Save Bitsy & Floyd in Peterborough



We love these dogs and Eddie

Tim Gregory (Peterborough, 2017-01-21)


I have never seen the dog behave in a vicious way and have stroked him on several occasions. The man has nothing, please don't take the only thing that matters to him.

Karin Brittle (Peterborough, 2017-01-21)


Because I think it's unfair that Eddie is being picked on he is a lovely man and his dog is lovely to!

Hayley Harrison (Peterborough , 2017-01-21)


A mans best friend is his dog. What an awful thing to happen to probably two of the most precious things in this mans life. Please don't take them away from him,

Kay Dee (Peterborough, 2017-01-21)


I have never heard such rubbish, lovely dog .

Sharron Cooke (Kings Lynn, 2017-01-21)


I have seen this dog every time I have gone to town and not once have I ever seen it be vicious at all. Leave the man and his dog alone

Cindy Fox (Peterborough , 2017-01-21)


This man has nothing but his dogs is humanity so cruel to take everything he has left

Julie Wooldridge (Peterborough, 2017-01-21)


Those dogs are his family. I have never seen either of them being aggressive.

Anne McGinty (Peterborough , 2017-01-21)


I don't think a dog should be put down just because his/ her dad is homeless he's still very much loved

Donna Leask (Diss , 2017-01-21)


I know how much these dogs mean to this man. Destroying his dogs would destroy him too. They're his whole life and all he has.

Roset Soper (Yaxley, Peterborough, 2017-01-21)


He's human & humans need company

deb hall (Birmingham , 2017-01-21)


You can see the poor dog isn't dangerous poor fella

Judith Moore (Newcastle , 2017-01-21)


Using a sledgehammer to crack a nut is never a good look.

Kevin Charles Butler (Hull, 2017-01-21)


Destroyed... what a word, they're loving animals that become like family. They are obviously all he has, why would people be so cruel to take the one loved ones away from him to be "destroyed". Some people make me sick. Leave him and his animals alone you low life's!!!!!!

Emily Jones (Peterborough, 2017-01-21)


I love dogs

Suzane Donaldson (Selkirk, 2017-01-21)


This is sad let the mad keep his dog

Laura Paul (Peterborough, 2017-01-21)


I've spoken to Eddie znd floyed many times and never had seen or heard any complaints about either . . He only has his dogs . To take that away will certainly send him down . Please consider the mental wellbeing and the dog is part of our town community . Thank you

Dawn Giddings (Peterborough, 2017-01-21)


Leave Eddie the busker and his faithfull four legged friends alone, the dogs and Eddie need each other, they are doing no damage to anyone

Julie Jarvis (Cleethorpes, 2017-01-21)


He doesn't deserve to lose the only thing that he truly love him!

Francesca Stewart (Lincoln , 2017-01-21)


He loves his dogs very much let him keep them

Dawn Evans (Cambridgeshire , 2017-01-21)


I have a dog and being homeless would not stop me from loving and taking care of him!

Suzanne Williams (Durham, 2017-01-21)


I'm signing this because I pass this gentleman and his dog regulary even with my own dog and it is far from vicious and out of control!

Christina Grundy (Peterborough , 2017-01-21)


I'm a Peterborough resident and have been all my life and I'm disgusted over the treatment of poor and homeless people in My city, the city council think they can do as they please and this is not the case. This dog is no threat FACT

Chris Alvin (Peterborough , 2017-01-21)


Often seen in Peterborough - no danger with dog!!

Katrina Kennedy (Peterborough, 2017-01-21)


Peterborough council do nothing but bully the homeless in peterbough.

joanne benton (YAXLEY, 2017-01-21)


Floyd clearly isn't dangerous and this is a trumped up charge not supported by the public

Sonya Andermahr (Towcester , 2017-01-21)


I have chatted with this man and his dog on quite a few occasions and his dog is beautiful and gentle and he clearly loves it very much. I haven't met his other dog but find it hard to believe it wouldn't have a similar nature.

Maria O'Sullivan (Stamford , 2017-01-21)


You wouldn't need to take his dogs and probably the only thing he has left in life and just put a bloody roof over his head. All this money wasted, just to demoralise the homeless further. Out homeless are treated like dirt on people's shoes, it's time we stood for decency and helped our fellow man. The council should be ashamed of themselves for this

Charlene Allsop (Corby, 2017-01-21)


Peterborough City Council are hypocrits, bullies. And have no right pull this man and his dog through court 3rd time, Evidence is needed, no incidents = no evidence = no conviction, So sod off and leave him and his dog alone.

