The Case is Altered should not be renamed.



It is a well known and distinctive name locally

(Pinner, )


"The Case is Altered" has been there for ever and will still be there after this company has gone.

(Pinner, )


I don't agree with the change of name.

(Eastcote, )


The name should not be changed!

(Pinner, )


I feel strongly that the name of this pub is iconic and should be retained rather being dispensed with by the new owners who seem to have given little thought to this local institution

(Pinner, )


I live locally been patron for 15 yearsand can not see any reason to change name

(Eastcote , )


The name should not change I like the case is altered I have lived in the area all my life a new name is not right.

(Pinner, )


The Case is Altered has been known by that name for, as far as I know, since it opened, and is known far and wide. It's a part of the local history, and to change its name is churlish at best. It also serves no purpose, as nobody will know where it is, unless referred to as the "pub formerly known as ..."

(London, )


Like the ascot will always be the Manor House. The case will always be The case

(Eastcote, )


This is an extremely rare and historic pub name and developers should not be able to destroy its history with the stroke of a pen...

(King's Lynn , )


I hope the name will not be changed - I don't think it will he allowed to change if it is a listed building - I will be outraged if it changed

(Northwood Hills , )


I drank in this pub regularly before I left England and have visited on return trips. I can't see how changing the name can have any positive aspect.

(Fort Lauderdale, )


I have frequented this pub for over 30 years and do so because of it's olde world charm, the huge garden, and love everything about ''The Case'', and to change it's name is totally pointless and unnessecary, and I think I echo the voices of all the regular customers by saying this.

(Watford, )


Although I've been away from UK for 42 years, I always make sure I call in at the 'Case' when I visit, usually with old school mates and friends. Please! On no account should the name be changed of this icon 'Olde Style' pub, as so many others sadly have.

(Auckland, )


The name of the pub should not be changed. It's unusual and too well loved.

(Eastcote, )


Although I now live in New Zealand, I grew up in the Ruislip / Uxbridge area and have very fond memories of The Case is Altered. As a beer lover and professional beer writer I regard the pub as a classic and wouldn't want to see the name changed.

(Blenheim, )


Have had many family reunions at The Case. Why change the name? It's iconic!

(Wanganui, )


As an Eastcote resident for the majority of my 60+ years, The Case has remained a welcome real pub oasis in an ever changing neighbourhood; and where we always take overseas visitors. The waffle from the company fails to give any justification for changing an iconic name.

(Ruislip, )


This is my local pub, I love this pub. The Case has, for many years, been an important part of our community. It does not need its' name changed to try to prove a point, it has always been The Case and should continue to be The Case. The reason for the change of name is not an acceptable one.

(Middlesex, )


the name has a story behind it and PLEASE, SHOULD NOT BE CHANGED

(Pinner, )


The name is in my life

(Norwich , )


With only a handful of pubs to carry this name it makes our 'Case' fairly unique and very distinguishable. There are hundreds of Cricketers (one of the sudgested names) out there, so why be one of many.

(Pinner, )


A wonderful name, why change it ?

(St albans, )


The name does not need to be changed.its an iconic pub and the name reflects this.

(Watford, )


There is no reason for the pub to be renamed. Refurbish it yes but do not change the name

(Eastcote, )


Keep the current name - The Case is Altered!!!

(Eastcote, )


There is a need to save our local history and The Case is Altered by its very unique name is an important part of the fabric of local tradition and history. This appears to be lost on the new owners and their branding and marketing people.

(Eastcote, )


Why change the name? Why this passion to change everything that has been enjoyed by residents in this area for so many years?

(Pinner, )


A 200-year-old name with such brand value is something many businesses would kill for. Change for the sake of change is dim-witted at best. Renovate the pub (sensitively, in keeping inn keeping, if you will) by all means, but keep the name, please!

(Eastcote, )



(Eastcote, )


'The Case' has a good and historic name locally, why change??!

