Justice needs to prevail and all the witnesses and statements need to be correlated to find the golden thread. A full commission of enquiry should be lodged and quit eases protected by the government who come forward. We want answers

Karin Barnard (Cape Town, 2019-01-02)


I were a victim of Gert that got away. I want to see that the parents get answers

Nicky Botha (Gauteng, 2019-01-02)


Not only do I agree with the above... as a Mother of two children, where the South African Justice system has failed them heartfelt desire would be for the parents and families of those missing children to obtain justice and closure and peace of mind. This goes for all the unsolved cases in that time frame of children of different races.

Märchen Van Der Spek (Cape Town, 2019-01-02)


Dit is tyd dat die waarheid uitkom en geregtigheid geskied.

Anneline Miller (Pretoria, 2019-01-02)


I'm signing this because we needs answers.

Tanya Cassell (Pretoria, 2019-01-02)


Because I was almost a victim of these people

Natasha Engelbrecht (Johannesburg, 2019-01-02)


This has been unsolved for too long now.

Tina Nieuwenhuys (Port Elizabeth, 2019-01-02)


We want to know the truth

Rochelle Kleynhans (Pretoria, 2019-01-02)


We need to know the truth about what happened to these children!!

Retha Boaventura (Blythedale Beach, 2019-01-02)


During the apartheid era no investigation could be done cross border.
Not all avenues and role players have been exhausted as yet.
The prime culprits son is attempting to diverge from the truth and confirmed being in possession of self incriminating information and facts on media.

Don Chandler (Newcastle, 2019-01-02)


It is way past time for answers

Sylvi-Ann Nelmapius (Pretoria, 2019-01-02)


30 years without answers - need answers!

Rina D'Alton (Pretoria, 2019-01-02)


I'm signing this because the least the government can do is see to it that these parents gets closuee

Thinus Esterhuizen (Western Cape , 2019-01-02)


We need clisure!!!! Families need to know!

Barbara Nel (Pretoria, 2019-01-02)


This case has been cold for too long .we need Justice and the Truth

Hantie Mostert (Durban, 2019-01-02)


We need to get answers

Francesca Macintosh (Pretoria, 2019-01-02)


Every parent needs to know where there children are

Marianne Beukes (Cape town, 2019-01-02)


Soek die skuldiges

Tanya Gunning (Pretoria , 2019-01-02)


Die waarheid moet uitkom. Die kinders se ouers moet antwoorde kry.

Magda Kruger (Brakpan, 2019-01-02)


Truth about Gert van Rooyen/Joey Haaroff

Marthie Sasnowske (Welkom, 2019-01-03)


These parents need and deserve closure, something, anything.

Hayley Pretorius (Pretoria , 2019-01-03)


We need answers

Natascha Vorster (Johannesburg, 2019-01-03)


So many people wants answers and this is time to provide them with some. It is time the world knows who he really was

Judith Pretorius (Pretoria, 2019-01-03)


Dear Minister Bheki Cele,

We the undersigned is requesting that a new reliable investigating officer is appointed to investigate the Gert van Rooyen/Joey Haaroff missing children case. It is 30 years this year that our girls are missing and the current investigating officer is not making any progress. We demand that the parents get answers. Many people have fractured information and it is time that we get an investigating officer who can put these puzzle pieces together and give these aging parents peace of mind.

Leandra Pelser (Pretoria, 2019-01-03)


I am signing because I was a victim of gross child abuse and I believe it is Time for the Truth to be Told. I further believe that Gert Van Rooyen was part of a Netword of Peadophiles, in this same network was the people who abused me. Mr Van Rooyen took his vehicles to one of my abusers to be fixed. This is why this case is so close to my heart. These children were victims, there parents are Victims. It is Time for Thruth to be Told.

Florien Deysel (Pretoria, 2019-01-03)


The family has the right to know what happened to them...and to put the girls to rest.

Nikki Dr carvalho (Cape Town, 2019-01-03)


I feel the loss as much as the families

Lucille Brummer (Mooinooi, 2019-01-03)


I am signing this petition with the hope that a new and thorough investigation to the attrocities committed in the past, and most probably still and will be committed unless exposed to the utmost by all means of exposure. Also with the hope that those who are still alive and gloating at the ignorance of the general public as to their despicable deeds towards children of both sexes leaving them and their familiies emotionally scared for life.

As for the victims, may God help you to find peace.

Gerrie Wessels (Pretoria, 2019-01-03)


Losing a child and never getting closure must be so bad. If there is any possibility to solve this please do it

Aloma Naudè (sedgefield, 2019-01-03)


Justice and closure must be achieved.

