The Case is Altered should not be renamed.



I have lived in the area for 53 years. There were a lot of good pubs, The Ship, The Woodman, The Northwood Hills. One by one these have been closed or changed into restaurants. This a historic pub with a well known and historic name. It should not change.

(London, )


This pub was a massive part of my youth... I'd hate to see the name changed :-(

(Leighton Buzzard , )


The name is a part of our local history and I cannot see anything positive in changing it. If the new owners care so little for local opinion they won't be surprised if locals vote with their feet.

(Northwood, )


This is an ancient pub with an unusual yet rememorable name. Mention the Case and everyone knows exactly what one is talking about. Sometimes it is better to keep old things than just change them for misguided reasons

(Stanmore Middlesex , )


My husband and I first met in the Case is altered pub 43 years ago and do not want it to change its name.

(Ruislip, )


It's really important to keep these old names, they provide context and identity to the area rather than bland homogenisation.

(Overseal, )


The Case is unique in its age and character and of course if not unique it's very unusual and interesting name. When so many pubs are formulaic in style let this one stand out and keep its old name which is much appreciated/loved by its patrons.

(Pinner, )


The Case is a special and unique pub. It doesn't need to have its name changed so why do it?

(London, )


Changing the name is such a silly idea. Why not change St. Paul's cathedral, or the Houses of Parliament to something else. Hold on, I know. Change City Pub Co to Lack of Respect for Local History Co. Go away. I for one will boycot the pub if you change the name. Be warned. Social media is a powerful thing!!!

(Harrow, )


The proposed name change is a depressing sign of the times. There must be something even more dull than 'The Cricketers' that these public hostelry wiz-kids can take out of The Big Book of Hackneyed Pub Names, surely? Oh, it's by a cricket pitch, you say! How clever. What a value-add!

(London, )


I care...

(Ruislip, )


The Case is Altered is a well-known name for a well-known local pub that I have been using for more than 50 years. Younger members of my family support me in wanting the pub's name to be preserved.

(Eastcote Pinner, )


The name of the pub is historical

(Ruislip , )


We don't want to lose old local English traditions when faceless national corporate organisations take over much loved venues

(Pinner, )


The link with the past history of this establishment should be preserved.

(Sydney, )


It is a historical name and also a well known and loved pub, why change it?

(Eastcote, Ruislip, )


It's an important part of our history and tradition to keep the original names of old pubs. There is meaning behind them- as in The Headless woman and Gallows Inn- the latter changed,but reverted back to original.
People still refer to old names even if they are given totally inappropriate new ones

(Matlock , )


The pub name 'The case Is Altered' has been part of my earliest memories when I first came to live in this area in 1984 having read The 'Tropic of Ruislip' and I would not like to see it change.

(Uxbridge, )


The existing name does not need to be changed. I will forever call it 'the case' regardless of the sign above the door

(Eastcote, )


Ever since I was born it has been 'The Case' and should forever remain the same. For those coming back to the area it should also be maintained.

(Eastcote, )


I'm signing because 'The Case is Altered' is a distinctive name and is part of the history of this area. It is not bland and boring. My mother used to visit the pub on occasion during the 2nd world war whilst working as a WRN stationed at Lime Grove. Sincerely hope the name is not changed.

(Pinner, )


It's The Case, it always has been. What kind of name is 'The Barn Owl' anyway. It's as tacky as when 'The Fisheries' got renamed 'The Coy Carp'.

(Richmond, North Yorkshire, )


I have lived in Eastcote for 60 years and would feel that an important piece of local heritage had unnecessarily been changed. It is recognised by all generations and should be preserved. It seems foolhardy to upset local people needlessly. The pub will succeed if the new owners do a good job of restoration and keep its very good name.

(Eastcote, )


This pub has always been called The Case is Altered as far as I can remember. Everyone knows it by this name and by changing the name you destroy its history.

(Harrow, )


This is a vital part of Eastcote's heritage, and it is worth saving. There is no need to change it. Please leave it alone and keep the heritage of this beautiful area.

(Ruislip, )


Having lived in Eastcote for 28 yrs I have taken both my children & grandchildren to The Case, please leave the name alone, I still refer to our other local as The Manor House, change for changes sake isn't a good enough reason is it!!!

(Eastcote, )


It needs to stay the same name after all these years

(Roan, )


I am signing this for historical and heritage reasons.

(London, )


Do not change the name of "The Case is Altered" !!!!!!

(Pinner, )


The name should stay the same.

(London , )


This is a local historical landmark

(Ruislip, )


Why would you want to change it?

(Ruislip, )


I don't think pubs should change their names. The Case has an unusual name but there's nothing wrong with that and I don't like change for change's sake. Also, it's generally been a perfectly reasonable pub, not one that should need a complete change of image.

(London, )


The Case is Altered was my local for many years

(Cwmbran, )


I have lived near the Case is Altered my whole life. It has been a regular part of my life growing up and the unusual name means a great deal to me. I believe that the name of a pub, especially one of the age of the Case, holds the history of the building and its former patrons. Please do not change it.

