Save Cleeve Hill Golf Course and the playing of golf on Cleeve Hill



I love playing golf and meeting people

Stephen Daniels (cheltenham, 2020-09-08)


Disgusting decision to end golf on Cleeve Hill after 125 years on the common. A sad day when money comes before people enjoying sport in a beautiful location.

Rob Howells (Cheltenham , 2020-09-08)


I don't agree with the decision made by TBC. If we lost this facility it would be an absolute travesty

Jonathan Wilson (Cheltenham , 2020-09-08)


Golf club should stay open for how long it’s been there and members that use it

Sammy Wood (Cheltenham, 2020-09-08)


A historic golf course, and a clubhouse for walkers and golfers is key to encouraging people to get the exercise that is needed to improve their health and well being. Save, rather than sell, a fantastic asset.

Phil Richards (Cheltenham, 2020-09-08)


It was where I learned to play golf as a teenager

Aaron Townsend (GLOUCESTER, 2020-09-08)


Have used the clubhouse for years, especially for sunday lunch.

Bernadette Scarth (Cheltenham, 2020-09-08)


Member of this club and as a club of over a hundred and thirty years of providing golf it should be helped not sold!

Nathan Loveridge (Gloucester, 2020-09-08)


Cleeve gill golf course and clubhouse is a part of the history of cleeve, the good they do the community they CAN NOT be shut down

Conrad Harrison (Cheltenham , 2020-09-08)


It’s essential

Steve Dawes (Gloucester , 2020-09-08)


This is a quality golf course steeped in history, that should be maintained as such, not shut down

Neil Williams (Tewkesbury, 2020-09-08)


Cleeve golf club has been there since 1800's it provides jobs and recreation at affordable prices for the local community. We've lost so many resources already in winchcombe this would just be yet another loss.

Jean Lowther (Winchcombe, 2020-09-08)


I pay my community charge to TBC Cleeve golf course should no be disturbed in any way

Roland Brame (Gloucester, 2020-09-08)


The golf course has been there for years and enjoyed by many. It's also good for walkers to have a pitt stop.
No one what's to see a new development in such a beautiful location.

Sandie Warren (Cheltenham, 2020-09-08)


Cleeve Hill gives so much pleasure to so many people, and has done for many years. This decision is appalling and should be reviewed properly. This will have a massive impact on the local community.

Kevin Honeychurch (Cheltenham , 2020-09-08)


I feel it’s very important to save the golf course, it’s part of our heritage.

Jo Baker (Gloucestershire , 2020-09-08)


I’m signing because this is a valued and needed public course and club house which has been neglected by Tewkesbury Borough Council for years.

Colon Yeates (Cheltenham , 2020-09-08)


There are far too many facilities being lost to the Developers!
TBC need to dip into the coffers, to update/refurbish the much loved Club House. Then all people, near and far can continue to enjoy the wonderful facilities in the most beautiful surroundings for another century plus. ❤️🤞

Patricia Moore (Greet , 2020-09-08)


Why take another attraction away from us, this is an attraction that will encourage visitors to stay in our local surrounding towns and villages. We need to attract visitors for our local business to survive! Absolutely ridiculous decision, more likely for profiteering with the land and build homes for the wealthy!

Adrian Knight (Winchcombe , 2020-09-08)


I'm a past captain and this place holds too much history to force closure, if the right investor can be found allow them to continue. TBC and TSC have taken too much over the years and never had a long term plan in place, shame on you both

Steve Mustoe (Cheltenham , 2020-09-08)


So many people have enjoyed playing their golf here over the years. Many pro golfers started out at Cleeve.

Alex Wiggins (Tewkesbury , 2020-09-08)


I'm signing because the golf club is an asset to the locality and helps attract visitors.

Michael Shakespeare (Bedworth, 2020-09-08)


This place means a lot to all walks of life young and old! Don’t let greed ruin it!

Cheryl Allison (Cheltenham , 2020-09-08)


It holds find memories of my brother who was club captain

Angela Clarke (WR11 2RT, 2020-09-08)


Cleeve Hill common and golf course should be kept for public use and not built on

Judith Donnelly (CHELTENHAM, 2020-09-08)


Im originally from winchcombe. The golf course is part of history and part of our landscape to close it wiuld be wrong

Jackie Creed (Evesham, 2020-09-08)


It’s a popular and important part of the common! It’s been underfunded for many years and needs support not closing down!

Matt Whittaker (Gloucester, 2020-09-08)


Great club and should be saved

Stephen Watson (Cheltenham , 2020-09-08)


Because its such an old club and the best challenge of golf you could ever expect

Philip James (Cheltenham, 2020-09-08)


Tewksbury BC need to understand the contribution this unique facility makes to the communities that they represent, despite being so disconnected from the people that make them up.

Harry Hitchins (Cheltenham, 2020-09-08)


I have been a member of Cleeve hill golf club for 30 years.

James Newman (Cheltenham , 2020-09-08)


Everyone starts their golf at Cleeve - it is one of the most spectacular corses in Gloucestershire with wonderful views

Martyn Smith (Cheltenham, 2020-09-08)


This course should not close its iconic and unique.

Sara Goscomb (Cheltenham, 2020-09-08)


It’s where I learned to play golf and still play there..

Doug Bott (Winchcombe , 2020-09-08)


I visit my friends regularly in Bishops Cleeve and always love going to the golf course for lunch. It's such a beautiful setting, is always busy with lots of local characters. Please don't close it!!

