Sanction Israel

To the presidency of South Africa.

We, the people of South Africa call on you to institute sanctions against Israel.

You have long since spoken about your support for Palestine.

Ban Israeli imports and ban flights to and from Israel just as Israel has banned Palestinians from re-entering their own lands.

Just as so many countries instituted sanctions against South Africa during Apartheid which led the presidency then to consider the economic implications of these sanctions, as well as social unrest to end the rule of Apartheid.

Remember your history Mr President. Remember the freedom fighters who died so you could be free. 

Now is your chance to do more to end the brutal occupation of the Palestinian people since 1948

Sanction Sanction Sanction.

Cut economic ties with Israel to stop the genocide.

Desmond Tutu said If you are neutral in situations of injustice, you have chosen the side of the oppressor. 

Do more in this struggle to free Palestine 🇵🇸

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