National Trust must return to Core Business



It seems high time Christians within the National Trust came together in some kind of caucus to keep the Trust to its core values.

(Carmarthen, 2017-08-08)


I take my young relatives, children to outings to NT properties apart from not wanting them to be aware at their young age about homosexuality I believe you do not have a mandate to require volunteers to wear a badge or symbol other than one promoting the NT .

(HEXHAM, 2017-08-08)


Those who knew better once outlawed abomination.
Those who should know better now promote perversion.
There will be a price to pay.

(Bromsgrove, 2017-08-08)


What made me angry was that those who did not want to wear the rainbow badge were told they could not meet the public. That is not only bullying, but clear discrimination. I was also upset that Robert Wyndham Ketton-Cremer's privacy was not respected. I have absolutely no problem with people asked to wear the Rainbow Emblem - but nobody should be forced to do so.

(Sittingbourne, 2017-08-08)


I am disgusted at the bias shown towards a minority, and excluding the Majority. Whilst I have no antipathy towards Homosexuals, their acts are unnatural, so to celebrate them is horrible. Will you be having Murderer Days or Paedophile parties to celebrate them?

(Wimborne, 2017-08-08)


The National Trust should not be promoting anything other than themselves, and certainly not force employees to do anything that may be a matter of conscience for them and is not a contractual matter.

(Telford, 2017-08-08)


Rainbows remind me of God's promise, not homosexuality.

(Greenford, 2017-08-08)


I love the National Trust but this LGBT bullying and brainwashing is making me think twice about renewing my membership. I visit National Trust properties to enjoy the history, art and gardens, not so I can have sexual depravity shoved down my throat.

(Stafford, 2017-08-08)


I have joined the hundreds of others who have either not renewed their National trust membership or cancelled it as a protest against the fascist behaviour of the NT in excluding volunteers who do not want to wear rainbow badges in support of sodomy.

(Chorleywood, 2017-08-08)


I am signing as I am appauled by the way that the volunteers were treated and expected to wear the rainbow ribbons without any discussion.

(Sittingbourne, 2017-08-08)


Morality and political correctness do not lie within the National Trust's core purpose - stick to that!

(Immingham, 2017-08-08)


Everyone has a right to conduct their own lifestlyes but the NT has gone too far in taking this action involving volunteers.

(CHIPPING NORTON, 2017-08-08)


I disagree that people cannot have a free choice not to wear a political statement such as these rainbow lanyards in their normal working day.
The LBGTQ organisation is political and as such has no place making statements through the National Trust. We did not sign up as members of the NT to sponsor any political group and will consider revoking our membership if the NT continues to support them.

(Walsall, 2017-08-08)


I support the founding values of the National Trust, to protect ‘the nation’s heritage and open spaces … for everyone to enjoy’. I do not see the promotion of homosexuality in those values.

(Guildford, 2017-08-08)


A year ago, my wife and I visited this property and really enjoyed it - before its reputation was besmirched, as is now happening.
About four years ago, at another NT property, we commented on the unhealthy emphasis then being placed on Hallowe'en. The rueful comment made to us by a curator was, 'Needs must when the devil drives'! He did not sound at all impressed, but what an indictment of the trend today!

(Faringdon, 2017-08-08)


The job of the National Trust is to protect 'the nations heritage and open spaces for everyone to enjoy,' and not to push their own ideas or personal agendas.
I am a National Trust member as is my husband, but if this sort of things happens again I will definitely cancel our membership. I would not want to take children for a lovely day out, to have them faced with this and the subsequent questions. I want to enjoy my day out relaxing together, without your political agenda forced upon me and my family.

(Kent, 2017-08-08)


Just need it to return to being the National Trust

(Wrexham, 2017-08-08)


I'm signing because promoting homosexuality as if it were a good thing is both misleading and a serious distraction from the core business of the National Trust.

(Dagenham, 2017-08-08)


I am signing because the current leadership needs to be replaced.

(Salisbury, 2017-08-08)


I'm signing because NT volunteers (What would NT without them?!) were being forced to wear the LGBT or hide themselves. Was their Human Rights Act Article 10 (freedom of expression) infringed?

(Hereford, 2017-08-08)


I am in full support of N T aims in conserving our buildings and land heritage but cannot accept the departure into social engineering and political correctness.

(Halesowen, 2017-08-08)


I am appalled that these public bodies should be trying to force the homosexual agenda onto people who should have the right to object and follow their own consciences.

(Preston, 2017-08-08)


I'm signing because the management of the National Trust has incorrectly entered into a social issue which has nothing to do with its core values and also does not represent the views of its members.

(Walton-on-Thames, 2017-08-08)


Political Correctness has had its day. No more, please!

