Save Bitsy & Floyd in Peterborough



The dogs have done nothing how dare they try and put them down what are we China

Natassia Garner (Peterborough, 2017-01-22)


The man has lost everything and doesn't deserve his dog over false claims.

Ben Brothwell (Bourne, 2017-01-22)


People deserve a chance and every time I have walked past this dog and Eddie, he is calm, he is relaxed and most of the time asleep peacefully! Dogs bark, cats screech and adults shout abuse in the streets! People need to realise this is this man's sidekick and companion! In no way is he a vicious animal!!!!!

Laura Maddalo (Peterborough , 2017-01-22)


That poor dog looks lovely I've stroked him aswell and he's fine he's not like a dog who's been trained to be viscous no dog should be put down unless absolutely nessecary he's a lovely boy and anybody who could put his down is a horrible monster who should be put down themselves

Jessica Pearson (Peterborough , 2017-01-22)


These dogs should not be destroyed. A humane alternative that provides them with a good quality of life needs to be worked out.

Petah Martin (Petersham, 2017-01-22)


80 Morelle Court
Suite #1107

Anne Pearce (Toronto, 2017-01-22)


Cause the dog has never gone for another dog.

Natalie James (Bourenmouth , 2017-01-22)


This is so wrong on every level happy for my 12 year old to confirm these dogs are kind and friendly Peterborough council be very ashamed

Paula Hilliard (Peterborough, 2017-01-22)


this dog is not vicious i have seen people walking past asking to stroke it and it is fine

sarah allen (england, 2017-01-22)


Im signing because I'm morally obliged to

Kenny Fortune (Bradford , 2017-01-22)


I'm signing because I have met this man and his dog and in no way is this dog vicious. Yes he barks but so do all dogs.

Vivien George (Holebeach , 2017-01-22)


I'm signing because neither dog has a vicious bone in their bodies. This man is so lovely and genuine. The dogs are his life and I'm ready to fight to keep those dogs with him

Rebecca Richardson (Peterborough, 2017-01-22)


I am signing because this man deserve to stay with his dog. He don't have anyone but them. They give him company when everyone else turn their back on him. So please let him have his family back. The dogs need him and he needs his dog.

Essence Fair (FPO, 2017-01-22)


It's disgusting, help the poor man not kill his dogs barbaric !

Laura Rice (Melkaham, 2017-01-22)


His dogs are in no way vicious!

Louise Mcguirke (Peterborough , 2017-01-22)


For all three of them xx

Dee Poole (Polegate , 2017-01-22)


I often stop and talk to floyd and both dogs are beautiful.The last time I spoke to them,my dog had just been put down due to illness and bitsy nuzzled up to me when I started crying.Anyone who says they are vicious needs their head examined

Amy Cook-Nykyforczuk (Peterborough , 2017-01-22)


This is an obvious attack on a man who has done no harm to anyone and completely unacceptable cruelty to animals.

Helen Wood (Didcot, 2017-01-22)


There is clear evidence that the dog is not vicious

Sue Underhill (York, 2017-01-22)


I am signing this because I know this person and his dog. In no way shape of form is this dog vicious. You should not be able to take an animals life to get back at a helpless person

Sergio Cabral (Ramsey, 2017-01-22)


I am signing because this dog is not dangerous in anyway! And I believe this man should be able to kee he's dog by he's side, the man clearly doesn't have much in he's life and he's dog is clearly a mans best friend! No need to put a healthy dog down!

Esther Richards (Cambridgeshire , 2017-01-22)


I'm signing it because I have never seen any homeless persons dog get out of control. I walk past them regularly and never see a problem occur. Good luck to the dogs and the owner. Save the dogs.

Mary Gregory (Peterborough, 2017-01-22)


Dog is not dangerous at all and it's not fair for this poor soul what council wants to do . He needs help not another moment of sadness!