Darren Rudderham (Yaxley, 2017-01-21)


Of the disgusting and outright ridiculous treatment of this poor man by so called "authority," as if his life isn't difficult enough without these hypocritical morons making petty accusations.

Aaron Rudderham (Peterborough, 2017-01-21)


Unfair and cruel.

Elaine Buddle (Peterborough , 2017-01-21)


Leave this man and his beloved dogs alone please. Spend your time and money on catching criminals......isn't being homeles bad enough for this man without loosing his companions?

Tony Shepherd (Sandy, 2017-01-21)


We all need help sometime. Don't kick a person when they are down.

Graham Leonard (Peterborough , 2017-01-21)


The dog does not appear to be out of control so should be left in the care of the owner.

Shaun Osborne (Peterborough, 2017-01-21)


I've walked past many of times and the animals are just laying there give the guy a break he don't bother anyone just sits there and has the odd chat with passers by

Genia Rotundi (Peterborough, 2017-01-21)


Why you taking these lovely dogs to cough and he's been with him and I've seen him he hasn't had anyone what the hell is going on

Callum Flowers (Peterborough, 2017-01-21)


I've worked in Peterborough for the past 2 years and walked past this mans dogs every day, not once have the dogs misbehaved.
What's sad is people who stab people get let on bail but yet you wasted time and money taken innocent people to court, what has the world come too!

Hollie Church (Cambridgeshire , 2017-01-21)


Poor bloke has it hard enough, don't take probably the only things he has that loves him away.

Stefan Fuller (Huntingdon, 2017-01-21)


The dog is no risk to anyone. An obserd claim

Sam Carson (Peterborough , 2017-01-21)


This man needs compassion

Mandy Care (Yarmouth, 2017-01-21)


Leave Eddie and Floyd alone. I have never seen Floyd be aggressive, to separate these two would be an injustice.

Alison Thorley (Peterborough, 2017-01-21)


I see Eddy and Floyd regularly. Floyd will react (bark) if another dog barks at him, but I've nevery seen the slightest hint of aggression from him. Eddy seems to have complete control over him at all times.
I can't help but suspect that this has been instigated by someone with an alternative agenda.

Anthony Mayo (Peterborough, 2017-01-21)


I've never seen his dogs be vicious, they are normally asleep by his side.

greg briers (Peterborough, 2017-01-21)


He is lovely!

Sam Gilder (Peterborough , 2017-01-21)


There his family leave him alone

Anne Staton (East yorkshire, 2017-01-21)


It's not fair you can not do this !!vicious don't be silly let's put you down instead save save save!!!!! !!!!!!!!! How cruel can people be

Charlotte Miller (Stevenage, 2017-01-21)


Everyone knows Floyd is not viscous

Shirley Hayes (Peterborough , 2017-01-21)


Something more sensible has to be done. Eddie is at difficult times as it is and the poor dog is not living life easy either and to destroy the innocent dog is not the way forward. Re-homing the dog would be more of a sensible option and supporting Eddie in getting on his feet would be more productive then destroying the dog for him to get another one for the cycle to happen again.
Stop it now and support!

Natasha Buchanan (Peterborough, 2017-01-21)


Please show some kindness and humanity towards this man

anne murphy (derby, 2017-01-21)


I let him change up his money in my shop i have first hand seen how gentle his dog is when he brings him in iv come round from the counter and had plent of interaction with floyed with no issues

James Hodgson (Peterborough , 2017-01-21)


Treat our homeless with respect and leave them alone, go look for peadophiles and actual criminals.

Nikki Davies (Peterborough , 2017-01-21)


His dogs are never out of control. They are well looked after and have a lovely temperament.

Carey Donkin (Peterborough, 2017-01-21)


I walk into town regularly and seen this man and his dog frequently. I have never seen the dog anything but placid, relaxed and friendly. To consider destroying this mans true friend and something that I'm sure loves him as much as he loves his dog is downright shameful and disgraceful.....something PCC is displaying with alarming regularity of late!!

Melanie Adam (Peterborough , 2017-01-21)


I am a local dog trainer and work with many an out of control dog. I have met both dogs and neither in my professional opinion are dangerous or out of control that I have seen.

