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2012-05-14 14:49:27



Thankyou so much to everyone who has signed and left comments, I will be keeping the petition up for another week or so just so that Wattpad can take on board any suggestions that you have made for improvements.

So if you have any great ideas on how the service can be improved for mature readers and writers then PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE leave your comments on here!

This will make it easier for Wattpad to see and take on board our thoughts :)

Again... THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!! <3


Update 4.5.12

2012-05-04 16:47:57

Hello everyone!

Wattpad has become aware of the petition, and have sent a message to Wattpad writer Ariam Author who has been helping me promote on Facebook. Below is the response they sent-


'We have seen the wattpad group on FB for Signing the Wattpad Mature Writers petition. It's good to have up there and hear the different perspectives, keep up the good work. Wattpad team members, will drop in every now and then to read the feedback. Right now we're trying to gather all sides of the communication as we want to centre our discussion around what's best for the community not just sections of the community. The group you've created serves a great purpose in us reading the perspective on the side for R stories, but we just want you to know, so you don't get let down later on that the # of people signing the petition doesn't automatically equate to us implementing a feature. There is still A LOT of discussions regarding what we're going to do, how we are going to do it, and how to implement something like that in a way that will still serve the community as a whole, and not just a particular segment. We can let you know now that we have already began testing the waters for R stories such as the implementation of the DOB, so if you have registered an account where you are over 18, you can go to the search engine and type in "sex" for example, and then select "mature content" so it displays R stories. We also have the "recommended for you list" which displays R stories if you read R stories often. We just wanted to make sure the people who have signed the petition don’t expect any quick fix but we will take everything discussed seriously when we do talk about what we want to do about the mature filter and thank you for understanding what's in our heads.'


So although nothing will happen straight away I believe that this petition has helped to keep us in the foreground of future improvement discussions, so a HUGE THANK YOU to all of you who have signed, please make sure that you keep spreading the word and I would encourage everyone to comment and share their ideas on how Wattpad can improve their facilites for Rated R and mature work!


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