(Trefriw, 2018-06-12)


This is a good local business that is used by local people as well as tourists. It needs our support.

(Trefriw, 2018-06-12)


It dose not obstruct people when passing

(Llanrwst , 2018-06-12)


I want fo be able to have acup of tea outside if i want

(Lkanrhychwyn Trefriw, 2018-06-12)


we were there yesterday and sat outside, there is plenty of room for people to pass safely.

(Penmachno, 2018-06-12)


The tables pose no obstruction and provide a welcome pleasant facility on the square.

(Capel Curig, 2018-06-12)


I am a huge fan of the cafe and the tables look welcoming and inviting

(Trefriw , 2018-06-12)


Anna has set up a wonderful hub for the community in the form of Contessa Cafe. Conwy council should be ashamed of themselves attacking a small, local business. The table and chairs do no harm. I passed with a double buggy last week and there was plenty of room.
Llanrwst needs all the help it can get to attract tourism... Conwy council should be supporting local businesses, not trying to ruin them.

(London, 2018-06-12)


Their reasons are nonsense and it is just typical of a small minded council

(Trefriw, 2018-06-12)


I don't see it as an obstruction

(Llanrwst , 2018-06-12)


When the sun is out, people come to llanrwst, if none of the cafes offer outside seating they will go elsewhere. It’s good for disabled people, older people, people with dogs or children.

(Llanrwst, 2018-06-12)


The benches outside are ideal for people with prams, wheelchair users and people with dogs who fancy stopping for a cup of tea, pathetic that they are seen as a nuisance!

(Llanrwst , 2018-06-12)


Anna has built up a lovely business for our community she has worked hard and has now provided access for wheelchair users families with puschairs and for people with pet dog's if she is forced to give up this seating area then so should other businesses have to remove goods outside shops and tables and chairs

(Llanrwst, 2018-06-12)


I believe Llanrwst needs all the help it can , to keep it alive , the banks have gone, pubs struggling; business fighting to make a living ... Don't Kill off any more of Llanrwst.

(Llandudno junction , 2018-06-12)


I think it’s ridiculous llanrwst is becoming a ghost town as it is !!!

(Llanrwst , 2018-06-12)


Cafe Contessa has been popular and successful addition to LLanrwst Square for a number of years..
How extraordinary that Conwy CBC should make this decision without any discussion or thought for the local people of the town or the tourist that visit.

(conwy, 2018-06-12)


I disagree with the council.

(Conwy, 2018-06-12)


This is ludicrous! No obstruction whatsoever

(Llanrwst , 2018-06-12)


I’m originally from Llanrwst it’s one of the only towns where community spirit still exists, what harm do the tables and chairs outside cause? People sometimes prefer to be outside and accessibility to parents with prams or people who use disability aids could be restricted inside!

(Caernarfon , 2018-06-12)


This is absolutely ridiculous!!! It’s a cafe. Why not have the facilities for people to eat outside? People out with dogs, babies/toddlers in push chairs that can’t be kept inside.. Other places in Llanrwst have “obstructions” outside their businesses!!! These table and chairs no way block the path for pedestrians passing through!

(Llanrwst, 2018-06-12)


The seating area outside is not an obstruction and us instead a pleasant place to sit. Great for cyclists, mothers with pushchairs and so on. Businesses such as Cafe Contessa should be encouraged to create such seating areas as they add to the vibrancy of a town, at a time when such places are struggling as they are no longer appealing destinations.

(Trefriw, 2018-06-12)


I cannot find any problem.i live locally and I am quite happy with their tables there.

(Llanrwst, 2018-06-12)


It makes the sqaure look inviting to tourists and locals alike.

(Llanrwst , 2018-06-12)


Cafe Contessa is an asset to the town and Ancaster Square

(Llanrwst , 2018-06-12)


It's needed in the town

(Llanrwst , 2018-06-12)


Cafi Contessa is a great community hub, run independently and as such, should be supported by the council, not penalised.
Anna is a local, independent business woman who is doing all she can for the community.

