Save Bitsy & Floyd in Peterborough



I see these guys every time i go into town, always say hi, and always stroke abd say hi to Floyd..... to say he is dangerouse is a joke!!!!

Annie Gomm (Peterborough, 2017-01-22)


Seriously the council need to leave the poor guy alone, he as nothing in life apart from his dogs and the love he and they have for each other can be seen very clear, these dogs are not aggressive or a danger to the public in anyway again just the authority's been jobs worths

Philip Hamilton (Manchester, 2017-01-22)


You can't destroy love!

Fabiola Mazzocco (London, 2017-01-22)


It would appear that the council are trying to punish the owner due his being an apparent blot on the landscape.

Clive Armstrong (Stamford , 2017-01-22)


I walk past eddie and his dog floyd daily and ive stroked his dog and eddie always offers a smile , why give a man and his beloved dog any more grief when they are already down on their luck...should be helping them no causing more pain

Shaun Hall (Peterborough, 2017-01-22)


I've seen the gentleman and his dog all the time. And the poor dog is a softie It wouldn't hurt anyone!!

Jasmine Baker (Spalding, 2017-01-22)


That dod has never done any harm to another dog or human this is outrageous! Surely someone can prevent this happening

Katrina Dawney (Stamford, 2017-01-22)


Is there any humanity left in humans!

Heather Taylor (Belfast , 2017-01-22)


This doesn't seem to be right and is not just.

John Quail (Derby, 2017-01-22)


I know both of these dogs neither of which is a danger to the public, Peterborough council are a disgrace

Jamie Stewart (Peterborough , 2017-01-22)


For the love of ALL dogs!

Nicole Griffiths (Bradford , 2017-01-22)


This dog is NOT out of control in a public place. Collar, lead and sitting on its owners lap....really savage!
Council may not like them sat there, however this IS a free country.
If I sat there would I be told to move?!?!
Bullying tactics using dogs as a excuse.

Josephine Roberts (Atherstone , 2017-01-22)


Councils are out of control. There is a lack of transparency and impartiality.

Clare Ward (King's Lynn, 2017-01-22)


This is completely unfair and cruel - in his position those dogs are everything to him and taking those away will destroy him. Dogs will be dogs and they will bark - what's to say it's the other persons dog that is starting the barking, why do you instantly believe it's this man's dog ---- SIGNED!!!!

Bethany Dams (Peterbourgh , 2017-01-22)


These dogs do not deserve to be destroyed

Sarah Miller (Tonbridge , 2017-01-22)


Too many people in some form of authority think it ok to just destroy animals willy nilly. These animals are pets and sometimes all they have.

Marie Eccles (Chorley, 2017-01-22)


This dog is not vicious or dangerous

Sarah Harrold (Peterborough , 2017-01-22)


This man has so little and to take his dogs that have not hurt just wrong!

Joanna Harrison (BOURNE , 2017-01-22)


Leave his dog alone!!

Amanda Dale (Paignton, 2017-01-22)


I live in Peterborough and I see him on a regular basis while I'm in town centre. He is a peaceful citizen and his dog is no danger to anyone.

Rasime Long (Peterborough , 2017-01-22)


I always stop and talk to Eddie and provide him and his dogs with food. Leave them alone.

Zoë Griffin (Peterborough, 2017-01-22)


Why not

Kyle Grant (Peterborough, 2017-01-22)


I have witnessed this man and dog on a daily basis sit where he sits, I give change if I have any and the dog has barked at other dogs but has always been on a lead and told to stop... not vicious just a dog barking at another dog as they do!

Lianne Peck (Peterborough , 2017-01-22)


At a time when a person has nothing but his animals, someone wants to kill them. Awful.

Gemma Craig (Suffolk, 2017-01-22)


Because I visit city regular and always see the pair and does upset me his dog is probably only thing what makes his life worth living for why be so cruel

Chris Stubbs (Stamford, 2017-01-22)


The council are idiots

Lee Oliver (Peterborough, 2017-01-22)


The council are unfairly targeting the homeless

Sue Munns (Peterborough , 2017-01-22)


Why hit somebody when they are down, leave the poor man and his dogs alone (or do something to help)!

Terry Pardy (Broadstone , 2017-01-22)


The dogs are always friendly and quiet when I walk past or stop to fuss them. The poor man barely has much, don't take his family away from him too.

Heather Warman (Peterborough , 2017-01-22)


His dogs are not vicious, they have always been friendly

Lesley Oaten (Peterborough , 2017-01-22)


We always pay a visit to Eddie and floyd and my daughter always wants to be the one to approach ,having a dog of my own if I thought this dog was in any way a threat there is no way I'd let her do this ,there are viscous digs out there that have been trained to be so that safely need to be put to sleep ,but this is not one of them xx

Heidi Green (Peterborough , 2017-01-22)


He needs help not violence and hatred

Jonathan Wilson (Chatteris cambridgeshire, 2017-01-22)


I'm signing because I have seen this dog and the owner for so many years in Peterborough and I have never seen the dog as being aggressive. He is quiet and gentle. Doesn't deserve to be killed by vicious humans !!!

Adina Mihaila (Peterborough , 2017-01-22)


This lovely passionate man is harmless, and so are his under control dogs..Evil unjustified persecution of a desperate homeless person..



If the dogs are well and being cared for what on earth is the problem. Many homeless people get so much love from the dogs. These dogs must be allowed to stay with Eddie.