(Woking, 2017-08-08)


i'm signing because the National Trust has taken a very retrograde step Familes, for a great many man years, has given tthe Trust a wealth of their support. By taking this recent step, the Trust has turned on them like a pack of wolves.

We, the majority, in this country, are looking for better for ourselves, our children an future generations.

(Haywards Heath, 2017-08-08)


The National Trust ought to stand by our old values and not let a perverse minority decide that their views must lead the rest of us above all else. Shaamer on you National Trust!

(Tavistock UK, 2017-08-08)


I am signing this petition because I feel extremely strongly about freedom of speech and freedom of religion and conscience, about natural law and common sense

(Lostwithiel , 2017-08-08)


I am disgusted by forced adherance to something which I believe is sinful

(Newtownabbey, 2017-08-08)


I am in full agreement that the National Trust should not pressurise volunteers to wear badges in support of homosexuality that has no relevance to the organisation and is not reflective of its original core values. Seems it is subject to influence of what is now out of hand political correctness. A minority group that seems to have a disproportionate influence.

(London, 2017-08-08)


I'm a lapsed member and I'm signing because I would not renew my membership if the Trust continues to play the 'political correctness' card.
The last attempt to browbeat dedicated volunteers is beyond parody.
return to your core purpose NT or face loosing even more support!

(Bath, 2017-08-08)


I am appalled at the National Trust's treatment of its volunteers

(Newport, 2017-08-08)


am tired of the tyrrany of the 2% who want to force the rest of us to do ,say and think, whatever they want us to do, say and think. I really dislike BULLIES!

(Cheltenham, 2017-08-08)


I am extremely disturbed that the National Trust has deviated from its business of maintaining and preserving the nation's architectural treasures. Sexual orientation has absolutely no place in an organisation which is supported financially by the public for the purpose of securing our Nation's properties. I demand that the name of the person who proposed this policy and tried to force it upon the Trust volunteers, is made public immediately.

(Aberdeen, 2017-08-08)


I'm signing because I was stunned that the NT would even consider getting involved in this, and to out the former owner of Felbrigg when his family wanted it kept private just disgusts me and my husband.

Stop getting involved in this kind of campaign NT and instead use our money to further protect the antiquated homes and estates we all still love to visit.

There won't be many who approve of you putting up flags/badges etc in support of anything. Spend the money more wisely OR drop your prices and then maybe more would join the ranks of members. It is far too costly these days.

(Lincolnshire, 2017-08-08)


Let's keep sexuality a private matter!

(Tilmanstone, 2017-08-08)


I'm against bullying and political correctness in all its forms and the fact that these liberal demagogues think they hold the moral high ground. My wife and I are Bible believing Christians and We know that God's Word is True.

(Stockport, 2017-08-08)


I'm absolutely appalled at the attitude of the National Trust in attempting to force volunteers to support a cause which they cannot in conscience.

(Darlington, 2017-08-08)


Please don't get swayed by a minority group who are destroying our moral and cultural values

(Horsham, 2017-08-08)


Have no more to do with spurious campaigns of virtue

(Belfast, 2017-08-08)


I am appalled that members' subscriptions are being used for the promotion of sodomy and other sexual perversions.

(Liskeard, 2017-08-08)


I object to the intolerance that has be shown by the NT, along with its moral ignorance about this area of ethical debate.

(Batley, 2017-08-08)


I believe that the National Trust should not be involved in any form of political behaviour and should concentrate on the basic aims of the trust. They should not behave in a dictatorial manner towards it's staff and volunteers.

(Woking , 2017-08-08)


I'm signing because I believe the National Trust have stepped over the line. I am a life member and appalled by their treatment of volunteers and the memory of benefactors

(wrexham, 2017-08-08)


Freedom of religion and belief are this country's heritage - much more important than ruined buildings or musty family histories. The Trust should celebrate real advances in human life not laws to legitimize the perversions of a tiny but vastly over represented minority.

(walsall, 2017-08-08)


No one should be forced to sanction immorality while in their place of work.

(Saintfield, 2017-08-08)


My wife and I are life members of the National Trust, we did not join to promote a homosexual agenda. We are appalled that you are doing so and demand that you return to the function that you were set-up to do.

(TAUNTON , 2017-08-08)


My whole family is fed up with the inappropriate behaviour, language and images that a very vocal minority has pushed onto our society and especially our children through mass media and constant lobbying.
Any who dare to resist their views are branded as intolerant bigots and even face litigation! But what have we done wrong? We simply want to get on with quietly raising our kids in natural families that actually work (thousands of years of proven success!) We don't go dictating to this minority about how to live their lives. What right have they to push their views on us?
We had hoped that institutions such as the National Trust would be safe havens for ordinary families to visit in a time of politically correct madness. How sad that it has come to this.
NT, go back to your core values and uphold high moral standards or lose the support of the ordinary people who make this such an amazing organisation. (The NT is completely lost without its volunteers and donors, but it CAN do without its current overpaid Director General who sanctioned this hurtful policy and the few celebrities hired promote perversity in the name of tolerance and public interest - both of which only exist in their twisted imaginations.)
We pray for the return of that increasingly rare commodity - namely, COMMON SENSE.

