Call for action to make the roads safer around Sutton in Craven



To make roads safer and to keep people safe

Hayley Lynch (Keighley. West Yorkshire, 2021-09-21)


I live in Spain but my granddaughter & daughter walk to school each day from Sutton to Eastburn.

Nancy Wadsworth (Lebrija, 2021-09-21)


Without a footpath they'll be another accident. How long before something is done about this? How many lives is enough before the council do something?

Craig Dawber (Sutton In Craven, 2021-09-21)


As a driver I hate this road. My mum lives in Sutton and I drive it often. On a night its often last min you see a personand you have to stop. I can understand how easy it would be for an accident. My mum. Is 80 and walks this road. I tell her often it's not safe in the day.
The villages need a safe route to walk. I remember years ago this road was national speed limit. Despite it being 30 people do speed and to top it off the road isn't wide enough for the volume of traffic that passes through.

Val Rodgers (Steeton, 2021-09-21)


This road has always been dangerous, having worked at Airedale, walked home along here many times. Traffic volume has increased, speeding is a problem. Pavements are needed as is adequate lighting and a safe speed limit.

Christine Dawson (Crosshills, nr Keighley, yorks., 2021-09-21)


A young boy has tragically lost his life and we can’t let that happen again.

Sarah Keys (Sutton in Craven, 2021-09-21)


We really need to stop another death from happening because there isn't a foot path on sutton lane.

Janet Throup (Sutton-in-Craven, 2021-09-21)


I live in the area and anybody can see how badly a path is needed.

Jade Robinson (Glusburn , 2021-09-21)


We need a foot path to ensure no more tragedies as devastating as this ever happens again.

Colette White (KEIGHLEY , 2021-09-21)


Something needs to be done to make the road safer

Fiona Thompson (Keighley, 2021-09-21)


I’m signing this because our small village is used as a race track and now there has been the sad sad loss of a child

Sharron Walker (Keighley, 2021-09-21)


We don't want to loose another life in this road.

Mrs Victoria Pepper (Keighley, 2021-09-21)


Its been a accident waiting to happen and now the tragedy of a child losing his life.

Shirley Sutcliffe (Keighley, 2021-09-21)


It’s such a dangerous road for pedestrians

Nicola Miller (Keighley, 2021-09-21)


Because the road is very dangerous especially at night

Alan Farrar (Sutton In Craven, 2021-09-21)


I'm signing because my son's friend was recently killed by a hit and run driver on Sutton Lane

Myles Montgomery (Cross Hills, 2021-09-21)


It shouldn’t have taken such an awful awful event to happen in order for some sort of course of action to be taken. However, if we do something now we can possibly stop something so tragic from happening again.

Chels Throup (Keighley , 2021-09-21)


Bought up in the village and more cars are using Sutton as a rat run to avoid heavy traffic to Keighley .
3 potential hazards High street where it’s like M25 in the morning and at 4 pm from cars taking shortcuts over Ellers .
Main Street kids accident waiting to happen with cars parked outside church and outside park .
Sutton lane too dark and narrow there will be another tragic accident if nothing is done ASAP .

Craig Thornton (Sutton in craven , 2021-09-21)


We need to take action NOW!

Marina Bolton (Cross Hills, 2021-09-21)


Sutton Lane is extremely dangerous..especially at night mainly due to speeding traffic. One tragedy has occurred..we do not want another.

Susan Rawstron (Sutton in craven, 2021-09-21)


There are no safe options to walk from Eastburn to Sutton. They are all dark and dangerous for adults and children alike.

Michelle Airey (Eastburn , 2021-09-21)


Due to the dreadful death of a child and all the speeding drivers

Jacquie Brown (Sutton in Craven , 2021-09-21)


The roads need to be safer for our children and the whole community

Angela Hayton (Keighley, 2021-09-21)


I think the roads should be made safe and not wait for another fatel accident to happen

Mandy Foulston (Keighley, 2021-09-21)


I live in Sutton and I want it to be a safe village for my children to grow up in.

Georgi Remde (Keighley, 2021-09-21)


I live in the village and been asking for 9 years for speed bumps lights path

Karen Smith (Sutton in craven, 2021-09-21)


Sutton lane needs to be more accessible for pedestrians to avoid further deaths

Annie Kilburn (Sutton-in-craven, 2021-09-21)


No life’s should be lost.

Samantha Farrell (Keighley, 2021-09-21)


I’m sick of fast cars speeding down my road,and I’m so sad at the loss of George. It needs sorting now before another accident happens. I live in the village and I need my children to be safe.

Francesca Strazieri (Sutton in craven, 2021-09-21)


This should have been done a long time ago to prevent such a tragedy ever happening.

Sammy Jones (Sutton-in-Craven , 2021-09-21)


One life has already been lost, which is one too many.
The speed of traffic all over Sutton in Craven is a huge problem and another tragedy waiting to happen.
Parking outside the schools has also been a big problem for years, it’s been lucky no series accident has never happened outside either school

Joy Birch (Keighley, 2021-09-21)


It's heartbreaking that a child in our community has lost his life. We must prevent this from happening to another family. Sutton Lane is poorly lit, there are no footpaths and vehicles are driven too fast.