Debra Jones (Caldicot, 2020-09-08)


Its a local amenity that should be saved for future genarations use, either as a golf club or part of a cleeve common visitor centre or similar.

Ashleigh Welch (Winchcombe , 2020-09-08)


It has so much history it should be saved

Darren Jameson (Cheltenham , 2020-09-08)


To save the golf course. This golf club has a lot of history and one of the best layouts of a municipal golf courses around. A lot of new golfers learn to play or have there first 18 hole game at Cleeve
It would be very sad to see this course close with arguably the best views you could possibly ask for walking the course. Please rethink TBC

Kelly brookes ( member Lilleybrook)

Kelly Brookes (Cheltenham , 2020-09-08)


Well it should be kept but its all about TBC and their greed for money

Robin Keylock (Winchcombe, 2020-09-08)


We need to keep the club open

Kevin Snuggs (Cheltenham , 2020-09-08)


This golf course should not be closed.

Dave Jenner (Gloucester , 2020-09-08)


It's a super course and an asset to the community.

Yvonne Smith (Cheltenham glos, 2020-09-08)


It was my grandmother in law’s favourite place to go and she is no longer with us. It holds a special place in my heart for other reasons

Tara Rawlings (Cheltenham, 2020-09-08)


This is part of the community and very well used by family and members

Eileen Patterson (Gloucestershire, 2020-09-08)


The history should mean something, and its a beautiful place to play golf with fantastic views but unfortunately the council in my opinion are seeing pound signs, they are responsible for ruining alot of things in cheltenham, its all about money with backhanders I dare say as well, its a disgraceful!

Jason Lyes (Cheltenham , 2020-09-08)


I Love playing golf up Cleeve hill

Dave Cull (Winchcombe, 2020-09-08)


Because I have enjoyed many a year up there & have many happy memories it is a lovely calming place & enjoyed by a lot of people .

Sheree Smallman (Winchcombe, 2020-09-08)


We need to preserve outdoor activities

Sam Shea (Cheltenham , 2020-09-08)


I'm signing because this is a wonderful facility which has been disgracefully neglected by Tewkesbury Borough Council despite them raking in £50K a year in rents which was to cover maintenance of the clubhouse. There needs to be a Police investigation into their running of the club.

Ian Greenwood (Cheltenham, 2020-09-08)


I don’t want golf courses to disappear

Tim Gulliver (Evesham, 2020-09-08)


We need to keep our clubs and open spaces.and visitors love Cleeve hill with the best views in the country .

Ron North (Cheltenham, 2020-09-08)


I love this golf course, club and everyone who is connected with it. I've been a member for the past 20 years, this course and club needs to stay its part of The cotswolds and Gloucestershire.

Steven bassett (Cheltenham , 2020-09-08)


I played my first full round of golf there.

Edward Major (Cheltenham, 2020-09-08)


I think golf club should stay open. It is good for the community and people need to exercise more,especially in the fresh air,our council should be supporting this,not trying to close it.

Mandy Cull (Winchcombe , 2020-09-08)


It would be terrible to lose the historic golf course.
I use the course regularly

Matthew Rowan (Cheltenham, 2020-09-08)


Cleeve Hill Golf Course is unique in the area, probably the country. A links type course on a hill. Fantastic views, plenty of space for everyone, golfers, walkers, Mountain bikers and all A municipal course enjoyed by many. Enthused over by some of my Americans colleagues over the years. Such a shame to lose the facility and the history.

Ken Potter (Tewkesbury, 2020-09-08)


Wonderful historic course loved my humdreds

Robert Taylor (Malvern , 2020-09-08)


Amazing place to play golf ⛳️. It would be such a loss to the community for the club and course to close. From a Cheltonian who has played there on numerous occasions and wishes to continue playing there in the future.

Janet Morris (Rickmansworth, 2020-09-08)


I grew up playing on this golf course. I used to wait outside the clubhouse and sell golf balls I had found. I then began carrying on Saturdays and Sundays.
Growing up at Postlip Hall this was almost my back garden.
This special place cannot ever dissappear

Dominic Walters (Pedrezuela , 2020-09-08)


Friends and family love this place!

Becky Reid (Cheltenham, 2020-09-08)


I don't want to see another part of our heritage gone .Also a lot of people love playing golf &having refreshments after beer/tea etc be so sad for everyone to see it gone.

Trinity Marsh (Cheltenham Gloucestershire, 2020-09-08)


It’s pure greed on behalf of the council and in days like these more than ever people need to be able to play the game they love at a great golf course.

Paul Pronini-Fisher (Gloucester , 2020-09-08)


I hear that mr Daniel's keeps taking money off of mr bassett or that is what he says 😁

Mark Smith (Cheltenham , 2020-09-08)


The golf club means so much to my youth growing up and now my social well-being with golf on the hill.

Jared Wilson (Gloucester, 2020-09-08)


I think it is a great course

Paul Cresswell (Cheltenham, 2020-09-08)


We live locally, we use the hill all the time, in all weathers, with dogs, children, family and friends. We do not need any more houses!

Kerry Lawrence (Cheltenham , 2020-09-08)


I’m signing because I strongly agree with saving Cleeve hill golf club it would be very sad to see it go after all these years.

Annette Willes (Cheltenham , 2020-09-08)

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