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Alveston school coats

there has been much controversy around the implementation of logo'd compulsory school anoraks and the school have now agreed to listen to the parents in a meeting on Monday.  This is very short notice where many cannot attend. if you are not happy that it will be a requirement for your child to wear an Alveston school coat and that failure to wear one could lead to disciplinary action, please sign the petition below so that your support is there for the meeting even if you can't be there.

Created: 2021-07-09

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2021 20 20

👠Rädda Red Shoe 👠 Save Red Shoe👠

This is the campaign to save our bar and club. Through heteronormative assumptions and by failed routines, failed routines which they even admit, Malmö city is still threatening to close Malmö’s only gay bar, Red Shoe, and our home club X Malmö right after World Pride. Please sign this petition   Please don't forgett to confirm your signature by clicking approve (bekräfta underskrift) in the mail you'll get to your inbox after signing. Thank you!

Created: 2021-06-06

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2021 1063 20

no more Stanley.

My bestie is inlove with a twat. It's been three years. Help this bitch get over his ass bc he sucks and she's cute so Boys slide in her snap is @kaci1300 . He smells. Kaci loves bum. 

Created: 2021-06-04

Time period All countries United Kingdom
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2021 21 20

We believe that the exclusion of Fin Green by Wilsthorpe School is unjustified, is a direct consequence of his autism and may be discriminatory against Fin’s transgender identity. 

Fin was permanently excluded from school on Friday 21 May. According to school policy, the headteacher is solely responsible for exclusions. Fin is transgender, has autism and mental health problems. Fin has never, until now, had any disciplinary problems in school. He has not even had a detention. Fin began self harming in September 2019, shortly after entering school. He was briefly helped then by Student Support, and stopped for a while. This was before the current headteacher was at the scho

Created: 2021-05-23

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2021 21 20

Oxfordshire local government officers should resign

Petition to: Yvonne Rees (Chief Executive Oxfordshire County Council) and all Oxfordshire’s County Leadership Team; County Council Cabinet Members; District Councillors; Parish and Town Councillors; and District Chairmen and Town Mayors. Requesting local government officers dismiss with immediate effect the Pandemic Incident Management Team (“PIMT”), Local Authorities (“LAs”) and their local system partners. And, that all council officers and councillors either resign or provide legitimate reas

Created: 2021-04-27

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2021 20 19

STORMONT ASSEMBLY: Prevent any restrictions on those who refuse a Covid vaccine!

WE THE UNDERSIGNED, DEMAND OUR RIGHT TO BODILY INTEGRITY TO BE PROTECTED, UPHELD AND RESPECTED BY ALL MEMBERS OF OUR GOVERNMENT. ANY proposed restrictions put forward by any parliament member or public health body, on the people who refuse the Covid Vaccine MUST be unequivocally REJECTED by the Stormont assembly.WE DO NOT CONSENT to any proposed plans by government to coerce any member of the public into taking any Vaccine. Especially one that has bypassed all usual safety protocols before bein

Created: 2020-11-18

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2021 21 19

Security guard Magic Mike

This guard was removed from site for telling a joke after being at the NHS trust for a year in that year dealing with many people and patients in a calm and professional manner it's an injustice that he got removed from site for this please sign this petition so we can send it to the chairman Michael Wilson

Created: 2021-06-07

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2021 18 18

Boycott Chinese products !

As we all know the present scenerio of the world, Everyone is suffering from Covid-19. Which results in the sudden fall of the economy of every country. At this crucial time, China which is more over recovered from this epidemic and now need to help other countries to get rid from Covid-19 but instead of helping china is trying to take over the major part of the worlds economy by buying the shares or the whole units at very low cost. we need to put pressure on China's President Xi Jinping, and t

Created: 2020-04-10

Time period All countries United Kingdom
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2021 20 18

Petition to Introduce Operational Hours of Use at Waterside Gardens

For many years, residents in the local area have had a number of incidents of antisocial behaviour. Whilst the antisocial behaviour does occur throughout the year, in the Spring and Summer months, activity in the Waterside Gardens does increase causing higher nuisance reports. We are seeking your support to our petition to LB Tower Hamlets to introduce similar operational hours of use at Waterside Gardens, as is the case at Wapping Rose Gardens which is operated from 0600 to 2100 daily. The purp

Created: 2021-07-29

Time period All countries United Kingdom
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2021 17 17


The UK government has decided that a complete shisha ban is needed and they are using the Tier system as an excuse. I spoke to a councillor in charge of this and she confirmed the ban. This is the new world order the governmnet is aiming for where we cannot socialise, enjoy ourselves or have friends!!! This ban will affect a lot of people's livelihood! Businesses will close and employees will be made redundant. It is ok for people to stand outside pubs, bars & restaurants to smoke cigarettes

Created: 2020-12-04

Time period All countries United Kingdom
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2021 17 17