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2013-10-12 18:52

I have enjoyed many a wonderful evening this restuarant, and have always been blown away in particular by the friendliness of the staff. The motivations behind the complaints are all too obvious. But the endorsement of them by the Council is shocking.



2013-10-12 18:53

Disgraceful racist abuse should be stopped in its tracks if they did not complain about the Italian restaurant then their complaint should not stand



2013-10-12 18:54

Nothing offensive at all on that restaurant. Seems like a personal agenda from the woamn complaining. Maybe trying to get the restaurant to close down so she can open her own?? Stop hating and good luck to the owners. We will certainly visit when we are in edinburgh



2013-10-12 19:15

Hope all ends well for u, fabulous food, great sign that should not be removed.



2013-10-12 19:41

This petition has been necessitated by a rascist campaign of harassment by a neighbour



2013-10-12 19:47

Amazing restaurant, incredible food and genuinely lovely staff with some of the best customer service in the city.



2013-10-12 19:48

A fantastic restaurant with fantastic food and fantastic staff completely undeserving of the prejudice of a bigoted neighbour and the unbending approach of Council jobsworths.



2013-10-12 19:50

I find it abysmal that this beautiful restaurant full of culture and diversity is at risk over signage and lighting that is in fact rather beautiful. I implore the council to further investigate this case.



2013-10-12 19:55

The neighbour complaining about "offensive" signage and menu boards.
If pomegrante are guilty of this then EVERY reataurant on the same block should be treated the same as they are all the same. The neighbour should get a new hobby & stop being petty and ridiculous. The signs and boards are not saying anything to anyone. Just appauling the council are even taking this seriously.



2013-10-12 19:58

Pomegranate is a friendly restaurant and causes no harm to others. In fact it brings happiness to its many customers. From my perspective their lighting is not excessive or an eyesore. It's no more bright or striking than that of any other restaurant in the area.



2013-10-12 20:00

Good luck with this!! Beat the bullies and jobsworths! I've shared on my FB page xx



2013-10-12 20:01

There has been a restaurant here for years. There has been colours, advertising and lights here. What's the problem?



2013-10-12 20:02

Pomegranate is a great restaurant that serves great food. The building exterior brightens the area - I think this each time I pass it.



2013-10-12 20:05

This is ridiculous the signage has been up for years it is tasteful and translates as Pomegranate the council should be rethinking this and also looking at all the signs in the area before singling out 1 business. The menus are standard size for the area and the type of menu.



2013-10-12 20:06

A truly wonderful restaurant owned by two of the kindest people you could ever meet. The discrimination against their livelihood has no place in our society. I have nothing but the utmost respect for Lisa and Jamal. Edinburgh City Council and the individual responsible for this racist abuse should be utterly ashamed of themselves. I am appalled that this is happening.



2013-10-12 20:07

How are the signage and menu boards offensive? It looks lovely to me. I can see no reason for any complaints. I hope the council see through the vindictive nature of the neighbour. Good Luck Jamal and Lisa!!!!



2013-10-12 20:09

This attitude is disgusting and has no place in our society. This is a fantastic, beautifully decorated restaurant which people should be proud of.



2013-10-12 20:09

Pomegrantes frontage gives nothing but colour and joy to this area, always makes you look and smile as you go past, its beautiful!


#19 Ferri's

2013-10-12 20:09

Look at photos of Ferri's - signs in exactly the same place. The fan window is still intact under the light, the facade is clean and maintained in much better condition than Ferri's was and it brings a new variety of dining to the area. Ridiculous CEC move.


2013-10-12 20:10

i m so sorry to hear place like that wonderful closed coz that woman thoughts i was think uk s free country if that not we are so far to have humanity and chance to know each culture part of uk s famous is rules for all i m sure about human right still believe in uk rules i hope so



2013-10-12 20:13

i think this is disgusting, why should some racist twat get a say on the front of YOUR restaurant!!! absolutely bang out of order!

#22 Re:

2013-10-12 20:15

#20: ahmad -

Thanks for your support ya ahmad



2013-10-12 20:15

Small minded person! Doesn't look any different to all the other shops/restaurants in that area!



2013-10-12 20:15

I cannot believe that this is even an issue. Edinburgh city council ought to be ashamed of themselves. Racist.



2013-10-12 20:16

One of my favourite Edinburgh restaurants. Saddened and quite frankly surprised that the council is supporting this action....