Permission for driveway from eastlight

Please if you could sign this petition to help us get our driveway we woild be so greatful.

We live on Boleyns Avenue Braintree Cm75tx. 

We have been given planning permission from Essex highways and the council to get our drop kerb done.

Unfortunately we were later informed that the grass verge to the front of our property belongs to eastlight. We applied for permission from them and they have devastatingly denied it, they have said its now a community matter and they want to see that everyone is on board in order to allow permission.

Despite sending photos of our neighbours drive and lots of others on our road who they have been given permission to have driveways along eastlight grass verges and who pay a monthly fee they have still said no to us. 

We have agreed to use rubber grids so grass can still be seen and to have it all done neatly and properly. 

I am a childminder and am struggling getting the children to and from my car, with the wet slippery mud along with cars flying along whilst I try to safety get the children in the car, I class this as very dangerous. 

Please please could you help us change this unfair outcome and get permission so we can use our drive just as so many other have along our road.

I am hoping this will help lessen the parking which benefits everyone and opens the doors for others in the future. 

We would seriously appreciate all the support we can get.

Thank you. 

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