Maintain Hala


Hala residents and visitors want Hala back to the beautiful way it was before the council abandoned it.

Our children want Barton Rd field cut properly so they can resume their activities, particularly with the school holidays approaching.

The field on Abbeystead Drive needs returning to the football field it was. 

The area round the play park needs cutting as it's unsafe for children.

The bridge from Gressingham Drive over the beck needs  rebuilding as promised rather than the eye sore it is. It restricts access for the elderly and disabled.

Hala was beautiful and a place people brought their children to in order to play

 It is nothing short of a jungle now making it inaccessible to many.

We call on the council to return to caring for the area, not leave it to rack and ruin.

There are plenty of areas available to encourage wildlife and free growth. There is no justifiable reason for doing this where children and Hala residents and visitors require and make use of the areas.

We have all spent nearly a year and a half indoors and unable to partake in activities. Never has it been so important that we are outdoors this summer.

We call on the council to take immediate action to rectify this in accordance with the council tax paid by each and every resident.

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