Helen McGovern (Eastburn, 2021-09-21)


It's an absolute tragedy that we have lost a 9 year old boy recently, on a dangerous strech of road for pedestrians. Hundreds of school children use sutton lane to walk home on every year. Some safety mesures need putting in place so no other family needs to suffer the unspeakable loss of loosing a loved one.

Kirsty Davison (Steeton Keighley, 2021-09-21)


The tragic loss of a 9 year old boy in Sutton in craven from a hit and run accident! Absolutely devastating for the whole villiage

Lily Clayton (Keighley , 2021-09-21)


Something needs to be done about road safety on Sutton Lane

Kathryn Bower (Keighley, 2021-09-21)


I live in the area and want it to be safe for my children. To much Speeding in the village.

katy smith (Glusburn, 2021-09-21)


What has happened to that poor boy is devastating. Something needs to happen before another family’s life is ruined. The road is so dangerous.

Jennie Eastwood (keighley, 2021-09-21)


No one else should lose their life in a preventable road traffic accident

Terri Debney-Succoia ( Ross hills, 2021-09-21)


I do not want another fatality before anything is done. One fatality is too many anyway.

Steve Fowler (Keighley, 2021-09-21)


It is long overdue that safer measures were implemented along Sutton Lane and the High Street especially.

Katie Peacock (Keighley, 2021-09-21)


It's a dangerous road

Ashleigh Spencer (Sutton, 2021-09-21)


This road has been too dangerous for too many years. We cannot have any more die on this road. Something must be done. I understand that these roads were not made for the types of cars we now drive but it must be adjusted

Jodie Moore (Riddlesden, 2021-09-21)


It is about time you made this road safe before it takes another life I live on sutton lane and the speed cars go down it is crazy

Mandy Stoessler (18773, 2021-09-21)


Sutton lane has never been a safe place for pedestrians and people speed down there all the time

Holly Gregg (Keighley, 2021-09-21)


The roads need to be safer , street lights , paths etc

Pat Harker (Sutton in craven, 2021-09-21)


I’m signing because I want to prevent any further tragic accidents

Heather Page (Keighley, 2021-09-21)


Tragically a local youngster who attends my daughters school, was taken far too soon on Friday due to a terrible collision on Sutton Lane. There are no paths and it is very dark and sadly the inevitable happened. We are all absolutely heartbroken as a community

Amy Potter (Glusburn, 2021-09-21)


Following the incident on Friday evening, where a 9 year old boy tragically lost his life, something needs to be done to keep our children safe in the village. The road leading out of Sutton in Craven (Sutton Lane) is so dangerous for pedestrians and something really needs to be done before more lives are needlessly lost.

Natasha Sadler (Sutton in Craven , 2021-09-21)


I live very close to Sutton Lane and I would like to protect family, friends abd local neighbourhood from any further tragedies

Veronica Crangle (Keighley , 2021-09-21)


This road is dangerous insufficient lighting no pavements and narrow

Pauline Milburn (Keighley, 2021-09-21)


This Road is very dangerous that it was taken a young boys life it need sorted before it courses another accident

Hannah Metcalfe (Silsden, 2021-09-21)


It is my local community.
I also chose not to buy a house in Sutton, as I walk to work and there is no pavement.

Marie Graham (Steeton, 2021-09-21)


I live on Gordon Street in Sutton and I frequently witness drivers using Sutton streets and Sutton lane as if it’s a race track. This includes takeaway drivers!
I would suggest speed bumps especially on Gordon Street.

Kirsty Cowgill (Keighley, 2021-09-21)


To stop another tragedy happen

Jeanette Stirk (Sutton in craven , 2021-09-21)


We need to cut speeding and make our villages safer for cyclists, pedestrians and pets.
Tragically a young boy has lost his life

Estelle Willis (Sutton in Craven , 2021-09-21)


This has been a issue for a long time. And pedestrian need to be kept safe.

Claire Walker (Keighley , 2021-09-21)


I walk my dog on that stretch of road and it is horrendous. The recent fatality of a young child proves that this needs to be sorted to avoid this ever happening again.

Joanne Ingham (Cowling, 2021-09-21)


For safer roads for pedestrians especially children along sutton lane.

Jonathan Balderson (Sutton in craven , 2021-09-21)


For the sake of safety to all who use this road, we need to get this sorted as soon as possible.
Please let some good come out of the recent tragedy. Heart felt condolences & prayers to the family of the poor child who lost his life recently on this road.🙏💔

Neil Simpson (Keighley, 2021-09-21)


This road is far too narrow and not lite enough. It shouldn't have to take a death to deal with it. The council can take land of the own for safety under a compulsory order

Paula Wood (Keighley , 2021-09-21)


I live just off Sutton lane (Wilson street) and the speeds at which people drive is ridiculous - some are doing 60/70mph and there is no footpath.

Hannah Thomas (Keighley, 2021-09-21)

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