Halal Nandos in Ipswich



I love Nandos

Salman Khalid (Ipswich, 2016-11-29)


I love Nandos but Halal

Naveed Kamboh (Ipswich, 2016-11-29)


I would like to support this petition.

Khalid Saeed (Ipswich , 2016-11-30)


Would love to have halal nandos in Ipswich!

Mashaal Ali (Ipswich, 2016-11-30)


I would like as many halal nandos in the country

Omar Zaman (Ashford, 2016-12-12)



Kazi Mahmud (Ipswich, 2016-12-29)



Shahbaz Ahmed (Ipswich , 2016-12-29)


I feel like murghi man tonight

Khala Murghi Ali (Ipswich, 2016-12-29)


Hai re Ipswich Nando's nai

Shada Murghi Ali (Ipswich, 2016-12-29)


My sister and my brother-in-law mop, said they'll treat me to the new 'halal nandos' in ipswich

Afsana Yasmin (London, 2016-12-29)


I always go to nandos in london because it's halal. Would love to have in ipswich. Business will go through roof.

koyas miah (ipswich, 2016-12-29)


My fam love piri piri

Sal Khan (Ipswich , 2016-12-30)


I love chicken, and specially when its halal. A great opportunity to take family and friends out regularly....

motin khan (Ipswich, 2016-12-30)


We normally travel to London for halal Nando's - we would love to have a halal Nando's in Ipswich, plus it would be ideal for people from our local towns to come to Ipswich just for Halal Nando's.

Shakel Shahid (Ipswich, 2016-12-30)


I eat halal food that why

Jamer Hossin (Ipswich , 2016-12-30)


I love Nando's and would love to have a halal restaurant in Ipswich for us to enjoy.

Michele Kately (Ipswich, 2016-12-30)


I want a halal Nando's in our town

Mani Saeed (Ipswich, 2016-12-30)


Make this nandos Halal please

Mahbub Ali (Ipswich, 2016-12-30)


I'm Muslim and can only eat halal, there Nando's here currently in Ipswich does not cater for us Muslims.

Rezina Khan (Ipswich, 2016-12-30)


I'm signing because I have always wanted to go Nandos but never had the chance because it was not halal, and this petition will give me a great opportunity to have some Nandos !!

Ayesha Begum (Ipswich , 2016-12-30)


We would love to have a halal nandos in ipswich

Kohinoor Bibi (Ipswich, 2016-12-30)


I'm signing this because I am a Muslim that cannot eat anything at nados apart from salad

Sumeyra Ozbek (Ipswich, 2016-12-30)


Want halal nandos chicken

Aaqil Ali (Ipswich, 2016-12-30)


Nandos is my favourite and I travel all the way to London to eat it.

Juma Hoque (Ipswich, 2016-12-30)


To make Nando's halal

Fatima Modawi (Ipswich , 2016-12-30)


Because i love nandos, and it'll be great if they make it halal

Odai Modawi (Ipswich, 2016-12-30)


I am a Muslim myself and I think if there is a halal Nando's in Ipswich, it would be a great opportunity to raise the company as their would be more muslims eating at Nando's which would mean there would be more business

Farjana Aktar (Ipswich , 2016-12-30)


Nandos is the pengest munch, I'd rate it a 4.3 still

Murgi Connoisseur (Ipswich, 2016-12-30)


I would like to enjoy a Nando's in my own town especially as I would like to eat it often

Seray Caglayan (Ipswich, 2016-12-30)


There is much need for a halal Nandos restaurant in Ipswich. Many families are sure to enjoy a meal here!

Donna Miah (Ipswich, 2016-12-30)


Excellent idea and will increase customers

Eusha Fawad (Norwich, 2016-12-30)



Rohima Begum (Ipswich , 2016-12-30)


I'm Muslim

Shelim Ahmed (Ipswich , 2016-12-30)



Sameer Khalid (Ipswich, 2016-12-30)


I want to work in this Nando's

Salma Khalid (Ipswich, 2016-12-30)


i eat halal food and there's not many nando's that sell halal chicken which is upsetting because i like their chicken.

sahema begum (ipswich, 2016-12-30)


Need halal Nando

Junaid Rafi (Ipswich, 2016-12-31)


It would be great to have a place in Ipswich where I can eat with muslim friends without them always having to have the veggie option when they aren't actually veggie

Lisa Butler (Ipswich , 2016-12-31)


We want halal Nandos in Ipswich as we go all the way to Ilford.I bet your sale will be doubled as this town is full of Nandos's fan who are Muslims.

Sadaf Aezad (Ipswich, 2016-12-31)


It's important for the wider community to allow everyone to have a cheeky Nandos!

Aneeq Durrani (Colchester, 2016-12-31)


I want a halal nandos

Sam Shaf (Ipswich , 2016-12-31)


We dont

Farhan Miah (Ipswich, 2016-12-31)


I love to have a halal Nando's in Ipswich

Noman Arain (Ipswich, 2016-12-31)


All the Nando's should be halal

Asad Khan (Ashford, 2017-01-01)


I love Nando's and would love Nando's to go halal to make my chicken eating experience yummy

Imran Shaikh (Ipswich, 2017-01-01)


I love Nando's and i always miss not having the option of halal in my own city.

Mohsin Mughees (Ipswich, 2017-01-01)


Love a Nandos

Osman Zaman (Ashford, 2017-01-01)


I love Nando's and it would ve great to have a halal option here in Ipswich

Saba Asrar (Ipswich, 2017-01-03)



Waseem Mughal (Ipswich, 2017-01-04)


Because i want Halal food too.

Nabeel Iqbal (Ipswich , 2017-01-05)


There is a lack of halal restaurants in ipswich

Tahir Hussain (Felixstowe, 2017-01-06)


I'm signing because I am a Muslim living in Ipswich and would love the pleasure of enjoying a Halal Nandos

Soban Ali (Ipswich, 2017-03-30)


Need more variety that meet the needs and demands of a growing diverse community in Ipswich so I am happy to support this petition to help people in the minor ethnic community have a voice

Shofik Ali (Ipswich, 2018-03-05)


every one can eat halal food so making most foods halal, if possible, will only help rather than destroy our community

ash miah (ipswich, 2018-03-05)


Because we should have halal places!!! Petitions!!

Nas Was (Ipswich, 2018-03-05)


I am signing as the closest Nando's which serves halal chicken s in London, which is 80 miles away

d miah (ipswich, 2018-05-11)


Please Nando's make this halal coz I love eating chicken and I really wanna eat Nando's

Shaz Aktar (Ipswich , 2018-07-10)


Because I want they to open an Halal Nandos in Ipswich.

Rabia Begum (Ipswich, 2018-10-20)

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