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2013-11-26 12:00

This building has a vibrant history as a focal point for community, culture and the arts but it's not that much loved history we're looking at now, but an opportunity to bring life and energy back to what has become an atmospherically dead and increasingly derelict area of our town. Consider what happens if the building, or simply the small plot of land it stands on, is taken over as a commercial business or as a residential property. Most of us would walk on by on the way to somewhere else. Do we really want Winchcombe Street to be 'on the way to somewhere else'?
This is an opportunity to save a historical, architecturally unique building, to restore it and bring life back to the area. A grass roots Arts Centre is a hub, a centre of creativity and inspiration, where artists inspire other artists and small business ventures begin, a versatile space that can host a myriad of diverse events, all of which benefit the community and the cultural reputation of our town. To miss this opportunity would be incredibly short sighted.

Sheryl la Bouchardiere



2013-11-26 12:23

Would be amazing to see this place up and running again. Just what cheltenham needs.



2013-11-26 13:51

Please help save this valuable assett for future generations



2013-11-26 14:27

The axiom was always such a great place to meet people and enjoy great music. It would be an asset to the community if we could once again have such a fantastic place to enjoy music, art and socialise with friends old and new.



2013-11-26 18:04

I am telling everyone! Good luck!



2013-11-26 23:32

Cheltenham needs this , we need it for us for our children.



2013-11-27 08:58

I have had some of the most fantastic and memorable times at the Axiom. It has been a huge loss so any opportunity to re-open this fantastic facility would be awesome!



2013-11-27 13:04

It would be wonderful for the Axiom to become once more a centre for creative activities and music- in its' past life I attended drumming classes, was able to use the performance studio for rehearsals and enjoyed seeing ethnic bands there as well as a social meeting place for like minded people - it would be a great asset for the new generation of artists and those interested in creative growth as Cheltenham is sadly lacking in this kind of facility these days.



2013-11-27 14:10

The axiom should be used for the people of cheltenham.


#10 Axiom should never have been sold

2013-11-27 16:37

The council betrayed the people of Cheltenham by its indifference to the Axiom, an indifference which ended with the sale of the building to a property development company. Please do the right thing now for the many people who have lost out over the years that it has been left to rot. People who want to take their kids to arts workshops, young people in bands just starting out for whom the venue space is idea, artists who can make best use of the ideal studio and gallery space there. We need a cultural hub and the Axiom building is in the best location, it is a building much loved by Cheltenham residents and has the best layout of accommodation to provide it.



2013-11-27 17:57

The Axiom has a history which covers a myriad of purposes from engineering and commerce to art and performance. It occupies a site that would only benefit from some care and attention. That care administered by people who care about it, will only improve the area around it.



2013-11-27 19:51

The Axiom Center was a great asset to the community and should be given back



2013-11-28 10:22

Save the best place (that used to be) for going out, day and night, for creative expression and just being a special place



2013-11-28 12:34

It would be amazing for the Axiom to return to the community to be used for the community!



2013-11-28 12:56

It is a beautiful building and would be such a shame if it were converted into more flats. It is a perfect venue for community arts and its central location would make it a real hub of creativity for all areas of the community. There are so many creative people in Cheltenham and groups that are crying out for a central venue to dance, act, paint, sing, play music, eat, drink, play :D it would be wonderful and what a legacy for our young creators



2013-11-28 13:53

Have Cheltenham Civic Society not put their voice forward for this bid as it would restore and save this historically important building which was previously and still should be the centre for all creativity and diversity in Cheltenham



2013-11-28 15:19

Please save this wonderful building, and lets have another great venue that this town deserves, and future generations can enjoy.



2013-11-28 20:51

Would be nice to see the old girl open again!



2013-11-29 09:36

We need an Arts Centre in Cheltenham. An arts centre that is a venue for Artists of all kinds to meet, rehearse and perform.



2013-11-29 22:37

Used to be a great place to go for local bands to forge their craft, and we need this again.
Ben Mizen

#21 go for it

2013-11-30 10:29

I was primary school teacher in Cheltenham in the early 90s and took my class to art and creative days at the Axiom. It was an awesome place of creativity... i hope that the vision never dies and becomes a reality



2013-11-30 15:01

Cheltenham needs a cultural place to meet and experience all forms of art. There are fantastic examples of such places in other towns and cities and this would really complement the festivals in am area of the town that needs a bit of help. The council was to improve the offering that leads towards Pttville Gates and this would be a perfect way to do this. An arts house cinema would appeal to many people and get much local and visitor support.



2013-11-30 19:13

The axiom was a great resource for my generation and I would like to see future generations to have access to it.



2013-11-30 20:08

The Axiom was a fantastic art resource and venue



2013-11-30 20:56

Would be fantastic to see The Axiom up and running and provide a valuable and much needed central source for so many