The City of Edinburgh Council have issued a threatening letter to remove all furniture and garden equipment within 7 days from their "amenity space" - our Community Garden - citing the use of such items are not covered liably! (Presumably a child climbing and falling from a council tree is covered ..perhaps?)

Over recent years our neighbourhood has transformed, maintained and made use of this once neglected empty green communal space, now providing a welcoming Community Garden enjoyed by all who wish to use it. Many adding their own stamp respectfully and with consideration. Making nature homes, planting flowers, clearing leaves and debris, providing seating, swings etc. All of which checked and maintained regularly as the area is popular and in use constantly by all.

It has not only brought a community together through social gatherings but provides a supervised, safe, secure, educational area for our community children to enjoy their Right To Play with an element of freedom outdoors, in an age where this is not so easily accessible or affordable.  

Children these days DO NOT readily enjoy the many freedoms of open space we did as children,  and keeping these safe areas is paramount to the development and education of children in our modern times. 

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