Support Home Schooling



Because I hold to the right of parenting to have freedom of choice on all matters for parents above those of Gov. proposal fro education faith system

Joy Butcher (Truro, 2018-07-11)


Parents need the freedom to choose how their children are educated and protect them from wrong indoctrination that some schools are pushing

Linda Brant (Bewdley, 2018-07-11)


I was homeschooled so I know what these families face in a government that wants to pry into private matters.

Crystal Vaughan (Keysville, 2018-07-11)


I'm signing as we home-educated our four now adult children, all model citizens who will home-educate their own children.

MJ Price-Alexander (Cullompton, 2018-07-11)


Every family should have the liberty to educate their own children, and my own daughter does so with her six children. All our freedoms are being the name of British Values

Brian Bradley (Llanelli, 2018-07-11)


Parents must be given the right to retain the freedom of conscience to educate their child according to Biblical standards.

Jason Barker (Bedford, 2018-07-11)


The education system has taken the Christian religion out of schools to replace it with mainly other religions. I was taught values, morals and respect through bible stories and teaching. Where has that gone? It's disappeared out of the window and now the teachers of suffering disrespect and abuse from their pupils. May God help them

Peta Bolton (Huddersfield , 2018-07-11)


Parents should keep the right to home educate their children.

Ann Wills (London, 2018-07-11)


I’m in favour of loving parents having the choice to home school.

Alan Daniel (Hampshire , 2018-07-11)


I want to prevent the government and/or Ofsted from imposing their social order onto all children

Paul Newton (Leamington Spa, 2018-07-11)


I lived on a boat in the Med and knew lots of home schooled families, They had a better grasp of what life is without the continual cultural brain washing.

Brin Jenkins (St Austell, 2018-07-11)


Parents deserve freedom of choice to protect their children from anti Christian teaching

Michael Coley (St Austell , 2018-07-11)


Parental rights and duties include the education of their children and the state has no right to encroach on parental choices in this matter, or any other matter pertaining to the welfare of their children.

Patricia JELBERT (Cheltenham, 2018-07-11)


I see lots of parents homeschooling their children in the course of my work as a health visitor and feel they do really good work and need no supervision. Where there is evidence that a parent is not compliant with sext 7 of the education act then legal action would be appropriate but we absolutely may not usurp the parents role as primary educator of their children

Bernadette Wood (Ipswich, 2018-07-11)


For freedom of choice.

Viv Harverson (Ball Green ,stoke on Trent, 2018-07-11)


I believe that under the 1996 Act parents have a right to choose how their child is educated.
Most children attending state schools are exposed to so much that is secular and not Godly that even those children from Christian families often hear untruths regarding our Almighty God and His instructions as to the way we must live.
I am a grandmother, praying for God's protection of my grandchildren, that their eyes and ears will be closed against what they may see and hear about worldly beliefs and behaviour
If I were a Christian parent I would educate my children at home.

sheila lile (downderry, 2018-07-11)


I home schooled my children and believe this is our right as parents and want it protected for my daughter now she has a daughter

Victoria Coetzee (Leeds, 2018-07-11)


I am signing because i believe parents should have sole responsibility for how there children are taught, without any interference from the state.



I home schooled my son. He went on to university and then LSE where he got his Masters degree plus I am a single parent!

Dr Alison Brown (Bridgend, 2018-07-11)


I have 11 grandchildren, 4 of whom are homeschooled.

Clare Walton (Manchester, 2018-07-11)


One should always have the choice as to how one’s children are educated. I have seen how the home-schooled children of friends learn a great deal, are well-rounded and well adjusted, and respectful and courteous at all times. Many go on to university and then into very good jobs. They often then homeschool their own children, too.

Sally Richardson (London, 2018-07-11)


I'm signing because we home schooled our own children over 20 years ago without any interference from the State. Parents have the right to educate their children at home without heavy handed intervention from local Governments.

Margaret Spill (Llantwit Major, 2018-07-11)


- parents have a right to say how and where their children are educated. It's not for the ... government to say what is to be, or tell them what to do with their children (or anything else).

John Thomas (Wolverhampton, 2018-07-11)


It's Good to home school away from the (God phobic) "system" that poisons young minds with E.U. mandated madness.

John Doyle (Dublin, 2018-07-11)


Parents should be able to choose how their children are educated

Kathleen Watson (Littlehampton, 2018-07-11)


I am signing because I am tired of the continued unhealthy indoctrination of our children by the education system and the increasing destruction of the family and its long-established responsibilities and values.

Keith Wilkinson (Congleton, Cheshire., 2018-07-11)


I believe that parents have a right and responsibility to nurture and educate their own children. This is not the role of the government nor should it be.

Nina Moody (Plymouth , 2018-07-11)


Parents should be able to choose how their own children are educated, but I do agree that the government should ensure that they ARE actually being educated!