Leani Van der Nest (Cape Town , 2019-01-03)


I want the case resolved

Amor van der Westhuyzen (Thabazimbi, 2019-01-03)


Lynette was a working colleague. And very dear to my heart

Charmaine Esterhuizen (Krugersdorp, 2019-01-04)


Every parent deserve to know what happened to their children

Corene Nelson (Mogale, 2019-01-04)


The truth shall set you free

Jan -Andries Malan (Limpopo , 2019-01-04)


I'm signing because we need answers. Nobody is doing anything about this case. We need answers now.

Marie Hattingh (Klerksdorp, 2019-01-04)


I have been following the case and its long time a dead end. I as a mother would also want answers! Get someone that can give them answers and investigate the case properly. Utterly shocking that is 30 years under investigation and still NOTHING! We want answers. Come on SAPS, dont be pathetic, investigate, find and give answers

Dael Jaarsveld (Rotterdam, 2019-01-04)


I want this solved

Pierre Rossouw (Pretoria , 2019-01-05)


To get closure for the families.

Johann von Maltitz (Bethlehem, 2019-01-07)


I worked with Linette.....Odette’s mother. I saw every day jow this broke a beautiful woman!

Sanette De Bruin (Pretoria, 2019-01-07)


The families need closure

Herman Le Roux (Pretoria, 2019-01-07)


In respect of the families

René Marais (Cape Town , 2019-01-07)


I grew up near to where the girls went missing in Kempton Park. I was only a year or 2 older. Walked to the same cafe across from their school. Later my mom became friends with one of the girls mother's. My heart aches for each family with this unresolved case

Natalie Lawrence (Pretoria, 2019-01-07)


Die saak moet nou opgelos word

Gerrit Van wyk (Pretoria, 2019-01-07)


Linette van der Lingen

Linette Van der Lingen (Witrivier Nelspruit, 2019-01-07)


Justice must prevail plse stop hiding information to protect apartheid criminals

Mac Mcpherson (Bloemfonten, 2019-01-07)


Too many children missing by their hands. There just has to be more info out there

Felicity Carriere (Johannesburg , 2019-01-07)


Because the parents of these girls deserve to know what happened to their daughters they deserve closure

Lorita Dupper (Secunda, 2019-01-07)


I am signing because i support this cause

Jacqueline Scholtz (Queenstown, 2019-01-07)


The parents need to know what happend to their children and where they are

Cliff Nel (Pretoria, 2019-01-07)


After 30 years this case finally needs to be resolved for the parents to have some sort of closure. Someone must know something!

Maritza Vorster (Stockholm, 2019-01-07)


This needs to be solved!!!! Stop covering this up!!!!

Louise-Marié Wessels (Pretoria, 2019-01-07)


The parents of the missing girls must get answers!!! 30 Years is a very longtime for parents to not know what happened to their children. It is terrible, bring justice for the parents

Sue Visser (Pretoria , 2019-01-07)


Every parent has the right to know what happend to their child

Chantelle Du preez (Pretoria, 2019-01-07)


The truth should be revealed

Annalize Booysen (Pretoria, 2019-01-07)


Someone fresh and new should investigate with more reliable technology than 20 or 30 years ago.

Sharon Kruger (Pretoria, 2019-01-07)


I am signing for answers!!

Christy-Jo de Lange (Pretoria, 2019-01-07)


It's time for these girls to be found, but mostly for the parents to know and find peace

Sunette Alers (Pretoria, 2019-01-07)


It is time that the truth cine out! There is no ways thst these young and innocent girls could just dissappeared like that without a trace

Monica Bow (Pretoria, 2019-01-07)


I am a South Africa and no parent should live with the agony of not knowing what happened to their child.

Melanie Basson (Ottawa, 2019-01-07)


I wud like to have closure for the families

Wendy Roelofse (Durban kzn, 2019-01-08)


I personally now 2 parents off one of the girls and need them to know what happens to there daughter. They need closure. Its been going on 29 years with no awnser

Mariaan Robberts (Tarlton, 2019-01-08)


Please give these parents closure

Deidre Joubert (Pretoria, 2019-01-08)


Justice needs to be done...
And we wanna know what happened to our 6 missing young ones

Marcia Du Pont (Pretoria, 2019-01-08)


The families of the missing girls deserve to have closure. Justice must be served even if it has been along time.

Tamryn Webb (Johannesburg, 2019-01-08)


I would like to see some closure for the families of the girls that went missing.

John Stoffberg (Bellville, 2019-01-08)


We want closure

Lindie du Plessis (Kriel, 2019-01-08)


I was the same age as these girls when they went missing

Hilary Riley (Johannesburg , 2019-01-08)


We as south africans need to know what happened to these girls

Jenny McGeer (Kemptonpatk, 2019-01-08)



Andre Joubert (Brakpan, 2019-01-08)

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