(London, 2017-08-08)


The National Trust has no business concerning itself with the sexual inclinations of its members or benefactors. Why did it feel the need to engage in this silly exercise?

(Lechlade, 2017-08-08)


Was a member last year. Great houses and staff. Do what you are good at rather than supporting particular views on subjects not to do with heritage.

(Witham, 2017-08-08)


To sign this petition.

(Salisbury, 2017-08-08)


The decision to bring sexuality into our Heritage is pathetic and pandering to the mealy mouthed political correct brigade is weak willed and cowardly.
I shall make my views kn own at the next AGM!

(Shrewsbury, 2017-08-08)


I'm signing this because I wholeheartedly agree with the proposition and have myself written to the National Trust in protest regarding this point on behalf of myself and my wife who are life members.

(Wrexham, 2017-08-08)


I'm signing because I joined the National Trust to support its work in protecting the Nation's heritage and object to my membership being used to promote political views with which I disagree. The Chairman should resign and be replaced by someone who stands for the core values of the Trust.

(Northwich, 2017-08-08)


I deprecate the decision of the National Trust to promote values, especially values about which members are likely to disagreement. Focus on the core business. Especially deplorable is to involve employees (who may be afraid to resist ) and volunteers in the promotion of so called "liberal values"

(Yelverton, 2017-08-08)


Where are the rights of all people to choose what they believe or agree with !

(Wrexham, 2017-08-08)


I feel very strongly that it was entirely inappropriate for the National Trust to force it's volunteers to support gay pride by wearing the rainbow badge or be relegated to a job where they did not meet the public.
It was also entirely inappropriate to make an unwarranted and unsubstantiated claim that the benefactor of Felbrigg Hall was a homosexual at a time when the practise of homosexuality was a criminal offence.
The prejudice and pride campaign is inconsistent with the aims of the National Trust.
The Director General, instead of writing an arrogant letter to the Daily Telegraph, should issue a public apology to those volunteers and members of the National Trust who were offended by the ill thought out and hurtful campaign.

(Petersfield, 2017-08-08)


Member No.268909716
This is not the first time the NT has strayed into politics on hunting and energy production and so on. Helen Gosch, a former left liberal mandarin, should not bring her politics to the post of CXof NT.
I hope next time you will be more vigorous in selecting you CX and in insisting on c ore business NOT politics, or I shall be off.

(Bournemouth, 2017-08-08)


The LGBT agenda is none of the National Trusts business, their remit is to save our heritage and I object to them using mine and other members money to promote this. I also object to people not wishing to participate in this nonsense being punished for quite rightly exercising their right to free speech in refusing to promote the LGBT agenda.

(nottingham, 2017-08-09)


It is not the business of the National Trust to promote any organisations or individual groups of people. The role of the National Trust is to protect the property which has been placed in their care.

(ddlestone, 2017-08-09)


The National Trust is the only body who can save our built heritage, coastline and landscape. It has clearly suffered a loss of direction removing "Easter" from a major religious festival and promoting the rights of homosexuals.

(London, 2017-08-09)


The National Trust is a) not there to support any political or other views whether it be religious or social or gender/sexuality based and b) does not have the right to force people to support, or to appear to support, such views.

(Plymouth , 2017-08-09)


I agree with the petition totally.

(Tetbury, 2017-08-09)


I am 100% in agreement with this Petition

(kent, 2017-08-09)


The National Trust should be an impartial organisation

(HAILSHAM, 2017-08-09)


I'm not at all happy that staff who feel uncomfortable with a political issue should have been put in an invidious position. Nor am I happy that an pro LBGQ scholar was employed to dig into a house donar's life without consulting his family!!

(London, 2017-08-09)


This nation tolerates all people and their beliefs. However, it is not permissible to force other people to believe in something that is against God's principle and against their conscience.

(Coupar Angus, 2017-08-09)


This has nothing to do with the National Trust's mission, as stated to the Charity Commissioners.
It is not supporting diversity, as the LGBT movement has shown on many occasions how intolerant it is of any individual or organisation that is not totally agreeing with its objective.

(Leamington Spa, 2017-08-09)


It's a disgrace to force volunteers to wear a rainbow badge to support the LGBT which is totally immoral.

