Healthy Weight Healthy Wales - Too many fast food outlets

As we are too often surrounded by readily available convenience and fast food outlets and options which are directly linked to a T2D epidemic and poor health outcomes here in Wales.  

Given these issues and as we have a Well-being of future generations Act, that legally requires our Public Sector Bodies to comply with the Act, one of the 7 pillars is a More Healthier Wales.

What this petition is proposing to achieve is that this key pillar is referred to and taken into consideration when Local Authorities are considering and granting planning permission to fast food outlets and drive throughs next to residential developments.

Especially if there are already a concentrated amount of vendor outlets already accessible in the area.


On this matter directly:

The residents of Blue Lake Close, in Ebbw Vale on the grounds of health and well-being, materially and resoundingly oppose BG County Borough Council's decision to grant a secondary fast food drive through, which is situated right next to our residential development.

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