Petition for the inclusion of hammer throw in the Diamond League

The hammer throw is an event in athletics with great, more than hundred-year-old, Olympic tradition. In 2000 the women’s competition was incorporated into the Olympic Programme and since then has shown steady growth both in number of participants, and number of World Records.

Nevertheless, this development is thwarted by the continual exclusion of the event from stadiums and the non-integration in the competition programme of the Diamond League.

In order to keep up with the ever-growing participation in contemporary sport, track and field must be promoted strongly across all events. Failure to do so leads to a decline in the number of athletes entering into or participating in athletics. It is increasingly difficult to keep the athletes of tomorrow in athletics when they are not able to watch their chosen event in the stadium, on TV or via live-streaming. These children and young athletes need role models to emulate and to motivate them to new challenges.

Moreover, beside the striking financial unequal treatment of the hammer throwers in the hammer IAAF Challenge, another disadvantage comes with the generation of personal sponsors, because the least Hammer Challenge competitions are not on TV or available via internet live-stream.

The hammer throw deserves a chance on the big stage of the athletics in the Diamond League. It is not least about the future  of an event with great tradition in athletics which is hardly to be outbid in its combination of dynamism, technique, speed and strength.


Our goals


We want to bring our sport, the hammer throw to a wider range of public attention. We want to offer opportunities to learn more about our event and about the athletes involved.


We want to bring the hammer throw up for public discussion and increase the media interest in our sport. We want to disprove the prejudices placed against our event and correct the wrongful image of our field event.


We want all events in the Olympic charter of Athletics to be treated with equality in every aspect, be it socially, athletically or financially.


We want that hammer throw to be treated equally to all other Track and Field events, being included in the highest levels of competition– especially including the elite meetings and venues scheduled throughout the year.


This is what the hammer throwers want, to be viewed and treated as equals among athletes. This is what the hammer throw needs, so that the sport will continue to grow, to motivate and support today’s hammer throwers as well as


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