Save local parking

With limited parking in rural coastal communities it's time to save valuable resources from exploitation. Many local communities suffer from a lack of affordable local parking. In areas of low financial deprivation parking can become a considerable strain on finances if spaces have to be rented just To get what most others take for granted.

Many social landlords are looking to sell off local parking spaces. It's time that local need became    More important than short term gain.

a parking space In a holiday location may create short term gain financially if sold off but long term the finances don't add up.  Along with the loss of local parking for local people it creates access issues for disabled and the elderly.

its time the local community took control and said "enough is enough" time to think long term.

yes there is s need to raise capital for local housing. But each new house needs a parking space that's built into local planning. So why allow older properties to loose  parking? 

Please sign up to petition against the loss of parking in Mousehole! Let's get together to make our case to keep parking for locals!

i intend to petition all social landlords to retain existing parking for locals . Come onboard and help us make a stand!