Create a National Commission for education governance.

There has never been a more pressing time to address poltical interference in education. The present government, with its radical proposals to change the structure of schooling has no moral justification for doing so since its 'victory' in the recent election is a hollow one. With just 36.9% of those who voted endorsing their manifesto promises on education, the new Academies Bill that removes the rights of parents, governors and local communities to campaign against forced academisation is an attack on democracy. Read more about this at Cambridge Primary Review Trust (CPRT).


Ordinary Voices calls for the establishment of a National Education Commission. Its first task would be to draft proposals outlining how responsibility for national policy-making for education may be decoupled from the machinery of party politics.

The education of children and young people requires a long-term commitment to excellence. Where changes are necessary, they need to reflect the aims of education as agreed by society. Reforms need to be based on reliable research that identifies the benefits to children's learning, attainment and welfare in recognition of the fact that their future will be different from our past.

In a modern democratic Britain, education plays a greater, more rapidly changing role than ever before in the lives of individuals and of society. Most change takes time to have any positive impact. It is no longer appropriate that a single government can change policy, in the short term to determine education priorities simply by virtue of its success at the ballot box. If we are to improve the life chances of our young people and strengthen our nation's role in the world, the education service will need to draw on the support of the finest individuals available, whether they represent a political party, are teachers and educational professionals, lay people, parents, members of the business community or any other group dedicated to serve our children and young people's future.