(Eastcote, )


I grew up in Eastcote and my parents still live in Eastcote - I have very strong links with the area. The Case has always been known as that - for 200 years - why change? It is part of the history of the area and this is change for change sake. It is as bad as knocking it down and putting up a modern block - that wouldn't be allowed and there are laws in place to prevent that so why is changing its name acceptable? Eastcote will loose some of its character- it is an unusual name which makes it memorable and has an interest history as to why it's called that - it is unnecessary meddling by people who do not live here or understand it's history. Terrible idea for purely commercial reasons (which are not logical anyway )

(Harpenden , )


The Case is Altered should not change its name

(London, )


The name is unique and part of Eastcote's very rich history. They tried renaming The Jolly Farmer at Gold Hill Common, Chalfont St Peter. People stopped going! So now they've changed it back.

(Eastcote, )


The name is distinctly unique to this location, don't replace it with some thing mundane

(Eastcote, )


It's part of Eastcote history that needs to be preserved

(Rickmansworth, )


Why change the name. People know the pub as the case surely that's a positive. Changing the name people won't know where the pub is.

(Eastcote, )


The Case is part of our local history and therefore is important to us. Why change it?

(Eastcote, )


It is unthinkable to change the name of The Case is Altered. There is nothing to gain and everything to lose.

(Rickmansworth , )


I am signing because I am opposed to the proposed name change to The Case is Altered. It is a famous name, synonymous with Eastcot, and for most would still be referred to locally as "The Case". It's rather like "overseas" owners of Football clubs wanting to change the name or shirt colour of the football club they have bought; usually resulting in alienation of their supporters

(Eastcote, )


Name has to remain

(Pinner - Eastcote, )


history. why erase history?

(pinner, )


I don't believe that changing the name will add anything. The Case is known far and wide and is recognisable as a cracking pub. The name is also a talking point.

(Pinner , )


Old. Pub name. Well known in area. Historical name.

(South Ruislip, )


It's The Case!

(Eastcote , )


There is so much history associated with this pub. It is a unique name and why change for the sake of change. We grew up with this famous landmark and believe strongly in the history associated with it.

(Harpenden , )


I love the history and character of this pub, and whilst I appreciate the investment of the new owners, the name of the pub should not be changed

(Eastcote, )


The Case is Altered is a great name for a great and popular pub.

(Pinner, )


I'm signing because this is one thing that should be left alone. As a lifelong resident of the area, I feel strongly that such an iconic name should live on. 'The Case' is unique. Please, please don't trample on centuries of history just to make a 'fresh start'. It's unnecessary and detrimental to your aims.

(Ickenham, )


The pub with its (almost) unique name is part of Eastcote's heritage, known to generations.

(Eastcote, Ruislip, )


"The Case' is an unusual name, it would be madness to lose it.

(Pinner, )


The name is memorable and widely known. The compromise achieved at The Swan in Ruislip could be a way forward

(Eastcote, Pinner, )


In an age with crowded and noisy media selling to us at every twist and turn and with a cacophony of new products and services launched and relaunched endlessly to dispose of any brand equity, not least a 200 year old is an odd thing to do. Keep he. And and embrace it, make it yours and dine out on the history. Be proud that you now protect something so cherished and loved.

(Eastcote, )


It is part of my Heritage. I have lived in this area for 60yrs, grown up with The Case always there, worked there in my teens, social gatherings. It would just not be right saying 'See you at the Frogs Legs'

(Pinner, )


The Case is a local landmark with great memories attached to it. You shouldn't take that away from the communities for the sake of presenting a new business. Ridiculous idea!

(Iver, )


It has been 'The Case is Altered' for TWO CENTURIES. and this unique name is part of Eastcote's history. PLEASE leave it be !

(pinner, )


Although the name "The Case is Altered" is not unique amongst pub names, it is far more meaningful to locals than any constructed name.



The Case is altered should not be renamed!!

(London, )


I have lived in this area for 45 years and The Case has always been a local landmark and is well know just by its name.

(Pinner, )


Everyone knows it as the Case, it is part of the local fabric. Changing the name is totally unnecessary.

(Ruislip, )


Change for change sake. What is wrong with individuality. Save The Case!

(Eastcote, )


Once again we have a company who was wish to change years of history for the pursuit of profit!! This company is not fit to run a great pub like the Case never mind have the right to rename it.

(Middx, )


The Case is Altered is such an iconic pub. It would be madness to change its name.

