Save Belfast Intensive Support Service



It is essential these vital services are funded

(Bangor, 2017-02-27)


This is such an invaluable service to service users and also to professionals.

(Belfast, 2017-02-27)


This is a very important service that should not be discontinued

(belfast, 2017-02-27)


This is a service providing vital support for many families .

(Bangor, 2017-02-27)


This is a vital sevice for many families across belfast. It directly improves the life chances of parents and children.

(Newtownabbey , 2017-02-27)


Such a vital service for whole of belfast area!

(Belfast, 2017-02-27)


I am an employee in this vital service

(Belfast, 2017-02-27)


Much needed service for families who are struggling

(Belfast, 2017-02-27)


This has helped so many families in Belfast and surounding areas! They should be rewarded for there hard work not fighting to keep there jobs!!!!

(donegal, 2017-02-27)


Work within the voluntary sector with familiea who use this service and see first hand the positive impact the service has had foe those families

(Belfast, 2017-02-27)


I'm signing because this is my workplace and it is a scheme that is 100% needed in Belfast. If it closes there will be 100s of the most vulnerable families in Belfast left without the support they need

(Belfast, 2017-02-27)


iFSS is a vital and valuable resource that has helped children and families become stronger and resilient in regards to positive mental health

(Carrickfergus , 2017-02-27)


This service is greatly needed. If funding is not secured there will be many families who will loose much needed support.

(Newtownabbey, 2017-02-27)


I support these services andd know how vital they are.

(Belfast, 2017-02-27)



(Belfast, 2017-02-27)


The fools that supposedly run this country need to be made aware of the suffering they are responsible for.

(Belfast , 2017-02-27)


Because Families in need suffer at the hands of our so called government!! And employees will also suffer, employees work hard to support those that need support and now employees will suffer.

(Armagh, 2017-02-27)


It's an extremely important and valuable service

(Belfast, 2017-02-27)


It's a disgrace that this vital service that so many depend on to help them with family and life has not secured any definit funding. I am appauled by stormount

(Belfast, 2017-02-27)


I want to save people's jobs and help these families in need

(Belfast, 2017-02-27)


I am signing this petition because I work for Ifss and over 40 jobs are at risk including mine!! This service is invaluable and it is crucial that it remains open to ensure service users get the correct support that they need. These families will be left without any guidance, mentoring and support from key workers. We as keywrokers want to continue to improve the life outcomes for families experiencing difficulties and to see them flourish, grow and reach their full potential! Without this service this cannot happen!!! Please please please save IFSS!!!

(Belfast , 2017-02-27)


I;m signing this because these families need support and Stormont have no alternative in place. By ending this service, you are leaving the most vulnerable families even more vulnerable

(Newtownabbey, 2017-02-27)


Because families struggling to cope depend on this vital service.

(Ballymena, 2017-02-27)


This is a much needed service that provides value for money.

(BELFAST, 2017-02-27)


Much needed service for many vulnerable families

(Belfast, 2017-02-27)


I'm signing because this is a vital service for these families who will struggle without the support of the IFSS staff. Please ensure that funding is found to continue with this important work.

(Cookstown , 2017-02-27)


40 people will lose there jobs.income.

(Newcastle , 2017-02-27)


This helps a lot of people

(Belfast , 2017-02-27)


Very important service!!

(Larne, 2017-02-27)


Its a great service and needed

(Belfast , 2017-02-27)


The service is needed

(Dungannon, 2017-02-27)


A vital service for the vulnerable

(Belfast, 2017-02-27)


These services are badly needed.

(Belfast , 2017-02-27)


I know how much this service is valued to many families in the Belfast area.

(Belfast, 2017-02-28)


This seems to be a worthwhile cause were many people benefit from

(Larne, 2017-02-28)


If they would cut back on wages for the muppets in Stormont, that seem to do nothing except fill their own pockets and members of theirs families pockets with tax payers money, instead of funding charities like the Belfast IFSS who are helping the most needy families in the Belfast trust.

(Larne, 2017-02-28)



(Larne , 2017-02-28)


My cousin will lose her job if this funding is pulled& ppl will lose a valuable service!!

(Belfast, 2017-02-28)


Without this service many of these children will not get the opportunity to be valued as a human being and to change their distany. If we take away this service we are turning our backs on a child in need. I'm proud to say the people of Northern Ireland are the most caring and giving to other children in need in many parts of the world but it's time to recognise and value the children in our own country. Extern provide a service that we our so proud of and need the recognition and funding to continue.

(Banbridge, 2017-02-28)


This is a valued service to help families who need support. Don't let it go

(Newtownabbey , 2017-02-28)


Schools really need this service to support the pupils in our school - they are a vital support service to us

(Belfast, 2017-02-28)



(Belfast, 2017-02-28)


This service is essential to the wellbeing of the many who use it.

(Newtownabbey, 2017-02-28)


This will be a devastating loss to these families whom I worked with. This service has proven beneficial outcomes for families.

(Belfast, 2017-02-28)


Important service needs to stay!

(Lisburn, 2017-02-28)


This service is an absolute necessity for the families it supports. Taking away this service will cause many people to be left with no support, which is a travesty. Many dedicated workers will also find themselves without work,therefore putting more pressure on families in our communities.

(Belfast, 2017-02-28)


Critical services should not be penalised due to stormont inefficiency

(Larne, 2017-02-28)


I have used this network before and I know family who are working in this line of work and it would be sad to see this go

(Bangor, 2017-02-28)


My friend could loose her job

(Ballymena, 2017-02-28)


I am signing because I know how much these families need the support that Belfast IFSS has given them over the past 3 years and how beneficial it is to their every day life.

(Belfast, 2017-02-28)