Catia Teixeira (Peterborough , 2017-01-22)


This is a disgrace,any dog can be dangerous regardless of breed,size or ages,why not help this man out by providing the correct shelter for the 3 of them,these dogs are his life and you should not take the last bit of hope he has left away

Rob Lemmon (Manea, 2017-01-22)


I think it's wrong to destroy these lovely animals, when ever I see them it doesn't seem viscous to me

Melanie Cassidy (Peterborough , 2017-01-22)


I'm signing because I think it's a disgrace how the council treat homeless people in this city! They refuse to give them homes as they'd have to give up their dogs who are a massive part of their lives. Would some councillors give up their kids in order to move? I don't think so! Shame on you PCC!

Simon East (Peterborough , 2017-01-22)


I think this is appalling! Poor man loves his dogs why would they get put down?! Outrageous!

Suzie Moffat (London , 2017-01-22)


Regularly see this man and his dog. When we accidentally passed very close with our dogs, his became agitated and he controlled it very well, which should be all that matters. A dog-reactive dog does not deserve to be destroyed just because his owner is homeless.

Carol Brooks (Peterborough, 2017-01-22)


Dogs are humans best friends.

Monta Kojro (PETERBOROUGH, 2017-01-22)


Why when some people have do little do others think it is right to take away what little they do have... poor dogs, leave them and their owner alone. Go find something else to complain about

Christina Hurford (Peterborough, 2017-01-22)


These dogs are not vicious just because they don't like all other dogs. Bit like people really as we all don't like everyone

janet cheal (Peterborough, 2017-01-22)


I have seen this man and his dog and the dog is not vicious and is by his side whenever I go to Peterborough.

Emily Brown (Huntingdon, 2017-01-22)


This dog is not dangerous! Early one morning in November, my children and I were walking through peterborough, it was freezing. My 9 year old son saw this gentleman and his dog and told me he looked cold, he then asked if he could use his pocket money to buy him some food and a hot drink. We did this and returned. This man showed so much gratitude to my little boy. He was almost in tears as he was thanking him, my son then gave the remainder of his pocket money for him to buy his dog some food. During this time my little boy was stroking and petting the dog. He is not viscious or dangerous. If a 9 year old child with autism (my son has autism) can show compassion, then surely everyone can learn from him and do the same.

Hayley Lawrence (Cambs, 2017-01-22)


The dog isnt a danger.

sharon anderson (Bedford, 2017-01-22)


Im signing because i see him regularly with his dog who takes no notice of people as they walk past and is his life

Robert Richardson (Peterborough, 2017-01-22)


It looks like a truped up charge because they'd rather get at Eddie but have no grounds.

Sarah Henderson (Guildford, 2017-01-22)


I've stroked this dog many of times when passing and never has it barked or shown any signs of aggression

Joe Geeves (Stamford , 2017-01-22)


Animals are family to many people, these dog's are this mans companions to take them away from him is very wrong.

Joanne Robinson (Leeds, 2017-01-22)


He is most lovely person ever, and his dogs are the only things he has they are well behaved

Holly Green (Holbeach , 2017-01-22)


The are his beloved companions. Please don't kill them, it's not fair.

Nicola Helsdon (Cambridgeshire , 2017-01-22)


The dog has no need to be put down friendly dog

Alex Rolfe (Spalding, 2017-01-22)


I'm a dog lover. I have a staffie and sick of people judging dogs because of their breed.

Karen Riches (Cambridgeshire, 2017-01-22)


because hes a busler and non comfromist trying to just m,ake him look bad

paul grundy (leeds, 2017-01-22)


I have Never seen this dog behave aggressively to any one or any thing. Quite the opposite. Hes really docile.

Janet Green (Peterborough , 2017-01-22)


I've met this man and his dog and there was no aggression at all

Karen Feasey (Peterborough, 2017-01-22)


I'm signing because I think it is disgusting that they are prepared to destroy two lovely animals and leave this man with even less to live for. Don't do it!

Melanie Morris (Peterborough , 2017-01-22)


The dog doesn't look dangerous to me!! I have 2 very friendly staffies, never harmed a fly yet people cross over when they see them!

Kat Cookmargrett (Settle, 2017-01-22)


These dogs aren't vicious! No animal should be treated this way!