(Dolwyddelan, 2018-06-12)


I support the owner in her business venture and the chairs and tables outside make the cafe accessible to more people

(Llangernyw, 2018-06-12)


Stop bully these businesses who bring and cater for the visitors to our Towns & Villages. The only obstruction on the Llanrwst Town square is that clock tower and the Tuesday Market which causes a danger to pedestrian and vehicular traffic alike.

(Trefriw, 2018-06-12)


I think its unfair that other cafes on the square have table and chairs. Y

(Betwsycoed, 2018-06-12)


The café is an important business for locals and tourists alike. The additional covers that the outside seating provide are clearly of great import in the success of the business and the provision of service during peak trading times. The council should allow this business to trade with ample outdoor capacity.

(Trefriw, 2018-06-12)


This, another cafe on the square has tables outside their business!!

(Penmachno, 2018-06-12)


after you let the Banks go from the town without much resistance at least you can help struggling business like this, nothing nicer than seeing people eat. Also as a wheelchair user I cannot get into a lot of properties so being able to eat outside is a bonus, the same for those with dogs , prams etc Mx

(Abergele, 2018-06-12)


The tables & chairs have been put out to ensure they do not cause an obstruction.
If the council has concerns about wheelchair users and access, they should consider widening the pavements around Llanrwst to allow wheelchair users to use them without concern about tipping off the edge!
Furthermore, the other cafe on Ancaster Square has table & chairs outside, taking up considerably more space than Anna, have they also been requested to remove outside seating areas?

(Llanrwst, 2018-06-12)


Mae angen helpu a chefnogi busnesau bach, nid creu rhwystrau gwyrion i rai sy'n trio cadw'r trefi bach yn fyw.

(Abergele, 2018-06-12)


Mae cael byrddau tu allan yn denu fwy o bobl i'r Sgwar. Mae'n le braf i eistedd... pam creu sdwr allan o ddim byd?!

(LLANRWST, 2018-06-12)


Plenty of room just like the other caff

(Llanrwst , 2018-06-12)


I am local and go everyday into Llanrwst. The table in question pause absolutely no problem of any kind. On the contrary they make the square look more lively

(Llanrws , 2018-06-12)


Can't see the problem with the tables and chairs there is ample room in that area for pedestrians.

(Llanrwst, 2018-06-12)


Would they do this in Betws? CCBC should be supporting the community and its businesses

(LLANRWST, 2018-06-12)


I used to live here ..
fabulous cafe ...needs to thrive and have enough covers to do so

(Cromarty, 2018-06-12)


They are not an obstruction and why should one business be permitted to have outside seating and not the other?

(Llanrwst, 2018-06-12)


I see absolutely no reason to move them!

(Rhos on sea, 2018-06-12)


This is frequented by local people. The council should represent them . If yhey want and use the tables outside they should stay.

(Capel Curig , 2018-06-12)


Cafi Contessa provides an important service to the centre of Llanrwst. Normally there are no tables and chairs on the pavement but in the current hot weather this provides a useful benefit as well as adding to the ambience. Llanrwst relies on passing trade and external seating is a draw to the square, with the added benefit of encouraging people to stay and become aware of the additional shops and services available. The furniture is not causing an obstruction and there are several other premises on Ancaster square which apparently can have their own furniture on the square permanently without any threat from the council. Prohibiting this welcome amenity is a case of Conwy Borough Council cutting off its nose to spite its face.

(Llanrwst, 2018-06-12)


It’s been great to see Llanrwst square busy during the daytime.

(Llanrwst, 2018-06-12)


They should be allowed

(silkeborg, 2018-06-12)


Great option to sit outside, it gives the town centre a nice feel, relaxed look and general pleasing ambiance that encourages people to stop and take note of the town.