(Pinner, )


I agree with the all the others who signed this it should still be kept as cases altered

(Bournemouth , )


This is a very unique pub name and forms part of the history and culture of the area. The owners will need to apply for advertising consent to change the signage, so its another opportunity to object - it worked for Cafe Rouge at the Swan! The good news is that they haven't yet submitted their advertising consent application to Hillingdon Council, so there is still time to object to it.

(Ruislip, )


It is a bit like Cafe Rouge in Ruislip who wanted to delete The Swan. It is our history and with so many things being taken away from us we need to stand up for what we believe is right

(Ruislip, )


I am signing because the name of this pub is part of local history and not a mere marketing name. The case is the only pub in thecare still operating with that name and this makes it unique. The name Cricketers is just a marketing ploy. Spend you money marketing the uniqueness of the current name.

(Pinner, )


The name is famous throughout the local area and also with world-wide visitors

(Eastcote, Pinner, Middlesex, )


I lived locally to the Case when growing up, and come back regularly to meet friends and family. won't be using as a meeting place if you change the name. Absolutely no need to, it's historic and unique

(Exeter, )


Some things should not be changed and this is one!

(Ruislip, )


The building and the name belong together.

(Eastcote, )


There is so much history attached to this pub, and changing its name would be detrimental to the many memories.

(Pinner, )


It's known though out the world and a local landmark.

(Pinner , )


The name of this venue is a vital part of what makes it memorable and historically relevant... and worth visiting.

(Stanmore., )


How can you change the name of a Grade II listed public house that dates from the 16th century and is on the National Heritage List for England. Do you not value our local history and our Heritage?

(Ruislip, )


As an ex publican I have seen many pub change names but those who knew it before will continue with the old name therefore they should not waste there money on new signs and leave the name as is

(South Ruislip, )


The history of our area is very important to us and The Case and its name are part of that history and should not be just thrown aside.

(Eastcote Pinner, )


"The Case", as The Case is Altered is more commonly and affectionately known, I'd a part of local history and our heritage.

(Ruislip, )


The "Case" has been my local for 30 years, I welcome the long overdue refurb/more seating etc. however changing the historical name is wrong!

(Old Eastcote, )


Names of placed should never be changed ....its part of history

(Launceston , )


This is a ridiculous and wholly unnecessary change and no amount of cheap marketing-speak bullshit is going to disguise that fact. Dress and decorate the place how you like but leave the name alone!!!

(Paignton, )


As an ex St Nicks pupil I used and. Ontinuef to use the Case. Terrible decision to change it

(Amersham, )


It was our local from 16-50years althoigh based in Sydney. I often return during my trips back to UK. Please keep the name.

(Normanhurst, )


This has been the name of the pub for such a long time that everyone knows it and loves it.
Why change it just because some renovation work has been done. It is part of local history and should remain as it is

( Ruislip, )


It's unique and historical name should not be deleted from the history books. It's name and identity has been much loved locally for generations

(Wallasey , )


A complete change of anything is not progress. What is good should be retained just like a good chef wine or beer. Rely on the name and local trade this is not in the center of London relying on passing trade a quick turn over and thank you now sod off for the next tourist mug.

(Ruislip Middlesex, )


I'm a local resident and The Case is Altered is part of our heritage

(Pinner, )


What on earth is the rationale behind changing this ancient pub's name? Are you lot mad? Change its interior to bring it up to date, excellent idea. It's a great pub. It is our local. It is a part of history. SO IS ITS NAME!

(Eastcote, )


Before I moved to the west country this was one of my local pubs, still go in there when I'm back in Eastcote

(Saint Austell, )


I believe all historic pubs should retain their original name.

(Hayes, )


I feel that the name The Case is Altered is an unusual pub name that is strongly associated with Eastcote and needs to be retained

(Pinner, )


This is our local and has been for many years and people seek it out from further a field. It is widely known with its current name. As a member of the cricket club opposite I still would not prefer it to be known as The Cricketers. The current name is far more unique and memorable.

(Pinner, )


I'm signing because I love local history and pub names are a vital part of this.

(London, )


The name is part of the history of the local community. Changing its name would be a sad loss to local people.

(Ruislip, )