Install a 20 MW ICRF system in the first operational phase (AFP) on ITER

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News from ITER om the decisions from ITER STAC

2023-10-02 21:31:16

Dear Colleagues, 

A summary of the recommendations to IO from the ITER STAC can be found on the latest ITER Newsline (published today).

(See and click on the 2 Oct issue, nr 394). 

This summary mentions, among others, the following:

"For ICH, STAC recommended to install 10 MW for AFP with a further increase to 20 MW in DT-1, after its effectiveness in an all-tungsten ITER has been confirmed during AFP."

Thank you all again for your support !

With best regards, 

Bertrand Beaumont, Volodymyr Bobkov, Yevgen Kazakov, Jef Ongena

News on the petition

2023-09-25 15:48:27

Dear colleagues,

First of all, we would like to thank all of you who supported this petition.
It has been signed by around 200 researchers from different laboratories around the world.
As you can see, the petition has received support not only from the ICRF community,
but also by many fusion experts and experts in fast ion and  transport physics.
The additional comments you have made are very valuable
because they have provided additional arguments in this complex ongoing discussion.

Secondly, we would like to inform you of the next steps.
A meeting of the new ITER STAC members and experts will take place this week,
at which a modified ITER proposal for the new heating mix will be presented and discussed.
Essentially, the petition was launched as a step to summarise and disseminate our arguments
to ITER colleagues and ITER STAC members/experts prior to this meeting.
We can recognise that this objective has been achieved.

There are many good reasons to install more than 5 MW of ICRF from the start of ITER operations.
We sincerely hope that the discussion in the ITER STAC this week will take these scientific arguments into account.

Thank you again for your support!


Bertrand Beaumont, Volodymyr Bobkov, Yevgen Kazakov, Jef Ongena

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