pregnant daughter&toddler face eviction after cancer kills mum

Shortly after disgnosis my mother had contacted gallions housing association to find out what rights i have to the tenancy if i gave up my property to be her carer. They had informed on 2 occassions that given the circumstances,they woud allow me as co-tenant rather than the usual practise of having resided for 1year. When my mother called to inform them i had moved in she was told rather rudely that i had made myself and my son intentionally homeless as she had not asked permission. We complained about this person and i was put down as residing but no security to the tenancy. Unfortunately my mother only made it a further 6months,at which point i was asked if i had somewhere else to live as they were seeking to terminate the tenancy. I am now 28weeks pregnant, which complications within my pregnancy and suffering depression due to unecessary stress. I have found a 2bedroom property which has only just handed their notice into gallions and have been refused this?! So not only are they showing no conpassion they are also being obstructive. Notice has been served for 7/10/2013, my baby is due 25th november 2013. Please sign this petition to support me succeeding the tenancy to the property which has been our family home for 25years!!!