No uniform at Avanti hall school, Exeter.

 We the undersigned do not agree with the introduction of school uniforms at Avanti hall school, Exeter. We also request that any clothing code changes happen with due consultation as previously agreed.


Has any actual research been done into the usefulness of uniform in the modern school. In researching I have discovered:


-There is no evidence to suggest that uniforms increase good behaviour. But there is evidence to suggest ..


-no decrease in bullying , just change of type.

-increase in awareness of physical difference. Particularly , weight and skin colour.

-decrease in creativity

-decrease in comfort (particularly for sen children)

-increase in sen attendance issues

-decrease in mental health.

-uniform is male biased, the shirts are based on patterns of White elite men’s clothing as are blazers.

-increase of Young females harassment by adult men in the street

Environmental impact-

Most school uniforms are made of polyester and nylon these are detrimental to the environment,

-sustainability and ethics, where are they produced and by whom?

-cost of uniform; currently my child uses clothes 24/7 and they grow out of them naturally and they are used until they fall apart or they are passed on fixed and loved.

-increase in uniform violation. (more pointless work for teachers.)


Our children stick to the clothing code and we have very little bullying or issues with students pushing the edges too far. The modern work place does not now require the work force to be wearing suits.


General style of schooling; recite and listen , do not question, do not create. uniform policy of most schools. Wear this, do not question, do not create.


Our school was opened as an alternative type of schooling and as we evolve from our beginning we have lost a lot and gained a lot. As parents I do not see the need to automate my child any more than is being currently done.


Sen - the introduction of uniform will be more detrimental to students with sen issues the texture and feel of fabrics is a daily struggle for all the parents I know. The texture and feel of school uniforms will cause distraction , itches, increase discomfort, they will not be more able to learn.


Some schools have dispensation for children with Sen so they don’t wear uniform due to it being a sensory trigger, to have a truly inclusive school , they would all have dispensation not to be uncomfortable .


Should our school be different ? Could our school be the leading light in how a school in the 21st century works? our school could bring to the world a different type of creative student? Do we want to create leaders or followers, do we want to create subservient masses or create engaging and interesting adults. Do we want to create automated machines that follow outdated government mandates, in line with the consumer society that is breaking our world, the world that our children will be left when we are far gone? We should take pride in being different, in embracing a new way of schooling not enforcing outdated views.

Do we want to create something new?


I will not teach my child that looking a certain way is how to get ahead in life. I will teach that difference is beautiful. No matter where you come from, what you look like. Wearing a suit is not the only way to change/rule the world.


Diversity should be embraced and welcomed.


I will not agree to enforcing uniform although I do In fact agree with there being a good clothing code.


As an adult I get to choose what I am comfortable in what is acceptable to me and the environments I am in. Where is the point that says a child does not know when they will be comfortable in stretchy leggings or warm and cosy jumpers. Surely a child learns more when they are comfortable?


It is only because someone else wishes to control that we have our control removed.The small amount of control that our children need and have is wearing comfortable clothing. Making a decision to be ethical and morally right with all our choices.

J Jeng on behalf of parents of Avanti hall school.Exeter.    Contact the author of the petition