensferry and this proposal is more convenient to me regarding collecting prescriptions.



I am a local resident ( Dimma park)

(edinburgh , 2019-03-06)


Our village has increased greatly in population but the other facilities have not. You can wait for an hour or more to get your prescription from the pharmacy at present due to the increase volume in their workload

(Queensferry, 2019-03-06)


There used to be a chemist there so I don't understand the refusal.Not everyone is able to go down the Ferry for a prescription

(Edinburgh, 2019-03-06)


I am signing this petition because the present pharmacy situation is completely inadequate for the number of people requiring prescriptions in South Queensferry. I am continually frustrated by waiting in long queues for medication from Lloyd's pharmacy whatever the time of day. Patients deserve a better service than is presently being provided - Lloyd's are either overwhelmed by customer prescription numbers or, are completely incompetent. South Queensferry needs another pharmacy.

(South Queensferry, 2019-03-06)


The pharmacies we have at present appear overwhelmed at times. A new pharmacy in Scotstoun would be very convenient for the ever expanding local community.

(South Queensferry, 2019-03-06)


Vital service required closer to recent and planned new housing

(South Queensferry, 2019-03-06)


We need another pharmacy in Queensferry - always have to make a return journey to collect made up prescriptions.

(South Queensferry, 2019-03-10)


This service is desperately required. My partner is type 1 diabetic, partial sight loss and is currently reliant on me to collect prescriptions as he does not drive. I often don’t manage due to traffic. A more local pharmacy would enhance his independence, now and as we grow older. I’d also like to see pharmacy prescribing at this new pharmacy to support the demands upon the surgery.

(South Queensferry, 2019-03-10)


I think this would be a worthwhile addition to the area, especially with longer working hours which currently we do not have in Queensferry for a pharmacy and also it is in an area of the town (previously there was a chemist) where there is a large number of elderly people who would benefit from this service.

(South Queensferry, 2019-03-10)


It is so necessary to relieve the work load on the other 2 pharmacies in Queensferry AND because there is a great amount of new housing planned around this area. People NEED their pharmacy to be nearer the new homes. I think the new one for the Scotstoun area is essential.

(South Queensferry, 2019-03-10)


Having experienced the delay at the existing pharmacy over the last few years. I feel without more amenities the problem will only get worse.

(South Queensferry, 2019-03-13)


I know from experience that current pharmacies are not adequate.

(KIRKLISTON, 2019-03-18)


I agree an additional pharmacy is required in SQ.

(South Queensferry , 2019-03-20)


The present set up can barely cope, we need more options due to the planned expansion of South Queensferry.

(South Queensferry, 2019-05-26)


I’m signing this petition because there is a need for this within the community which is expanding rapidly.

(Edinburgh , 2019-05-28)


It be great to have another pharmacy as the one in the loan is always busy and have wait sometimes about 30 45 mins just for one prescription

(South queensferry , 2019-05-28)


Live in South Queensferry and there is a great need for this!

(South Queensferry , 2019-05-28)


I have a chronic medical condition and don’t always feel I get the best service from the current pharmacy.

(Edinburgh , 2019-05-28)


Pharmacy opening times are not sutible for full time working people. Far to many patients for the two pharmacy's that are already here. South Queensferry is still wanting to expand and build new houses, where are these people going to go.. Doctors are to full and pharmacies.

(Edinburgh, 2019-05-28)


I live in South Queensferry and this pharmacy is needed.

(South Queensferry , 2019-05-28)


I am signing the petition because South Queensferry would really benefit from another pharmacy. Queensferry is expanding all the time which puts the pharmacy under tremendous pressure. Very long waiting times for service and prescriptions from the ever increasing and expending medial centre.

(South Queensferry nr edinburgj, 2019-05-28)


With an increased population, and overwhelmingly support from all including councillors, etc, this is much needed area that needs to expand.

(Kirkliston, 2019-05-28)


I live in south Queensferry and additional pharmacy can only be a good thing

(Edinburgh, 2019-05-28)