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2013-10-30 13:38

I think Dumfries would benefit from a Primark as Dumfries and Galloway is a rural area and as has been said people in this area have 2 travel 2 either Newcastle, Ayr or Glasgow 2 go to one of your stores. I believe if a store was opened here it would bring revenue and jobs to the area and people would use this store and would probably regenerate Dumfries as well as it a town that has had the heart ripped out of it.



2013-10-30 14:10

The average trip to either of the three closest Primarks costs around £20 round trip! If we all went at once that's £80,000 per visit straight off from 4000 Facebook followers that could otherwise be spent in store!!! That equates to around 10,000 pairs of £8 Primark pumps!!!!! Come on folks we need Primark!!!


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2013-10-30 14:11

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Send this to Primark in an email :-) and thank you for signing


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2013-10-30 14:12

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Thank You for signing :-)



2013-10-30 14:31

I would love a primark in Dumfries There's no decent shops about that are affordable I just shop online now , Hope to see this happening



2013-10-30 14:46

Please bring primak to Dumfries



2013-10-30 14:51

Please bring primark here due to my new job I can't travel to take my partner to ur other stores it was also costing fuel money me personally a think ur store would be a great benefit to dumfries it's what is missing I'm a taxi driver and customers are always saying they would love ur store here I have 3 kids so ur shop would benefit me and my family so please open one I guarantee your store would be a great addition to dumfries and also to primark



2013-10-30 15:55

We really need a primark



2013-10-30 16:30

we need you here



2013-10-30 18:44

we need one and soon thanx



2013-10-30 18:58

Please bring primary to dumfries



2013-10-30 19:33

Much needed in dfs!!!



2013-10-30 20:24

Long way to Glasgow and expensive to travel so would be better to have one in dumfries and could spend more money in store.



2013-10-30 20:46

We need a primark in dumfries no good us traveling over a hour to get to a nearest one bring one to dumfries



2013-10-30 21:07

A Primark close to home would be brilliant! I only get to shop at Primark once a year if i'm lucky and that's only because i have to travel to either Glasgow or Newcastle. I would be at your store every week if their was one closer by!



2013-10-30 21:12

What a great idea....:-)



2013-10-30 22:26

we need a Primark in Dumfries town center


2013-10-31 00:18

Bring the fantastic primark to dumfries



2013-10-31 15:22

build them high sell them cheap i am in



2013-11-01 11:15

It be easyer if dumfries get one so we dont have to travel far



2013-11-01 11:27

A primark in dumfries and galloway would b ideal :)

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2013-11-01 13:31

Please sign our petition, it would be greatly appreciated - cheers



2013-11-01 19:25

Bringing a primark to dumfries would boost trade for the town it would bring people from carlisle and other surrounding areas to our town. Instead of traveling all the way to glasgow or newcastle it may also strick the interests of other big stores over all helping dumfries boost its economy!



2013-11-01 22:33

Would be fantastic to have a Primark in Dumfries. I live in Kirkcudbright which is 28 miles away but I would be more than willing to travel 28 miles than to travel over 70 miles to my nearest Primark in Ayr. During my time as a student teacher, I had to live in Glasgow and whilst there, I went to Primark at every opportunity and loved the clothes there. But since I have returned home I cannot afford to, nor do I wish to, travel so far to my nearest Primark. To have one so close to hme would be fantastic and I for one, would be a loyal customer and I am sure loads of folk would use it , especially those who struggle with money problems. The clothes are lovely and affordable.



2013-11-02 07:28

Primark would be big bonus to dumfries I think it will attract even more tourists to th town centre but it has to b in th town centre and not th out skirts like th peel centre theres plenty empty building's in town centre