Carroll Trevor (RICHMOND, 2017-01-22)


i am signing this because ihave on many occassions passed by this chap and his dog and there has never been a problem what so ever the dog is not not a risk he always calm and laid next to his owner the council just pushing there weight around for no reason in my oppion

gary vaughan (Orton Goldhay, Peterborough, 2017-01-22)


Even though I don't live in england anymore, I am still a British citizen. What the Council is proposing to do is downright cruel. They lack empathy, plus you do not kick a person when they are already rock bottom. Shame on you and rethink this over.

Helen Larsen (Soroe, 2017-01-22)


He has the right to have a dog no matter where he lives.

Annalisa Perry (Gravesend, 2017-01-22)


No health loving animal or pet should be destroyed!

Zoe McNamara (London , 2017-01-22)


Utterly ridiculous. Poor man

Marian Blacklock (Peterborough , 2017-01-22)


I walk past here frequently and have never had any issues with this lovely man and his dog x

Sarah Clayton (Peterborough , 2017-01-22)


He should have a right to have a dog just because he has no home what does that matter

Caroline Crosswaite (Dorset , 2017-01-22)


This man needs to be treated right and his dogs. If the dogs have tried to attack or gone for another dog then muzzle them. Personally I would like to see them in a warm loving home. But deff not killed.

Anouska Kruczek (Peterborough , 2017-01-22)


This man does not deserve to have his dogs destroyed. He keeps the dog he has with him in town under control at all times. This man is lovely, polite and well mannered.

Elizabeth Van Meurs (Peterborough, 2017-01-22)


Theses dogs are all he as rather than destroy them put muzzles on them

Rachel Lawrence (Hereford, 2017-01-22)


floydd isnt dangerous at all council lies and we will vote you liars out soon

paul barnes (peterborough, 2017-01-22)


The dogs are not vicious !!!

Kelly Ward (Barry , 2017-01-22)


There are no reasonable grounds for this to happen. Just jumped up do gooders makingbout they are better than these poor homeless people!!!!!!

Jo Armstrong (Derby , 2017-01-22)


That dog is NOT vicious, NOT dangerous, and is NOT a risk to anybody at all. I stop and talk to Eddie and that dog is the calmest animal you have ever seen. Don't believe the lies that the council are spouting.

Lucy Harrison (March, 2017-01-22)


This is utterly ridiculous. Poor man.

Nicole Way (Aylesbury, 2017-01-22)


Homeless people are being murdered by thugs in their sleep , Dogs are one measure of protection for them , and no Dog should be put down without a shred of proof !

Terence Dunn (Bradford on Avon, 2017-01-22)


This really looks like a Vicious Dog NOT find them both a home this should be your first step

Cathy Hannan (PETERBOROUGH , 2017-01-22)


The man loves his dogs so why take them from him

Bradley Plater (Gedney hill, 2017-01-22)


Eddie lost everything
Now you want to take and destroy the only thing that matters to him! Work on building people up rather than destroying their souls!


Irene Gear (Peterborough , 2017-01-22)


This is wrong, NO WAY are his dogs vicious, leave them alone they do no harm to anyone.

Manda Plant (Peterborough , 2017-01-22)


This is out of order let the poor man keep his dogs they are all he has this is wrong like he has said they haven't bitten or attack any one the law in wrong u don't put a human down when they get a charge for gbh or abh signed a j Johnson

Amanda Johnson (Norfolk, 2017-01-22)


this pet is the mans only family an friend how can you be so callous and cruel

lisa green (sheffield, 2017-01-22)


Of bullying a homeless man who wants nothing but to look after his well behaved dogs

Valerie Jacques (Leicester, 2017-01-22)


Because the system is unfair and cruel to people they show nothing but greed and for that u have my support no one deserves to lose there best friend even if it's a dog there a lot more loyal then most people will ever be

Connor Levaast (Northampton , 2017-01-22)


We have free will in this country and this chap has rights too but as he's homeless that been taken away from him.

Paul Lewendon (Devon, 2017-01-22)


Those dogs are important for his mental wellbeing.

Grace Moseley (Cambridge, 2017-01-22)


I sign because I meet theses dogs and none of them are dangerous they are his and be cruel to take them

Hunter Snow (Peterborough, 2017-01-22)


If indeed the dogs are being vicious it's probably the guarding instinct, they are his life and they protect him .

Jane Bently (Westoning , 2017-01-22)


What utter rubbish I've often stopped to speak to Eddie and neither of his dogs have EVER been anything but friendly calm and affectionate. To destroy them would be unforgivable and totally outrageous!

Yvonne Trawinska (Peterborough, 2017-01-22)


because this petition shouldnt even be able to exsit its stupid behond stupid what they are doing not alone does he live on street they want to take away the only things he has that probs get him up in morning only things that put a smile on his face the council, goverment want us to respect them when they go and do things like this what away to make people dislike them anymore i hope he wins the case poor guy dont need this in his life let i know the council wont care because it might not happen but how they gunna feel when they see a story about a man commiting suicide cause they took everything from him hope they realise the damage this can do to a man.

owen kelly (peterborough, 2017-01-22)


Because I have a heart!

Julia Martin (Stamford, 2017-01-22)


I'm signing this because for aslong as I can remember this man has sat in the same place everytime I've been to town. My kids have walked passed this dog loads of times as have I and I have never seen a vicious side to the dog. The dog is this mans companion leave them alone

Julie Carter (Peterborough , 2017-01-22)


His dogs will get put down otherwise for no valid reason.

Emma Napper (Cambridge, 2017-01-22)

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