The Case is Altered should not be renamed.



It should remain as the case, or if you must change it "the case has altered"

(Eastcote, )


Changing this name shows a disrespect for the history of this area.

(Ruislip, )


I'm signing because the historic name means a lot to locals

(Northwood , )


Because I believe the name The Case is Altered is unusual and quirky and attracts attention and custom. I like to think that it relates to the family name Hawtrey that lived at Eastcote House nearby simply because Hawtrey in Latin is Alta Ripa and some say the case is altered is from Casa Alta.
Anyway the present name should remain and not be altered.

(Pinner , )


Many happy times after cricket in the 60's and more recently on walks around the Eastcote Pinner area

(Ickenham , )


Its my local. ive lived here 36years and like it as it is.

(London, )


The name is a historic and traditional name remembered by thousands.

(Caterham, )


200 years of history, there's no benefit in changing the name.

(London, )


The name should remain

(Ickenham, )


I feel strongly that the pub's name should not be changed, having been a patron for 50 years.

(Pinner, )


Everyone knows 'The Case' and it would be a great shame to destroy this identity.

(Pinner, )


Been going to 'The Case' for years. Changing the name is unnecessary and will cause confusion.

(Pinner, )


It's a great distinctive name with history and it would be a shame to lose that to a bland corporate rebranding

(London, )


used to live in Eastcote until 1967 but have visited "The Case" from time to time. It would be shamefull to change the pub name.

(Waltham St Lawrence, )


Registering my opposition to any name change. The pub will always be The Case Is Altered to locals, so there's no logical reason to change it. By all means refurb, that may bring more custom. A name change won't.

(Pinner, )


Like many others I'm fed up with changes being made to our landmarks, just for the sake of it. A new name is not required, serves no purpose and detracts from the uniqueness of this venue. I'm an ex-resident, but when I go back a trip down memory lane is inevitable. This includes visiting one of my old haunts The Case. Please use your common sense City Inns, leave the name alone; don't just change it because you can. You may find the local trade you rely on will stay away, to prove a point also. I know visiting trade like me will do.

(Taunton, )


The Case is Altered' is an iconic, unusual, memorable and much loved name that is part of the community and amenity of Eastcote & Pinner and should be retained as the name over the gables of the newly relaunched pub and restaurant. Which we all hope will thrive for many more centuries to come!

(Ruislip, )


The name of the pub has been around for years and a name change does nothing change the running of the business.

(Ickenham , )


I grew up in Eastcote, and spent my younger years with friends in the Case. I still have all of my family in the area, and visit it regularly - renaming an iconic pub from the 17th century would be a travesty.

(Aylesbury, )


There is NO argument for changing the name

(Ruislip, )


There is no valid reason to change the name. its known far and wide as the case or case is altered why interfere with local history.

(Pinner, )


This is an old pub, well-known by its existing name, which is part of the character that the owners say they want to protect.

(Eastcote, Ruislip, )


Whilst refurbishing an old pub is a good idea I don't see why it needs to be renamed

(Ruislip, )


This pub has been a staple in the community for as long as I can remember and I don't see how changing the name would help? In my mind the name has always been associated with fond memories and quality service!

(Pinner, )


It is a name famous in the area and made even more so by Leslie Thomas' novel "Tropic of Ruislip."

(Uxbridge, )


Great old name. Keep the tradition going please.

(Ickenham , )


The name case is altered has historic value linked to the public house and should not be changed !

(London , )


It's my local, and a focal point. Everyone knows where you are when you say at the Case.

(Pinner, )


I'm signing because the name should remain
For the pub, we should retain our heritage / history

(Pinner, )


I just think it would be better not to change the name as it is such a memorable one. Currently we have our school reunions there.

(Northwood, )


It's a part of what makes it special. Don't change it!

(Northwood Hills, )



(Chiswick, )


The Case is well known as a meeting point and place of interest in the local community x

(pinner, )


The proposed name change is totally unnecessary and confers no benefit

(Harrow, )


As a former user of the Case, I see no reason why the locally famous institution should have its name changed.