(Ramsey, 2017-08-09)


I am signing because I have long been a supporter of the National Trust and am deeply concerned for its future.

(Crowborough, 2017-08-09)


I've been almost a life long member of the National Trust and value greatly their vision of preserving these vital parts of the Nation's heritage. However virtue signalling and promoting political ideology, which is by any standards transient, should not be part of it.

(Hythe, 2017-08-09)


I am disgusted that Dame Goshe is imposing her politically correct views on the Charity.
She should resign immediately.

(Poole, 2017-08-09)


The Trust is a public body, not the plaything of leftie public officers, and it should be run strictly in accordance with its specified duties and policies.

(Stoke Gabriel, 2017-08-09)


AS members we do not want to force LGBT on its volunteers or any other politically correct propoganda

(Enfield, 2017-08-09)


I want an end to homosexual propaganda, and return to being the traditionalist trustees of the nation's culture.

(Thundersley, 2017-08-09)


I am totally against evangelical sexuality for one thing and for another it is no business of the National Trust!

(Bournemouth, 2017-08-09)


I don't think the NT should be promoting perverse behaviour as normal

(Ormskirk , 2017-08-09)


I'm totally against what the National Trust are trying to do. People's personal lives should not be flaunted especially when they are unable to speak for them selves.

(Norwich, 2017-08-09)


I am signing because personal freedoms including freedom of speech is being compromised.

(Greenford, 2017-08-09)


I believe the national Trust has lost it way. It has become politically active in ways far removed from its original mandate. To insist that staff support LBGT agenda denies them their basic human right of freedom of thought & freedom of speech. As this along with many high profile legal cases have shown, there is a hierarchy in the "equalities" agenda & top of the pile of the LGBT.

(Shoeburyness, 2017-08-09)


As a NT member I am concerned about the way volunteers have been treated on two occasions recently; one of which is the politically motivated decision re. Felbrig Hall. I give thanks that this invasion of conscience has been withdrawn, but am most concerned about those in 'leadership' in NT who are not doing their job of facilitating volunteers and members. Perhaps those who are in these leadership roles should be disciplined.

(Cambridge, 2017-08-09)


The National Trust was wrong to seek to force its volunteers to wear badges in support of a cause that was contrary to their own faith or conscience. To do so was intolerant and, I believe, illegal discrimination on the grounds of religion.

(Bath, 2017-08-09)


I'm signing because this is absolutely disgraceful and should not even be considered

(Luton , 2017-08-09)


I am appalled that individuals, whether gay or not are being discriminated against on what is a very personal issue in pursuance of a very misguided idea.

(Cambridge, 2017-08-09)


Freedom of speech & opinion is a valuable part of our culture. I am free to say "I oppose abortion" or whatever. In the same way, let people be free to be opposed to homosexuality.

Of course all people are welcome:- black, white chinese, it goes without saying.

Freedom of speech & opinion is a valuable part of our culture. I am free to say "I oppose abortion" or whatever. In the same way, let people be free to be opposed to homosexuality.

(BEWDLEY, 2017-08-09)


As a Christian I am one of the silent majority who do not accept the LBGT (and whatever other letters) assumption that their lifestyle should be tolerated by everyone. Their lifestyle is offensive to me when it is openly made public as often as possible. Our Creator God calls their lifestyle an abomination but if that is how they choose to live, so be it. But it should have absolutely nothing to do with my going around stately homes and admiring the interiors. Well done those volunteers who refused to wear the badges that promote such godless actions.

(Leicester, 2017-08-09)


I don't want to support any organisation which supports and promotes LGBT agendas.

(Brighton, 2017-08-09)


Although I am now a member of national trust in Scotland, I live in the U.K.
I do not approve of NT changing or abusing by statements or unfounded claims or any kind of dictarship, the trust given by members and volunteers and especially those who have 'gifted' to the Trust, their homes and property and resources to allow England (within the U.K.) protection of national heritage.
Sadly The Trusts campaign appears to have caused distress to the family of Robert Wyndham Ketton-Cramer and is an embarrassment to the Trust or should be!

(Glasgow , 2017-08-09)


I am saddened and angered at the agenda been pushed by the National trust, and their rewriting of history. My wife and I support the national trust and spend many hours walking and enjoying the beauty of one of their Parks local to us. We appreciate the work they do and hope in future they will stick to the task of maintaining our heritage and leave the politics alone.

(SHEFFIELD, 2017-08-09)


I am appalled

(Benfleet , 2017-08-09)


I am signing because I agree with this statement and object to the "Pride and Prejudice" campaign. This is far removed from the remit given to the NT by the 1971 Act as amended in 2005.

(Bembridge, Isle of Wight, 2017-08-09)