Objection to PA20/05207

I object to this planning application. A section of the proposed trail leaves the old track bed north of Trewerry and heading south carves through a steep gradient green field to the Sustrans Cycle route 32. I do not know of any impediment that precludes the Council proposing the trail to follow the old track bed to Trewerry road crossing. Using the track bed as the route is consistent with the Council messaging about reusing existing infrastructure, lowering the visual impact of the trail by using existing tree shrouded routes -and meeting more inclusivity criteria. This is met by having the trail join the highway (& cycle route 32) at a level gradient at the old level crossing. The current proposal would involve large amounts of ground works in the green field which is highly inappropriate when a more cost effective alternative brown field route is available.

Rupert Ridout-Jamieson    Contact the author of the petition