(Radnage, )


The Case is a unique legendary pub with a truly iconic name... the proposed alternatives are meaningless garbage ... The Barn Owl. I mean seriously what a ridiculous suggestion... leave the name alone..... or else

(Ruislip, )


The former historical name should be retained at all cost please.

(Ruislip, )


I'm signing this petition because this pub and its name are of significant historical interest.

(Chesham, )


This is a local, historical pub and changing the name would be to lose its identity.

(London, )


It just should be changed it's a landmark

(Pinner, )


It is part of the heritage of Eastcote

(Ruislip, )


I used to be a Manager at The Case - There is absolutely no point in changing the name as everybody would and should continue to call it The Case! Great pub and "going to The Case" or "down The Case" has a great ring to it!!
We had an article explaining the confusion of the name derived from Case Deslater..."House of Jumping"...I'm pretty sure!!! Adds to the story...if it ain't broke, don't fix it!!
Love to everyone at THE CASE!!

(Bournemouth, )


The name has a history and it would be a great pity to destroy all the history to by renaming The Case is Altered.

(Ruislip, )


I now live in Bedfordshire, but this iconic pub -The Case is Altered- was a frequent haunt to me for many years when I used to live in Ruislip. The name is known worldwide , and must not be changed. KEEP IT AS THE CASE.

(Flitwick, Bedfordshire , )


The Pub is " The Case is Altered" it always has been ...... it has so much history .. why change it ???????

(Harrow, )


There is no good reason to change name. It is an unusual but not unique pub name and can be a talking point. It is memorable unlike Red Lions etc

(Ruislip, )


I do not want to see a change to a well known name and which brings back many memories

(Northwood, )


It should not be changed!!!

(Ruislip , )


I'm signing because I worked at The Case as one of my first jobs as a teen, I'm a local to The Case as are my family & friends & my husband & I had our wedding reception at THE CASE in 2015. It is and always will be THE CASE. A change of name is not suited or wanted by the locals!

(Middlesex , )


We have very little left of the eastcote heritage but everybody knows the Case is altered . We are a community stop trying to rewrite something & killing the roots of what makes us that xxx

(Eastcote, Middx, )


Former manager. Whilst i am glad to see some much needed investment - this is a wonderful and unique pub reflected in its quirky name. Do not make it just another one of the hundreds of cricketers

(Ruislip, )


This pub was my local for almost a decade and despite living about 30 miles away now I still visit at least monthly. I have known several pubs change their name. The good historic ones like the Case change back eventually when the ownership changes hands. Keeping the name would be a strong signal that City Pub are here for the long term, not a short lived novelty.

(Fleet, )


It's the case and always will be

(Eastcote, )


The pub is of high historical interest to the area and has a wonderful history. The pub is an important part of local history and as such the name is an integral part of this

(Eastcote , )


it has been so named throughout the eighty years that I have lived here and it is part of our landscape.

(Pinner, )


It should keep the original name!

(London, )


Because it's part of our local heritage

(Pinne, )


The Case is unique and is a valuable part of the social history of the area, arguably the most iconic of local pubs. I'm originally from Ruislip and still visit as friends and family live here.

(Buckingham, )


The historic name of the pub should be maintained.

(Northwood Hills, )


The case is altered means something and a new name will cut our links with our local heritage.

(Pinner , )


The name , case is altered, it part of our local history. The pub is a local landmark and the name should remain.

(London, )


The current name is both unusual and charming. Itso origins are also interesting.

(Ruislip, )


I want the name to remain the same.

(Pinner, )


I value the tradition of the NAME and its rarity.

(Melbourne, )


This was the pub that I regularly went to in the 60s. Meet you at "The Case" - nothing more need be said. While I am now iving in Melbourne, Australia I am still back in the area every couple of years for a reunion of Pinner County Grammar School, and we ALWAYS end up at "The Case". In fact my wife and I (along with my old school chums) will be there on 6th May 2017 so please arrange for a nice sunny day where we can sit in the garden. I look forward to seeing the renovations, BUT please do not change the name, it stands for history, tradition and continuity, things that the English Pub has always held dear.

