This public space is an iconic landmark in the City of Tshwane.

On 4 September 2023 the Hillcrest Swimming Pool was, once again, closed until further notice. This is due to supply chain problems and other challanging factors. Please revise this petition to get the City to draft an MOA with a professional company that can manage this facility entirely on behalf of the City. 

Many Olympians and National Champions have trained here every day and built their swimming careers by competing in competitions hosted at this pool.

Lack of funds to perform maintenance has resulted in the pool being closed indefinitely.

This will have a negative impact on all residents who cannot afford the fees of gyms and private pools and might want to:
* learn to swim;
* train for various galas, open water events and/or triathlons;
* keep fit; and
* obtain qualifications for jobs in the navy, police or airlines.

The aim of this petition is:

1. To determine the extent of public interest in keeping Hillcrest Swimming Pool open and functional.

2. To approach the City of Tshwane with this petition and request them to commit to do the necessary maintenance and repairs to keep Hillcrest Swimming Pool open and functional.

3. Open the door for communication to the private sector to seriously consider a longterm MOA with the City of Tshwane that will grant private investors access to maintain the pool on behalf of the  City and manage this space in a professional manner.

If you want Hillcrest Swimming Pool to receive the necessary funds and attention to keep it open and functional, please add your name to this petition to  SAVE HILLCREST SWIMMING POOL!

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