Amelia Smith (Peterborough, 2017-01-22)


I regularly walk past this man and his beloved dog. Never have I felt threatened by the animal. to put him down would be murder

Emily Butcher (March , 2017-01-22)


It's ridiculous. People are allowed to walk dangerous dogs off a lead and get away with it but this poor man gets taken to court. The law is a joke

Katie Holmes (Wisbech, 2017-01-22)


I always walk past the friendly man and he's dog, and they a kind not a threat. Leave them alone. The council should house them instead of taking them to court!!

Katie Sandhu (Spalding , 2017-01-22)


I'm sick of the homeless being victimised, give them a break!!

Tania Cheshire (Etchingham, 2017-01-22)


It's his pride and joy he should be aloud to keep his dog regardless

Mollie-Mae Simpson (Holbeach, 2017-01-22)


Im seeing that dog every time I'm going in town, it is the nicest dog. It would be cruel to kill it. It is the only thing that poor man has.

Melissa Startchenko (Peterborough , 2017-01-22)


I see this dog regular and stroke him. He is not vicious at all!! This dog deserves to live

Amie Bell (Peterborough , 2017-01-22)


Numerous times I go past this dog and not once has it even looked at me never mind be vicious ,I used to live in Peterborough .. I thought it " was" one of the nicest places to shop... no I never go,the a and e times are a disgrace ,there's not enough parking for shoppers and the variety of shops has depleated... concentrate on that .. not taking someone's best friend away ... how would you like it!!!

Julie Broughton (Oakham, 2017-01-22)


I'm a dog lover and do not believe these dogs are vicious at all.

Vicky Parkes (Huntingdon , 2017-01-22)


This breaks my heart to think that this could happen no one deserves to loose their best friends. Especially when they have done nothing of the sort described. I really hope this petition will make a difference to this lovely man!

Hannah Dunkley (Peterborough , 2017-01-22)


This is silly Ive given money to this man before To get his dogs some food And the dogs didnt even Growl or bark at me

Ben Beaney (Peterborough , 2017-01-22)


I know this man and his dog and donate food often. The dog is not vicious by any means and is there to protect the man on the streets. He has already lost so much and to take his dogs would be cruel!

Neve Crosby (Bourne, 2017-01-22)


His dog is lovely, i always give him some money for him and his dog

Emily Drage (Cambs, 2017-01-22)


These dogs are all this man has, please don't take them away from him

Mandy Price (Notts , 2017-01-22)


I have seen these dogs and they are not vicious even my little boy has stroked them

Debbie Nobbs (Wisbech, 2017-01-22)


These dogs are not dangerous

Gerry Stroud (Colston Bassett nottingham, 2017-01-22)


Doesn't appear to be one little bit vicious to me. It does however appear that they want to kill two dogs to spite a vulnerable person. Very big of them!!!

dee reid (Aviemore, 2017-01-22)


For people who have nothing their pets are their lives.

Sandra Edwards (Manchester , 2017-01-22)


The dogs deserve to stay with this man and not to be taken off him every time I've see them they have been friendly

Callie Whelton (Peterborough, 2017-01-22)


You cannot take away the only thing this man has. He needs those pups to keep him safe and sane. Help him, don't hurt him.

Sami Trillo-Blanco (London, 2017-01-22)


Because im fed up with people who have a comfortable life targeting thise who struggle and its those who struggle that help others most of the time

Karen Waterman (Plelauff, 2017-01-22)


I see this man with his dog often. They cause no problems!

Pamela Goode (Peterborough , 2017-01-22)


If these dogs have done no wrong let them be a friend to those man , sometimes in life dogs pull you through the dark days

Nicola Otiepka (Carlisle, 2017-01-22)


Because you can't a man away from his best friend

Mikhaela Feast (March , 2017-01-22)


I have passed this man many times, stopped and given him money, given him a big hug and a chat and also stroked his lovely dogs. His dog causes no harm whatsoever and is completely lovely. It would break Eddie's heart.

Kelly Clark (March, 2017-01-22)

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