Remove Nazir Mughul from Uninversity of Sindh



  1. Mr Asif Ali Zardari,

President of Pakistan

2.  Dr. Ishratul Ibad

Chancellor of the University of Sindh &

Governor of Sindh


Subject: SUTA and FAPUASA-Sindh Chapter Demands Immediate Removal of Sindh University Vice-Chancellor, Dr Nazir A. Mughul


Dear Sir,

Recent incidents of increasing severe violence at the University of Sindh indicate the graveness of the situation under which the academic environment is continuously being hampered by miscreants. Threats, aerial firing, mobile snatching, infighting among different groups of students, misbehaviour with teachers have become a norm of day. Lack of concern and inefficiency by administration in tackling these issues has worsened the level of indiscipline and violence to an extent where miscreants have now started assassination of the teachers of the University of Sindh.

2nd January 2012, which was the very first day of the new academic year at the University of Sindh turned to be the darkest day in the history of this University as it witnessed the brutal assassination of Prof Bashir Ahmed Channar, a great academician and administrator who dedicated his life and thought to the cause of the University of Sindh.

Prof Channar was shot with several bullets by two unknown motorcyclists while he was driving his car near the mausoleum of Allama I.I Kazi. According to his son “my father was shot at around 01:40 PM, I got a call from one of my acquaintance at around 02:20 PM who informed me about this incident and I rushed to arrive at the location within no time but found no one other than my friend to help me carry my father to the hospital. Alas my father died because of the apathy of the administration of the University of Sindh. My father being the Director of Student Affairs had been receiving many threats (apparently owing to University’s decision to rusticate as many as 28 students) and he had been requesting the University for the provision of the security for his protection but alas the University neither provided him the security nor did they manage to take him to hospital in due time after his assassination!”.

In this regard, Sindh University Teachers’ Association held its General Body Meeting on Jan 4, 2012 under my chairmanship and was attended by over 400 teachers. While expressing deep sorrow and grief over this tragic incident the members of this august body resolved that now it is impossible for us to work in this campus unless four steps are taken by the concerned officials/authorities. One of these steps demanded Dr Nazir Mughul to tender his resignation admitting the collapse of his management in providing peaceful academic environment at the campus. It was mentioned that since Dr Mughul has taken over the charge, several students have been murdered, a university bus has been set on fire, several incidents of misbehaver with teachers have happened and one could observe rampant corruption and irregularities in admissions, examinations and other university transactions and above all now teachers are being assassinated!).

The demand of the Sindh University Teachers regarding the resignation of Dr Mughul was communicated to him in person on the same day by a large number of teachers who marched from the Arts Faculty Building to Administration Building (AC-II) and had a sit-in for several hours just to press Dr Mugul to step down.

All the academic activities remained suspended since Jan 2 but Dr Mughul did not tender his resignation voluntarily. Therefore, members of the teaching community called for a protest rally on Friday, Jan 6, 2012 from Sindh University Old Campus to Press Club Hyderabad to demand his immediate forced removal.

The rally was attended by several hundreds of teachers from the main campus and the additional campuses of the University of Sindh. Additionally, the rally was also attended by President of Federation of All Pakistan Academic Staff Association-Sindh Chapter Prof Naimatullah Laghari, Prof Yaqoob Chandio of Sindh Professors and Lecturers Association (SPLA), President of the Mehran University of Engineering & Technology Prof Ihsan Memon and a huge delegation of teachers from Shah Abdul Latif University Khairpur including Prof Majeed Chandio, Prof Imdad Chandio, Prof Asad Raza Abdi and Prof Ghulam Muhudyen Vesser.

All the teachers unanimously demanded for the immediate removal of Dr Nazir Mughul in order to save the University of Sindh and save the Education of Sindh. All the teachers agreed that if there is any further delay in removing Dr Mughul, then the suspension of the academic activities would be extended at Sindh level through FAPUASA-Sindh Chapter.


PS 1: The arrangement of Valima ceremony at VC house during the seven day mourning    period announced by the University of Sindh is enough to expose Dr Mughul’s intense non- serious attitude and disrespect for University’s decisions. It was this non-serious attitude that took the life of Prof Channar. Please remove Dr Mughul and Save the Sindh University.


PS 2: If all of the above is not enough to get Dr Mughul removed then we may refer your kind self to following documents which are available on the internet at the given links. These documents pertain to his previous tenure at this University and the very illegitimate appointment of this person once again at our Alma-mater. Several other documents showing the irregularities of Dr Mughul under his current tenure could also be made public if the need be so. Every action and every statement of Dr Mughul is in itself a proof of his incapability of understanding and tacking the issues of the University of Sindh adequately.


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Yours Faithfully


Dr Azhar Ali Shah


Sindh University Teachers’ Association



All the signatories