Nickola Engel (Peterborough , 2017-01-21)


This is disgraceful this dog is the mans life and the dog doesn't look at all aggressive. So cruel and heartless. Is there proof of attacks? If not then it's disgusting

Michelle Orchard (Gosport , 2017-01-21)


This is untrue & not fair.

Lisa Taylor (Peterborough , 2017-01-21)


I have personally spoken to Eddie in town myself on my travels and his dog Floyd is not viscous in any way shape or form. He's a lovely dog. I am disgusted to come across this. They don't not bother or hurt anyone. I hope Eddie Floyd and Bitsy fight and win there battle.

Sarah Crowson (Peterborough , 2017-01-21)


I'm signing because homeless people have lost everything and this man probably only has these dogs to keep him company and he deserves to have that one thing!
I'm also signing because you can't just put dogs down because of reports, you need proof otherwise you're killing an innocent animal.

Ella Eddings (Peterborough , 2017-01-21)


give eddie a break!!

calogero messina (peteeborough, 2017-01-21)


Because even though this man has so little he still try's too make people's days just that small bit better by smiling at them or wishing them a good day. I always go out of my way to buy him a cup of tea and sandwich, or give him spare change and the dog has never been vicious toward me and I would be heart broken to see them both go.

Jess Groucott (Peterborough, 2017-01-21)


He should be left alone in peace with his dog's.. I have an autistic son and he has stroked the fogs on several occasions..

Louise Wells (Lincs, 2017-01-21)


This is discusting you can't take his dogs away

Caroline Martin (Peterborough, 2017-01-21)


I've bought this man and his dog food and drink. His dog is not misbehaved or viscous in any way! Both owner and dog are gentle!

Simon Duffield (Peterborough , 2017-01-21)


I've busked beside this dog before. I'm also studying Canine Psychology, in no way is this dog aggressive.

Emma Bristow (Peterborough, 2017-01-21)


I care

Rashid Irshad (LOndon, 2017-01-21)


The animals are the innocent party in this problem. Help is needed obviously.

June Robertson (Birmingham, 2017-01-21)


I disagree on haveing these dogs put to sleep not good

Priscilla Pooley (Peterbough, 2017-01-21)


This is all this man has,kicking him when he's down is an inhumane abuse of power.

John Bunyan (Winchester, 2017-01-21)


This dog is not dangerous.

Elspeth Wiltshire (Peterborough , 2017-01-21)


I care about innocent animals and this is unfair and heartless.

Cynthia Callaghan (Glasgow, 2017-01-21)


This is wrong

Lee Woodland (Peterborough, 2017-01-21)


His dogs are not vicious

Michael Alderson (Peterborough, 2017-01-21)


I'm signing because there is no evidence Eddies dogs are dangerous leave them all alone to get on with their lives they don't bother anyone

Sharon Lilley (Peterborough, 2017-01-21)


I have met both of Eddie's dogs and neither has an aggressive bone in their bodies. They are both lovely dogs and are loved and cared for. They are Eddie's life. Take time out to aactuallymeet these dogs and you will see that they are both great dogs

Stephanie Hughes (Peterborough , 2017-01-21)


This injustice should not go unnoticed. As a person who has walked past this man many times in my life (including today) I can say this the councils statements are completely incorrect. A dog deserves to live.

Jade Roe (Peterborough, 2017-01-21)


Eddie is a lovely guy and so are his dogs! They're well controlled and he's a responsible dog owner.

Sinead Moriarty (Peterborough , 2017-01-21)


Keep the dog it's his life people should know what animals are like! They are protective of his owner! Get a fucking life people of Peterborough it's his dog! If someone said this about one ov my animals I'd kick the dicks myself let alone my animal stay strong Eddie

Laura Martin (Peterborough , 2017-01-21)


Always see this man when im in town and his dogs are no bother. Always friendly to everyone and very calm

Molly Pycroft (Peterborough, 2017-01-21)


It's unfair to take he's beloved pet family and best friend leave him alone

Lisa Jane (Peterborough , 2017-01-21)


This mans dogs are no more danger than a cuddly toy. My grandson often sits with them and strokes his dogs. Peterborough City Council ought to be ashamed. I will back this lovely man all the way.

Lorraine Jackson (Peterborough, 2017-01-21)


this man has nothing but a dog that is always asleep.... maybe the council should concerntrate on issues that are important rather then take the only thing a man owns..... well done Peterborough

Phill Speight (Peterborough , 2017-01-21)

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