(Ruislip, )


It's a local landmark

(Northwood, )


I grew up in Eastcote and EVERYONE knew where the Case Is Altered was. In ever-changing times, it would be tragic if a pub that was known to so many generations of drinkers and local residents should have its name changed at the whim of businessmen who have no local connection.

(London , )


It's a great name for a great pub! WHY change it. You are actually creating a reason for people to change their pub where no reason need exist: we are a traditional, proud but stubborn too!

(Yeovil, )


It's always been the case is altered. Stop messing with local history.

(Ruislip middlesex , )


When in Uk I've been drinking in this famous old pub and feel that there is no need to change the name indeed I wonder what the point of a name change is? Please don't take away our traditions for for the sake of modernising.

(Perth, )


This pub is part of the local history.

(Holsworthy, )


It's The Case always has been and always should be stop changing pub names

(Northwood , )


I used to live in Eastcote for 40 years and still meet friends at this pub, please do not change its name, not needed.

(spalding, )


Well known name - and a reason to remember it

(Pinner, )


The name should stay! Its part of the history!

(London, )


I am signing because the name is so much a part of local history that a new genetic names with no meaning will be detrimental to both trade and the locality

(London, )


We cannot lose any more of our traditional pub names

(Pinner, )


I live close by and it's my local

(Eastcote, )


I regularly visit The Case and have done for many years.
I don't understand or accept the need to change the name.

Adding a new name cannot add any benefit... it can only lose the historic affiliation people feel for a pub.

(Watford , )


"The Case is Altered" is a historic name commemorating a particular event. There are only two pubs remaining iwth this name and it would be a pity to lose the link.

(Pinner, )


This pub is renowned by people who used to live in this area or you have visited this lovely historic building

(Ruislip, )


This pub is a piece of history - and history cannot be altered! Case closed.

(Plymouth, )


The Case is a lovely landmark and I am a regular customer. Several pubs locally have been destroyed by ill thought through redevelopment (e.g. the White Bear, which went bankrupt twice after Enterprise Inn's devastating rebuild - luckily the White Brasserie saved it). Theerfore I would not like to see this pleasant place destroyed by assuming an unsuitable name.

(Ruislip, )


It is a splendid and rare name and should be maintained

(South Ruislip, )


Have eaten many times over the years at the Case is Altered. The name is part of it's charm. See no reason to change it.

(Slough, )


The Case is Altered is known for miles around and is part of the history of Eastcote. It has a long and interesting past and needs to be kept as authentic as possible , meaning the name should stay the same. It would be like changing the name of Eastcote and I say never!

(Ruislip, )


I have been to the case is altered many time and agree it has a memorable and irreplaceable name.

(Eastcote, )


Such signifiance should not be altered in the community.



The Case Is Altered has been part of my life since moving to the area in 1969 and has many happy memories. Its also such a unique name, that its easily found / remembered. For get about brand image : this should be your brand image.



The Case is Altered public house has historic importance . If we loose all these local name places the historic identity of an area is lost forever

(Cambridge, )


I moved away five years ago but Eastcote/Pinner/Northwood is my home area. The unusual name has evoked a lot of interest and has more than one suggested derivation. It could mean 'the altered house' (casa altera) - but please don't, at least not the name.

(Chesham, )


Tradition is a valuable asset and should be treasured.

(Pinner, )


I haven't been to the Case for a while but used to be a regular and it is a gem. The odd name is a feature of the place and generates a lot of speculation as to the origin of the name. It would be tragic to change it. Do these people have no sense of history?

(Harrow, )


Important to maintain the heritage of a location.

(ruislip, )


Why change anything that doesn't need fixing

(Pinner, )


The name is an old and established part of Pinner and Eastcote. Please keep our old traditions and values. New names never work well.

(Pinner, )


The reason is obvious

(Brentford, )


I'm a local resident

(Pinner, )


By all means improve the pub but don't change the name. It is part of the history. A new name will add nothing

(Ruislip Manor, )


I feel it would be a shame to change the name even if refurbishments alter the premises. It has stood there for generations as a landmark and and social meeting place for many in this community and others coming to this community and has always affectionately been known as 'The Case' as I hope it remains.

(Pinner, )


I think changing the name is stupid,keep the original name

(Torrance, )


It's worked for years leave it alone

(Pinner, )


I am interested in onomastics and history, and it is vital that the traditional names of pubs should be conserved.

(Harrow, )


I'm fed up with "PR-led" tinkering with tradition. Improving what there is can be done without changing it.

(Bexleyheath, )


If it aint broke, don't fix it. Harrow has lost enough of its character as it is. Please don't wipe out history for the sake of a short term marketing exercise. Our history is not owned by a business.

(Harrow, )


I was born in Eastcote and have many happy memories of The Case. To change the name is ludicrous when the Pub is so widely known.

(Moreton In Marsh, )