SAY NO to the UNLAWFUL CLOSURE and POLICE RAID of the Labyrinth Buda Castle

The attack 

The invasion of the Labyrinth of Buda Castle to expropriate its assets and cultural investments for the private benefit of a group of government officials.



The Budapest riot police and forces of the authority acting for the Hungarian State raided the Labyrinth of Buda Castle and simply forced the large number of Hungarian and foreign visitors to leave the exhibition spaces, closing down the Labyrinth. Because of the brutality of the action, many tourists believed that a terrorist attack had occurred.




Since 2002, when the local government of Buda Castle first tried to have the place vacated, many organisations and persons have sought to lay hand on the rights to the premises, to usurp the Labyrinth and its thirty years of reputation, to seize its aesthetic values and technical equipment. Numerous unscrupulous methods were used to discredit the Labyrinth of Buda Castle.

After the Court refused to endorse these actions to unlawfully acquire the premises Labyrinth of Buda Castle, in 2008 a fierce police raid took place in the system of cellars. All subsequent proceedings and court cases pronounced these brutal actions as unlawful, and the Labyrinth of Buda Castle won.

What followed, in is truly sad and alarming episode of Hungarian cultural history. 




Even though the Labyrinth of Buda Castle was closed in, the data and contents of the Labyrinth of Buda Castle are, however, continuously used and manipulated on google and Wikipedia. The name of the Labyrinth of Buda Castle is misused despite a Court decision prohibiting such conduct. In addition, the Labyrinth's Facebook account is tagged into the google information panels of the perpetrators. For this reason, there has been a great turmoil for over five years, which requires more attention from tourists.

A political consultant of the Ministry of Agriculture, who has been dismissed since then, acquired the exploitation rights of the Buda Castle Cave for his own company and in the course of the infamous police attack, referring to the Hungarian State, the assets and aesthetic investments of the Labyrinth of Buda Castle collected for 30 years. 




After the closure of the Labyrinth of Buda Castle, the section of the Buda Castle Cave open to the public was operated as a waxworks exhibition, including a Medieval stoneworks remains, an opera waxworks exhibition and a photo exhibition of the World Caves, as well as a Dracula chamber based on historical fraud, which does not exist officially but is advertised.




At the same time, the company that acquired ownership through armed forces attack has advertised itself as Budavári Labirintus (Labyrinth of Buda Castle), which means that, in addition to acquiring the assets of the Labyrinth, it exploits the cultural and intellectual heritage of 30 years, reputation and settled internet presence of the Labyrinth of Buda Castle. The Hungarian Court prohibited the operator from the continuous violation of copyright and trademark rights for three times already.




The perpetrators having an interest in the Buda Castle Cave, therefore, violate trademark rights and copyright and also carry out online and other fraud, with tacit consent of the owner representing the Hungarian State. The infringement includes the algorithms of Google, Wikipedia and Facebook, both Hungarian and English sites. The perpetrator even tagged the community page of the Labyrinth of Buda Castle to Google's search and information panels, luring tens of thousands of people in a simplified Dracula business.




The three decades of cultural activity of the Labyrinth of Buda Castle are available on our website - which, sadly, can be regarded as an archive. It can be seen in its original form and when it was raided by the police, just a few days before Chopin's night-time premiere, serving to establish a labyrinthine thread between Budapest and Warsaw. The Polish composer would have been the 28th great European mind.

As a memento, we have made available the entire audio material of  "Wanderings with the Great minds of Europe" , to remember Europe and its cultural and democratic value. These European ideas are sorely needed, particularly here in the Danube valley where we dream about Europe.


If you agree with our endeavor, if you acknowledge the results and values of our activity, please support our petition by signing.

The Labyrinth of Buda Castle

August 4, 2011 



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