A safe standing section at tynecastle



Better atmosphere

(Dunfermline, 2018-11-29)


There should be an area for football supporters to stand if they wish

(Ayr, 2018-11-29)


Standing creates a bit of atmosphere. I always go to Section G as that's where the atmosphere is. Fans not bans.

(Leven, 2018-11-29)


It is long overdue and the singing section needs somewhere to get the stadium bouncing from. Also means we'd beat hibs to it!

(Livingston , 2018-11-29)


I've experienced safe standing,and it's much safer than rows of seats with very minimal space to stand between seats.it also builds atmosphere as when people sit they get cold and bored.

(Edinburgh, 2018-11-30)


Let’s move forwards with the times, football is nothing with out atmosphere.

(Cavelossim , 2018-11-30)


It’s for the kids it’s for the atmosphere it’s for the fans
If we have a controlled standing area it can only be for the right reasons
Football stadias have changed thru out the world and it’s no different here in Scotland I am all for a standing singing section come on let’s do this properly

(Edinburgh , 2018-11-30)


I’m all for Ann Budge and thankful for what she done and does for this club but she is about to cause a massive revolt! Think she needs to take a step back!

(Edinburgh, 2018-11-30)


I’m signing because I refuse to let Anne budge separate the fans for this great club

(Edinburgh, 2018-11-30)


Better for everyone concerned.

(Edinburgh , 2018-11-30)


I want better support at our games

(Edinburgh , 2018-11-30)


The atmosphere is dying at Tynecastle

(Edinburgh, 2018-11-30)


I've standing at games myself so be great if there was a section to do that in .

(Edinburgh, 2018-11-30)


I think it is a ridiculous step by the club. There is little enough atmosphere at Tynecastle for some games without taking a step like this. What is reported to have happened at the Hibs game has nothing to do with people standing up to watch the game.

(Tranent, 2018-11-30)


Remaining seated at all times during games kills the atmosphere which over the years has been known to be one of the best in Scotland

(Edinburgh, 2018-11-30)


People have the right to choose and whatever makes football great for supporters is key to its success. Atmosphere has always been better with people standing. Away games tell you that.

(Edinburgh, 2018-11-30)


I want the atmosphere back.

(Edinburgh, 2018-11-30)


We deserve a choice

(Edinburgh, 2018-11-30)


Gorgie rules apply x

(Lauder, 2018-11-30)


because if Celtic can have safe standing then the rest should also be able to stand

(Edinburgh , 2018-11-30)



(Edinburgh, 2018-11-30)


because our club owner is becoming a joke that no one wants to go to games with the crap she is trying to do

(grangemouth, 2018-11-30)


There is interest from fans to stand at matches.

(Paphos, 2018-11-30)



(Edinburgh, 2018-11-30)


Standing section will create atmosphere which tynie lacks from time to time. Make tynie a fortress again and get the atmosphere back.

(Edinburgh , 2018-11-30)


Football is for everyone and if you want to stand there should be a section dedicated for that purpose

(Edinburgh, 2018-11-30)


I want the option to stand if I like plus sitting causes pain in my back and Budge is a cumt

(Glasgow, 2018-11-30)


When people go to work in office jobs and have to sit all day do you really think when they come to watch something there are actually passionate about and paying for should be made to sit? I remember coming to the games with my dad no older than 5 and standing. as long as I’m capable that’s what I’ll be doing standing not only for my team but what I belive is right for the club. A standing section only makes sense and gives fans the chance to have a voice

(Edinburgh , 2018-11-30)


I think it would be fair to have a standing section for those that wish to stand .

(Edinburgh, 2018-11-30)


Better atmosphere

(Edinburgh , 2018-12-01)


Tynecastle has always been an imtimidating place for opposition to come and the atmosphere is electric in big games and the way budge is going it is going to drive fans away and tynecastle will be a morgue if she gets her way! sick of her statements and expecting fans to just sit and be quiet during games!

(edinburgh, 2018-12-01)


Fans run the club

(Edinburgh , 2018-12-01)


Anne Budge is ruining heartd

(Edinburgh , 2018-12-01)


Gotta love standing up and giving it yaldi

(Edinburgh , 2018-12-02)


The way that they are trying to bully fans into behaving how Ann Budge thinks they should...

(Edinburgh, 2018-12-02)


Cause am ******* mental and a canny chuck coins when a sit down

(Edinbrugh, 2018-12-02)


I can’t throw coins at Neil Lennon when am sitting down WATP #FTP

(Edinburgh , 2018-12-02)


Got a spot oan ma bum so canny sit down

(Tranent, 2018-12-02)


standing is part of the atmosphere

(Leven, 2018-12-02)


I’m not happy with the tynecastle atmosphere and the constant threat that if you don’t sit down you’ll be banned so this would be the perfect solution

(Sheffield , 2018-12-03)


I would like to stand up and fart in the old folks faces that sit behind me and moan. My arse also doesn’t fit in the tight ******* shitty seats that we bought

(Madrid, 2018-12-03)


It makes the most sence as well as will influence the singing section to acheve and even better atmosphere than they already have.

(Edinburgh, 2018-12-03)


Im a jambo soldier and i believe we need the atmosphere back

(Edinburgh, 2018-12-03)


I want an atmosphere at Tynecastle again

(Edinburgh , 2018-12-09)


I want my club to feel the support and atmosphere of those around the league

(Melbourne , 2018-12-15)


I want safe standing at Tynecastle Stadium

(Bristol , 2018-12-30)