Michael Jackson fans unite against some tracks from the new "Michael" album

A lot of Michael Jackson fan-clubs around the world have come together to ask the Estate of Michael Jackson and Sony Music to remove from the forthcoming "Michael" album the tracks produced with or by the Cascio brothers.

The international Michael Jackson fan community strongly feel that a new Michael Jackson album should not include songs that they feel are not Michael's.
The overwhelming response that we, fan-clubs, have received from our members expressing doubts over the Cascio tracks should not be ignored.

Michael Jackson fans around the world ask that the Estate of Michael Jackson and Sony Music respect our feelings and our expertise in this matter.
We are the future supporters of all the products that you will put out.
We ask that no doubt as to the origin of a song should ever surround the release of a Michael Jackson album.

The origin of the Cascio tracks is not clear enough for them to be included in this first new album since Michael Jackson's death.
Should you carry on with the release of the album as it stands, it would cast a shadow of doubt, discontent and frustration over any future release.

We know there are enough original unreleased songs to complete the album without the questionable ones.

Michael Jackson fans ask the estate of Michael Jackson and Sony Music to take our claim into consideration and respect our strong opposition to the release of "Michael" as it currently stands.

We will do what we deem necessary to honor the memory and legacy of Michael Jackson.

The United Michael Jackson fan-clubs of the world

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