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Cancel the increased council tax bill

    Let's all agree that the upcoming council tax increase it shouldn't be there, let's have it cancelled or discounted as it's been tremendously hard for all of us hard working citizens to keep up with our spences especially for the past year or so! We won't let them break us down! 

Created: 2021-03-26 Statistics

Partially refund tuition fees for MAMMJ Students class 2019-2021

This is a petition to acknowledge that the MAMMJ class of 2019-2021 are not happy with the cost of tuition fees, as detailed in the complaints form, and are happy for Nafeesa Brown to take the complaint forward on their behalf.

Created: 2021-03-12 Statistics

Carry over of holiday entitlement

Asking the government to allow key workers the right to carry over at least 10 days of their annual leave due to the cov-id pandemic which has affected the ability of all of us to have a holiday during this past year 

Created: 2021-02-09 Statistics

Let Vincents father and big brother stay in Sweden!

Vincent is soon 5 months old. Ever since he was born, his father Eric has been by his side. He has changed diapers, sang, laughed, tucked in and played with Vincent all day. Eric is American and has applied for a residence permit for himself and his son Corbin. They came in April 2020 to be with their family, Eric's fiancée Jessica and her two daughters. But the Swedish Migration Agency says no. They want Eric and Corbin to go back to the United States and apply for a residence permit from there

Created: 2021-01-27 Statistics

Dear AG Barr, I Would Rather Pay Extra Money For PROPER Irn-Bru As It Was, Rather Than Drinking Stuff Laced With A Controversial Sweetener That Makes Our Second National Drink Taste Undrinkable

Dear AG Barr,  Up until January of 2018, I had been drinking Barr's Irn-Bru all my LIFE & I had always thought that it was the most BEAUTIFUL fizzy drink EVER! 😋😋😋😋 That was UNTIL your company decided to replace 50% of sugar from the popular Scottish soft drink with the controversial artificial sweetener, ASPARTAME.  AG Barr announced that they were MAKING the move because people's tastes were changing & that therefore more & more folk wanted to consume less sugar whilst still e

Created: 2020-10-31 Statistics

Replace The Fence In The Plymouth Dog Park

The North Road West dog park is an invaluable resource for local and not so local dog owners.  The inner fence which usually provides a safe place to run your dog off lead was recently damaged and has now been completely removed by Plymouth City Council. They have no plans to replace the fence.  This safe place for dogs to run is so important for people who are still training their dogs, who have puppies or have a dog such as a rescue who are harder to teach recall. The park is in constant use a

Created: 2020-08-25 Statistics


  Petition to West Berkshire council to refuse the planning application for Bingo and Adult Gaming Centre and to support the appeal to stop it opening at 11-13 Market Place Newbury, for the following reasons: Premises of this kind in this historic Market Place, particularly open 24 hours, will be a source of noise, crime and disorder. It is likely to be a gathering place for the homeless and vulnerable people. It will result in customers and others gathering in the area in the day and through th

Created: 2020-07-09 Statistics

Bring back Rowntree's Cabana chocolate bar!

Recently Cadbury brought back an old chocolate bar due to a petition. I saw the story on the Manchester Evening News Facebook page. I made a comment regarding the Rowntree's Cabana chocolate bar wishing it would also make a come back. Likes and comments agreeing followed so I thought it's worth a shot?! So let's see if people power can get our caramel, coconut and cherry pieces wrapped in milk chocolate bar returned to our shop shelves!!!! 

Created: 2020-01-04 Statistics

Boycott EU products .BUY BRITISH

I am asking that everyperson with money in their pocket makes a  decision to boycott  EU products untill March 29th 2019. Only buy British or non EU products Lets show the EU the strength of the British people & their money. We did not vote for a deal we voted to leave .If they want a deal come and ask for 1 .

Created: 2019-01-29 Statistics

Should Mark McGowan be removed from office?

PLEASE SHARE! Everyone in WA must have the choice to sign this petition or pass. The idea behind this petition is simple, do you believe the Western Australian Premier Mark McGowan should be removed from office? Most of us supported him earlier in the 2021 state election because he did keep WA quite protected from covid and the opposition runner was an exceptionally weak candidate, however things took a drastic turn when Mark McGowan won that election by a tsunami! Giving him unparraleled contro

Created: 2021-12-24 Statistics