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After some three years of ongoing offensive abuse towards myself and late wife Shiela and with the police and Rooftop housing seeming to ignore this despite many vistits from the police, many phone calls plus Rooftop housing both without any positive answers and this is remaing for ongoing abuse from my neighbour from hell. We suffered so much abuse and this being allowed to continue today from this neighbour. Just a few things we have had to put up with, constant rude hand gestures, both from inside his vechile when seeing me and directly into my front room window, also combining with his ex-neighbours whenever I pulled away. I have been cut up by his vechile in the high street Honeybourne, twice. He had the audacity to continue the gestures when my wife Sheila has passed away and also on the day of her funeral. Many other incidents have happened most certainly unprovoked by myself and the lastest incident in day light had the audacity of a childs mental ability to pour a horrible substance over my front door, causing a almighty smell as per usual lies told to the police and nothing was done yet again. I have had statements from neighbours to the police over this period of time, I have had the police attend my bungalow on one occassion this neighbour burst past two police officers and banged the hell out of my door and the police just stood and watched. On one occassion I had to tell two officers to get out of my bungalow as the one was very sarcastic in his approach. I had emailed the cheif constable on two occasions I have had a couple of Rooftop officers out but the answer is the same, not doing anything and I even had a meeting with a police officer and a senior Rooftop housing manager for being accused of dumping a three piece suit and kicking dust bins over along the back entrance to those two neighbour bungalows. The shared gate was locked which I couldnt get round the back of my Bungalow for weeks and weeks and Rooftop were forced to alter the way in and out to each back door. Without adding abuse with swering this just a sample of what I have had to put up with. I am hoping that this petition will assist in strong action being taken against this neighbour. ( His neighbour in question has sinse moved out minths ago, but this gentleman persists in his campaign or hate against me) 

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