(Llanrwst , 2018-06-12)


Being a reletave new comer to the area, I understand that small business in the local area need as much support as possible !! Not this hideous action !!

(Trefriw , 2018-06-12)


I support Anna as I feel the cafe provides a real focus for the community and the local population. I feel the tables outside look attractive and help to give the square a welcoming look. I think Anna has placed the tables well to ensure they do not cause an obstruction. With the square looking quite run down with so many empty properties I think it is very important to promote the businesses that are keeping the square alive.

(Llanrwst , 2018-06-12)


The tables have been in place for years with no problem. I’d rather the council spent our money tackling real problems (like Kingdom Security) and leave honest businesses to trade in peace.

(Capel Curig , 2018-06-12)


Originally from Llanrwst. Love Caffi Contessa.

(Manchester, 2018-06-12)


I live locally and visit Llanrwst daily

(Capel Garmon, 2018-06-12)


It makes the town look busier and more attractive to stop and shop or eat out

(Llanrwst, 2018-06-12)


This seems very unfair treatment.

(Corwen, 2018-06-12)


I'm signing as I feel cafe contessa looks welcoming to visitors and residents alike, I see no problem with these tables outside there is still plenty of room for people to pass. We are trying to encourage trade not send it away!,

(Llanrwst, 2018-06-12)


It creating a lovely ambiance on the square in llanrwst

(Llanrwst, 2018-06-12)


Caernarfon is vastly improved and has seen an increase in tourist foot fall. I am sure this is partly as a result of the al fresco dining. Caffi Contessa should be afforded the option of tables and chairs for Al Fresco dining.

(Caernarfon , 2018-06-13)


I think it is disgusting the table and chairs outside contessas cafe do not cause no more obstructions than those outside labaricca

(Bangir, 2018-06-13)


Sitting out in the square enhances the atmosphere and encourages visitors to stop and browse the shops.

(Llandudno, 2018-06-13)


Conwy Council is wrong.

(Conwy, 2018-06-13)


The chairs in question cause no hazard. I have walked past on many occasions with no issues.

(Trefiw , 2018-06-13)


I love seeing (and sitting on) the chairs in the square . I think they significantly improve the attractiveness of Llanrwst, it is an inviting scene that makes people want to stop. Removing these would be to the detriment of other businesses and the town in general.

(Treriw, 2018-06-13)


The agreement was in place, so it should be honoured. Also, having tables outside the cafe looks positive and vibrant for Llanrwst Square.

(Llanrwst, 2018-06-13)


The tables do not cause an obstruction and add to the lovely feel and atmosphere of the cafe

(llanrwst, 2018-06-13)


This place is clearly a community hub, very popular with locals. It also makes adds a little something to the area, helping to create a kind of cafe culture on the square. It does not cause an obstruction any more than the other cafes that have chairs and tables outside and Conwy Council. How did they get permission or are all the businesses being similarly sanctioned? I believe Conwy have a county wide policy not to allow tables and chairs although clearly many businesses do have them so there is clearly a means of securing consent. Why not explain that instead of threatening a local business?

(Betws y coed , 2018-06-13)


Lovely little cafe and friendly staff.

(Llanrwst , 2018-06-13)


I am signing this petition because I hoensetsky think it’s a good idea, this is because the customers now have the option to eat outside when the weather is like this. The tables aren’t in anyone’s way... what happened to helping and supporting local business!????

(Wales, 2018-06-13)


Others have table and chairs on the square so why not this cafe. They are not an obstruction if the Square can hold a market then they can hold a few table and chairs.

(Dolgarrog , 2018-06-13)


Contessa cafe is not only a cafe for the locals its a local business and a thriving business

(Bangor, 2018-06-13)


I’m from llanrwst and it’s not an obstruction, it’s a local business trying to succeed

(Labrador city, 2018-06-13)


Lovely place to sit with company and a lovely cafe

(Trefriw, 2018-06-13)