Protect Green Forest - Lublinek

Petition for the protection of the forest and green areas (70 ha) in the area of ​​Sołtyka, Pienista and Laskowicka streets in Łódź - a natural extension of "Uroczysko Lublinek" and the creation of the second part of the forest park on these post-agricultural areas with natural succession of nature, the so-called "Green Lublinek".

Resolution No. LIV/1636/22 of the City Council in Łódź of January 19, 2022 - accession No. 286 to the Local Spatial Development Plan in Łódź.

We, the inhabitants of Łódź, want to have an impact on decisions regarding the areas around us and saving nature, which is why we request the Mayor to take actions aimed at:

  • suspending the implementation of the above-mentioned Resolution and changing the study;
  • public consultation;
  • leaving "green areas" instead of warehouse and production areas;
  • protection of green areas, animals and birds (in accordance with Article 2(2)(5) and (7) of the Act of April 16, 2004 on nature protection, as amended);
  • cessation and prohibition of further felling of trees;
  • resumption of the environmental decision;
  • ban on building production and storage halls in place of the Lublinek forest and green areas;

Pursuant to the provisions of the Act on Petitions of On July 11, 2014, we are asking the Mayor of the City of Łódź, Hanna Zdanowska, to update the study and change the purpose of the above-mentioned area into park-like green areas (e.g. the "Zielony Lublinek" forest park) or green areas.

Green areas ensure proper spatial order, sustainable development of the city, decent living conditions for residents and maintain a friendly place to relax.