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We feel STRONGLY and PASSIONATELY against the use of single-use plastic packaging singularily used for packing. We are asking YOU to Sign Our Petition. With YOUR signature, WE together (stronger) can stop the use of single use plastic in shops that use the use of single use plastic.

Created: 2020-12-03

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12 months 57 45

Suspension of our inner-city resident's parking schemes during COVID19

We need two things. The first is the suspension of resident parking schemes in inner city bristol. The second is the relaxation of unreasonable parking restrictions that are negatively impacting local businesses in the BS5, BS6 and BS2 (namely, Stokes Croft, Cheltenham Road, Ashley Road and Stapleton Road) areas. Why is this important? During the lockdown and dynamic restrictions and changes caused by the COVID19 pandemic, the economic realities for families and businesses within Bristol are be

Created: 2020-12-02

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12 months 45 45

Stop 5G being installed now.

What damage is there on the 5G Network, What Health Risks is there? Taken together, this means 5G will lead to an exponential increase in human exposures to EMF radiation at frequencies that have never been used in consumer applications before. These exposures are not only unprecedented. They are also untested. There have been no surveys to indicate the levels of 5G EMF radiation to which people will be exposed. 5G is a type of EMF radiation. And other research has demonstrated that EMF is genot

Created: 2020-04-06

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12 months 47 45

Newcastle United Supporters Trust to donate money from fans to key workers

Our page Newcastle United FC Fans have been asked to help to get NUST to donate some money to key workers from the over £30k that's sitting in their account. Money that fans donated and now want to help the vulnerable. Thank you 

Created: 2020-04-04

Time period All countries United Kingdom
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12 months 46 45

Safety net for final year students disadvantaged due to COVID-19 and online learning

This is a petition to reinstate the Safety Net Policy to protect 3rd year student grades at York St John University 2020/2021. We as students, in our final and most pivotal year,  have been dissadvantage due to the lack of face to face learning which the university has been able to provide as a direct result of COVID-19.  The quality of the online teaching we have and continue to receive at York St John university is unacceptable. Poor delivery and/or pre recorded lectures is disgraceful.   We a

Created: 2020-11-04

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Reducing speeding across the Marshland villages

We have struggled for years with speeding vehicles through our villages. Despite conversations with East Riding of Yorkshire Council and the Police as well as local Parish Councils very little has changed. We the villagers want some proactive action to be taken before a serious accident occurs. Speeding traffic is impacting on our lives in a detrimental manner.   We want some speed reduction initiatives to be put into place forthwith.  

Created: 2020-09-19

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12 months 43 43

Lock up MPs who lie and deceive the public

MPs who lie and deceive the public should face jail for deception.  This is a call for a minimum of a 5 year jail sentence for any MP who has lied to the public. 

Created: 2019-12-10

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12 months 44 43

Save dial a ride

Last week dial a ride was 30 years old. Over the past 30 years it has provided transport at a reasonable cost for the elderly and disabled of the local area. They are now struggling for funds as council funding was withdrawn 3 years ago. If we don't act now dial a ride will not reach 31 years. If dial a ride is important to you or anyone you know please sign this petition 

Created: 2019-11-19

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Remove Cycle Lanes from London's Roads

Honestly this just makes me even more cross than before.  I travelled up Park Lane today and saw that they have now changed 4 lanes (incl bus lane) into 2 lanes for cyclists and 1 lane for the buses, leaving just 1 lane for cars. I used to travel in a car everyday for work for 3 years from SE London to NW, during the peak traffic times and saw MAX 6 maybe 7 cyclists on Park Lane, today we 2 cycle lanes and NO CYCLISTS NOT EVEN ONE!!!!! Cant see this changing ever. Realistically do YOU think that

Created: 2020-10-22

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Republic TV Editor-in-Chief Arnab Goswami was attacked in Mumbai on Thursday midnight while he was returning home. Goswami was with his wife when the goons hurled bottles on the car windshield. The bike-borne goons also banged the windows of Arnab's car. According to Republic TV, the goons confessed that the attackers were sent on behalf of Congress. The attackers have been caught and are being interrogated at the NM Joshi Marg Police Station in Mumbai. The attack took place post 12 midnight whe

Created: 2020-04-23

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