(Melbourne, )


The name is known in the area as a significant piece of local history.

(Eastcote, )


I believe that too many public houses are closing and we should keep our traditions!
It is an historic landmark loved by all around!

(Pinner, )


If it ain't broke don't fix it. Absolutely make the developments inside but why lose such a unique name that has been well established over 100s of years. It will always be known as 'The Case''

(Walton-on-Thames, )


The Case holds fond memories for me right back to schooldays in the late '70s. It has an individual name and should be proud of it, not just another .... Yes it is in need of sympathies restoration and ensuring it is fit for purpose, but name change is unnecessary. Our school meet ups just won't be quite the same if it is renamed.

(Guildford, )


I wish for the name to continue, I'm pleased one of Eastcote's historic pubs is being refurbished hoping that a future generation is able to enjoy this pleasant & local pub but do not understand the need for a change of na me.

(Ruislip, )


I'm appalled to think that anyone could rationally consider changing the name of this pub.

(Eastcote, )


The Case is the Case always ! there is no case to change - They have a Cricketers accross the road - why have 2 ? .

(Eastcote ,Pinner, )


The name is part of old Eastcote's history and I think should be kept for the character of the original village.

(12 Winchester Road HA6 1JF, )


The name The Case is Altered is unusual and part of what makes this corner of what makes this corner of urban sprawl distinctive.

(Northwood Hills, )


We shouldn't lose the historic name of this very old public house

(Aylesbury, )


We have lost all the pubs in the Northwood /Eastcote area and it would be a great shame to lose the last one. Even if the character is relatively the same the tradition would be lost

(Pinner, )


The Case is Altered as a pub name whilst not unique has been part of the Eastcote community for a very long time. I worry that suggested replacement names are generic and trendy and don't reflect the history of the pub or the local area. We have lost far to many independent and different pubs in the area lately.

(Ruislip, )


Changing the name shows a disregard for the heritage of the pub and for the local community that has used it for almost 200 years. It shows the same ignorance as Beefeater who tried to change the name of another local pub, The Orchard, without realising the name was held in such high regard by many of the families of the Polish pilots who visited the pub during the war. In the end The Orchard name was retained and I very much hope The Case is Altered name is retained. I am suprised that its owner does realise the strong emotions changing a historical name can evoke.

(Ruislip, )


when you change the name you are messing up history and taking away the existing atmosphere and feel of the place .

(Pinner, )


The local people wish to preserve the name 'The Case is Altered' and we cannot imagine why the new management have the arrogance to think that changing the name will improve the pub. It's what makes it unique!

(Greater London, )


Keep the name. These people are mad throwing away 200 years of branding and international recognition.

(pinner, )


There is just absolutely no need.

(Ruislip, )


I believe we are losing enough historic pubs and also the ones we keep are losing their history and identity

(ilminster, )


I hope that "The case" doesn't go the way of, what used to be "The Plough " in Ruislip. Now an up market resurant without any of the original charm and no longer called the Plough, unless you look very closely!

(Ruislip, )


It should not be renamed!!!!!

(London, )


The Case is unique and the name is an important part of the heritage of the pub.

(Pinner, )


Why change the name which is recognised throughout the whole country and beyond

(Northwood Middlesex, )


The Case is Altered: what a unique name! Something to be proud of & preserve - not to paint over & 'pubbify'!

(Eastcote, )


This pub is made special by its name & the history behind it. Why throw away such a unique gift in your desperation to be different?

(Eastcote, )


Pub names are part of local heritage, why change the name for changes sake ?

(Okehampton, Devon ( ex Uxbridge ), )


Destroy the name - and you destroy the pub, its history & its uniqueness.

(Eastcote, )


Fond memories of a good pub and a unique name lets keep it that way please

(Ruislip, )


Many good memories.Keep the history.

(St Austell, )


Why do you need to change the name? I'd get too confused when I come back for a visit and it's called something else! Leave us something for our nostalgic memories please!!

(Oxenford, )