Save Al- muntadah school



I am singing this petition as a parent and as Muslim to save the islamic primary school (am muntadah school )

(London, 2018-02-05)


I believe in this school. My boy was there for a year only, Year 3 (then we relocated so we had to move him unfortunately). But I've never felt so much love & care in other school than Almuntada Primary. The staff, the parents, everyone was so kind & is still IS. We still keep close tights with everyone and we see how much the whole team works hard to give the best to the children. May Allah save this school. AMEEN.

(London, 2018-02-05)


The school is one of the oldest established islamic schools in london.
My older sons went to al muntada in 2006/7.

(london, 2018-02-05)


It’s important to keep an Islamic School open and availabile to Muslim parents to decide to take them there

(London , 2018-02-05)


it would be a shame to see the school close down. Children should have the opportunity to learn secular knowledge as well as religion knowledge. This will contrabute to wider society as they will be more grounded and as they have their holistic needs met.

(TW5 0HE , 2018-02-05)


Don't close it

(London , 2018-02-05)


I'm signing because I'm against your act.this school is reputed and has its conveniant policy and brilliant education system.

(LIVERPOOL, 2018-02-05)


I am singing because many children are benefiting the Islamic studies and I believe our children must learn the value of their religion beleifies. Therefore I am singing this petition to keep almuntada open and continue to help the next generation

(London, 2018-02-05)


My son also attended this school 2006/8. It made an enourmes difference to his character and it contributed to the person he is today. We don’t have many islamic school in West London. We should be opening them, not closing it!

(London, 2018-02-05)


في بادىء الأمر هذه المدرسة وقف اسلامي فكيف لكم فعل هذا وكيف ستقفون بين يدي الله وتبرروا هذا الأمر
هذه المدرسة تعلم وتربي الأطفال وتحميهم مما يتم تدريسه في ...
المدارس الحكومية وتقوي بنيتهم الاسلامية
...لمواجهة الحياة عند إنهاء المرحلة الابتدائية
انتم بذلك تحرمون أجيال من التعليم الإسلامي فكيف ستقفون امام الله وما هو تبريركم
انتم تقدمون للادارة التعليمية خدمة العمر...فالذي عجز التفتيش فعله لسنوات انتم تفعلون بثواني
من فتح مدرسة قفل سجنا ...
...وكذلك أذكركم بقوله تعالى...
إِذْ تَلَقَّوْنَهُ بِأَلْسِنَتِكُمْ وَتَقُولُونَ بِأَفْوَاهِكُم مَّا لَيْسَ لَكُم بِهِ عِلْمٌ وَتَحْسَبُونَهُ هَيِّنًا وَهُوَ عِندَ اللَّهِ عَظِيمٌ
اتقوا الله في أولادنا وفي الأمة
ارجو من القائمين على هذا الاعتراض إيصال صوتي للمسؤولين...

جزاكم الله خيرا

(London, 2018-02-05)


THIS school is needed by the communitu

(Birmingham , 2018-02-05)


I’m signing this petition because it’s unfair for people to travel far away to take their children to Islamic school Also it is near their home.

(London , 2018-02-05)


It give the children good chance to learn , educated and get better future

(Darlington , 2018-02-05)


There needs to be choice for parents and children to have Islamic schools.

(New Malden, 2018-02-05)


I am signing because we need more islamic schools for our children not less. We are judged everyday by so many people. Children are asked why they were the hijab by other non muslim children, this is a big issue with state schools. In an Islamic school children will nother be asked those types of questions. So please do not close down the school.

(London, 2018-02-05)


Extremely sad and disappointed to hear such bad news. I do hope the trustees reconsider and act a little more professionally to provide clear reasons as to why such drastic action has been taken to shut down one of the very few Islamic schools in London.

(London, 2018-02-05)


Almuntadah School has been known as one of the best school in London. Our Muslim children are in need of a good upbringing. The school gives the children the chance to be educated in an environment where Islamic knowledge and the National Curriculum is taught. If the school closes it will disrupt the children's' education and all that they have learnt will be lost.

(East London, 2018-02-05)


I don’t want to close school

(London , 2018-02-05)


It's the only Islamic school in central London.

(London, 2018-02-06)


Because it is a very good school . The education is excellence.

(London, 2018-02-06)


my niece is part of this school, and it s highly important to our family that our kids study in a very good school like al mountada

(dubai , 2018-02-06)


This is unfair for our community
And this kind of discussion might couse big effect on the social cohesion

(London, 2018-02-06)


We need slam

(London, 2018-02-06)


This is one of the only few Islamic schools in the uk and one of the main ones in London and the only neon central London.

(London, 2018-02-06)


We heard the sad news, We will help the school financially, they need to come up with alternative options. We love Lana’ boys and snap she sent us of the school are heart touching. Please keep it open.

(Doha Mayfair , 2018-02-06)


Because I don’t want the school to close down my kids go there and there isn’t any good reason for the school to close down please we need it open as I want my children to go to a school where they learn about their faith and be around muslims and there are hardly any around London let alone west London

(London, 2018-02-06)


I am signing because the community really do their best to help the young ones wHeather its to do with academically or socially. The also help keep children off the streets by offering activities which the enjoy. Please don't close it down thanks

(London, 2018-02-06)


I do not want this school to be closed. It is injustice

(Frimley, 2018-02-06)


We need our school. Please don’t close it. Thank you.

(London, 2018-02-06)


Muntada is a school that has served the community for decades. It’s one of the reasons why I feel has contributed hugely to my Islamic education and faith that has made me well integrated in Great Britain. It should have more investment rather than closed down to help future generations of law abiding, peaceful Muslims in Great Britain. Please do not close it down!!

(London, 2018-02-06)


Why are they closing school

(Harrow, 2018-02-06)


I want more Islamic schools in uk

(WEMBLEY, 2018-02-06)



(London , 2018-02-06)


It is my local mosque and we need to open more islamic schools, not to close them.
In sha Allah....

(London, 2018-02-06)


This school should stay open because it is an excellent school.It has taught many successful Outstanding individuals who have contributed greatly to the Muslim community. It is a hub of cohesion and promotes tolerance.

(London, 2018-02-06)


Education is important for everyone and there should be no discrimination

(London, 2018-02-06)


I care about this school and the choice it gives those parents who want to send their kids to Islamic school.

(Lomdon , 2018-02-06)


I used to teach here and it has the potential to be amazing. Children of today are the future of tomorrow that is worth fighting for.

(London, 2018-02-06)


I'm signed because, we would like to submit to the trustees to reconsider their decision of closing our school

(London, 2018-02-06)


Hand of

(London, 2018-02-06)


I'm signing because the children are our future to preserve our faith, if we do not teach them, then the kufr will.

(Harrow, 2018-02-06)


All options must be considered

(London, 2018-02-07)


I find it completely unacceptable as there is only one in the whole of the region and you are deciding to close it down? I find that extremely disrespectful.

(London, 2018-02-07)


We need more islamic schools and we may need them to improve but not shut down. Where will our children go?

(London, 2018-02-07)


It’s a tragedy

(London, 2018-02-07)


Local parents and children should have the opportunity to attend an Islamic school.

The community shouldn't suffer and miss out.

(London, 2018-02-07)


I my daughter attended the Almuntada School and she loved the whole school atmosphere even when she left she still adore Almuntada School this why I would like to see it open for long time.

(London, 2018-02-07)