Danaomi Sayers (luton, 2018-07-11)


I believe every parent has the right to decide how their child shall be educated.

June& David Jacobs (Emsworth, 2018-07-11)


Freedom of choice for parents to homeschool must be protected.
Power of local authorities should not be increased regarding families.
Forced adoption and long term fostercare made already too much victims destroying often unneccesarely family bonds.

Lisette Willekens (Tessenderlo, 2018-07-11)


Of government interference

Bernard Holden (Wymondham , 2018-07-11)


I'm signing because parents should have the freedom to teach their children at home. Many children benefit from home schooling and I've seen tremendous results from it.

Hilarie Blair (Saltash, 2018-07-11)


Hands off parental responsibility.
Stop trying to control what we think, what we believe and what we as parents and grandparents teach our children. The more the government interferes in these matters the more I and others want to push back.

Brian cunningham (Cloughey, 2018-07-11)


The government is, regretfully, is promoting policeis taht are contrary to God's Woprd.

Stanley Johnson (Glasgow, 2018-07-11)


Government over reach again, thought this lot was Conservative.....what a joke!!!!

Wayne Muntz (Riverton, 2018-07-11)


The State must not interfere with parents' rights to educate their children.

Stephen Owen (Exeter, 2018-07-11)


..... I want to give my child the best education that I can; one that is taylor-made to encourage his strengths and address his weaknesses, and most of all his interests. Knowing my child so well, I am probably best placed to make this happen with success..

Nicola Clark (Dartford, 2018-07-11)


I feel strongly that parents have the right to educate their children at home free from Government interference. Freedom of speech and freedom to exercise their faith is enshrined in the Declaration of Human rights. To interfere in the education of the children is to deny them their basic rights.

Ray Bavin (Bristol, 2018-07-11)


How their child is educated is the remit of the parent, not the government.The Education Act acknowledges this.

Christine Hudson (PLYMOUTH, 2018-07-11)


Home education is done with the greatest love, not for money as in schools. The education act of 1944 provides for 'other' modes of education e.g. home schooling as a right. This proposal is the start of a slippery slope or thin end of a wedge to impose control by the state. I have known home educators who have chosen to leave the school system for good reasons.

Philip Mear (Preston, 2018-07-11)


Schools are teaching children what the Bible says is immoral and unnatural, and not giving parents a choice in whether they want their child to be taught this

Stephen Clayden (Southend On Sea, 2018-07-11)


It is an attack on the right of parents to decide what is best for their child. It is interference by the state in the parent / child relationship. The intention may be good, but the unintended consequences can be dire.

David Evans (Grantham, 2018-07-11)


I'm signing because I want in this United Kingdom for parents to be able to have control of how our children are educated. State interferance seems to be constantly increasing into all areas of our family lives. This goes against everything which our democracy has been based on. In particular, I am most keen that Christian parents should have the freedom to educate their children in a way which upholds the Christian faith and the Biblical principles from which that faith comes.

John Burnham (Banbury, 2018-07-11)


I believe in home schooling, because it avoids the indoctrination that public school inculcate in children.

Arlene Johnson (Drybrook, 2018-07-11)


Home schooling should be a right for every citizen. Children belong to their parents not to the state. It the state's job to serve and protect its citizens not to control everyone's family life.

Alan Williams (Cottingham , 2018-07-12)


Those who can afford should have their rights respected.

Derick Yeboah (Edinburgh , 2018-07-12)


I home educated my children and enjoyed the privilege and honour of preparing my children for adult life by providing relevant educatiion that complemented my children's gifts, talents, interests and their individual academic ability - I feel each parent's right to choose their child's education should be respected and their privacy as a family should be protected.

Sumari Du Val (Cheltenham, 2018-07-12)


I agree with it

Philip Hyde (Ashford , 2018-07-12)


I'm signing because my children and the numerous other home-schooled children I know are flourishing, healthy, happy and hard-working in a way that I never saw in my five years as a mainstream teacher. Like breast-feeding (vs formula milk), home-schooling might not be possible for everyone, but, if parents can do it, they will find it has the potential to be the healthiest option for their child, but they need to be given the freedom to do it without the stress of interfering officials. If the government really wants to help homeschooled children, they can start by restocking our local libraries with decent literature.

James Walton (Preston, 2018-07-12)


We need to preserve what we have.

Russ Howell (Mold, 2018-07-12)


Parents are the people who best understand the needs of each individual child and want the very best life outcomes for each one. The option of Home Education should not be taken away.

Valerie Wise (braintree, 2018-07-12)


I have relatives who have benefited from this

James Spencer (Stowmarket, 2018-07-12)


This is further pressure on the governments' attempt to remove Christian ethics from society

John Wheeler (Tetbury, 2018-07-12)


I have seen the growth of abortion and official violence against the person over the past 50 years due to the rejection of Christian values

Charles Stammers (Bath, 2018-07-12)

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